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Our Mission   
To See God Heal the Land 

Domestic missionaries, also known as home-grown missionaries, are individuals who dedicate their lives to spreading the word of God within their own country. While international missionaries often receive more recognition and praise for traveling to far-off lands to spread the Gospel, domestic missionaries play an equally crucial role in uniting communities and bringing people closer to God. So where do we start? At P.U.R.E., we want to be missionaries for Michiana! Grab a friend, tell your church, and join us to see God Heal the Land.






Earth for Us to Mission. Let's Start
At Home

About P.U.R.E.

P.U.R.E. stands for Prayer-Unity-Repent-Edify. We are a divided people. However, God desires to heal. As found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 we come to a Holy God to bring restoration to a broken land. So, we are driven to bring believers in Christ to come together (John17) under the banner of Jesus. So, will you take this journey with us? To Pray, seek Biblical Unity, Repent and turn from evil, and to lift up God and His Kingdom. From this, we seek healing. Healing individually and in our communities. So, we ask that you will take that John 17 step in unity. To know each other, to pray with each other, and COMMUNICATE TOGETHER in a way nobody has done before. 


Projects to Fund

*Pastors/Ministry Leaders Prayer Meeting at The Kroc Center on Western Avenue in South Bend, IN on March 14th, 2024 -12:00 PM (noon) to 1:00 PM. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to

*Assemble the Body of Christ at The Four Winds Baseball Field Stadium for a time of Prayer, Unity, Repentance and Edification

* Support weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual prayer meetings 

*Support for a data base within the Kingdom of God.

To highlight 

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Join P.U.R.E. and become apart of the first 100 churches to "Mission in Michiana."

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