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Let's put gas back in the Church prayer tank. 


This journal is a great resource to help you as you partner with us for 180 Days of Prayer.

Ways to pray during the 180 Days of Prayer

Have you ever noticed that doing the right thing sometimes doesn’t bear fruit we’d call good? Often it feels murky, trying to figure out the steps a good person should take. If we consult the scriptures, we find the children of Israel sending the worshipers to battle in front of their army, and blowing trumpets at the walls of Jericho, or Gideon shrinking his already outnumbered army. Why was it okay for Christ’s disciples to pick grain on the sabbath, or David to eat food set aside for the priests, but wrong for Jesus to turn a stone into bread?

There isn’t a single recipe for dealing with life situations, either for us individually or for the people of the US corporately, but there is a path to follow to get answers.

This was a nation under God, carved out by God-fearing, revolutionaries who saw what was wrong and stood up to tyranny. And God blessed this nation. Now, 200 years later God’s blessings seem to be disappearing.

Many deny God, scorn His name. Others have started taking God’s blessings for granted (though our freedom is a right, not an entitlement). Others call on Him during a moment of fear or crisis only to forget this saving grace after the danger is gone.

The Lord promised that if we turn from our evil ways and call on his name, He will heal our land. But how do we turn from our evil ways when we aren’t sure the right thing to do? Do we stand for truth even when feelings get hurt, or do we show love above all? What does it mean to “turn” away from evil ways?

Because of grace in Christ, desiring righteousness is enough to receive personal forgiveness. However, if we want to impact the nation around us, we’ll need divine strategies—the kind that defy human logic. The kind that caused armies to send out worshipers first. The kind that caused them to blow trumpets at impenetrable walls or take to battle with 300 torches and pitchers instead of swords and shields.

God’s battle strategy has never been dependent on our strength. Adam and Eve were put in a garden after the enemy was cast out of heaven. They were told not to eat of the tree whose fruit would give knowledge of good and evil. Therefore, God didn’t deem it necessary to understand anything of evil in order to defeat it. The first couple was innocent, naïve, just how God wanted them.


This God that spoke the world into existence is calling us to draw near to Him once again. Will we humble ourselves and call on His name? It starts with you and me.

Starting now, I will seek God in a different way. Setting the Lord's prayer as an outline. It is my heart to draw closer with the one true God. That’s God’s strategy for defeating evil, in our lives and in our nation. That environment of intimate connection is where we receive God’s healing.


For 5 minutes a day, I will simply give honor to God. That He is above all else. That His name is to be honored. When that doesn't seem enough then I plan to double it. "Hallowed be thy name"

For 5 minutes a day, I will give praise for His Kingdom and His will to be done. That I will be Kingdom-minded...

For 5 minutes a day, I will ask God for provision, knowing that even the very air that I breathe comes from Him.

For 5 minutes a day, I will ask for forgiveness, and may I forgive those that trespass against me.

For 5 minutes a day, I will ask to be taken from temptation. Seeking only God and His plan
through Jesus Christ. That I would be delivered from evil.

For 5 minutes a day, I will give God thanks. Recognizing that He is the power and the glory, forever and ever.

It's only 30 minutes a day. Most TV shows take the same amount of time.

Would you join me?

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180 Days of Prayer

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