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We use our spiritual gifts to edify one another.

From Pastor Gil Michel: "1 Corinthians 14:12 talks about being zealous for spiritual gifts and if we are, then let it be for the edification of the Church. Why is that important?


Many times when we think about 'being spiritual,' our focus is directed on the vertical relationship with The Lord and that is extremely the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength, honor God and no other gods before me hold to be very true. 

However, the power of the cross is not 'just' vertical but is also the horizontal.

How we use our spiritual gifts doesn't just bless God, it also blesses and encourages/edifies or strengthens the body of Christ.

It's not enough that I'm a mighty prayer warrior. It's even better that I use those gifts to edify the Church, that I use those gifts to teach other people how to pray. If I am good with hospitality, then I can be the most 'hospitable' person in the world. However, it means nothing if I do not transfer that gift and edify people through my gift of hospitality. If it's preaching, teaching, cleaning, helping to park cars, then those gifts do not just bless the Lord, they also bless the body of Christ. 

So, edification as it pertains to the Church is important so we do not just concentrate on a vertical relationship, but we also concentrate on the horizontal. Our relationship that we have with our brothers and sisters in Christ enables them to be strengthened as well. So they can be strengthened up for the work of the ministry. So their faith can be strengthened and, as a result, their faith can be lifted up. 

Then we can all move out to reach out and administer gifts to others. 

Therefore, we bless each other and the Lord."

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