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Program 23 - Rachel Ross

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

My name is Kevin Mitschelen, I'm so glad to have you again on another program called healing the land. And it is I'm excited about healing land again, I keep hearing different people saying, hey, I've heard the show and that. And as in my, from my maybe humble experience, I'm just so grateful that you're willing to spend time with us. But more than that, that God has led you here. I don't believe you're here by accident. And so I just love to be able to say Blessings to you. And thank you that you're among the group here of healing land. And the reason why we call healing the land is because we desperately are crying out to the Lord, to heal the land. And we have different people who come on the program, here who have an seeing God heal. And we I, I've seen it and those of you who are listening, many of you have seen it as well. And some of you may be listening right now saying, I don't know about this, well, keep with this and keep hearing. But we also asked you to find a local body of believers that, that in which you can connect with as well and where you can connect with God. But keep, keep pressing in and seeing where the Lord has us because we really, we are crying out for the Lord to heal this land. I say all that because I'm going to bring a guest. Here. Her name is Rachel Ross. And we have got a chance just just a lovely young lady who is a mother of five, I believe. And I'm going to introduce her. Thank you, Rachel, for being on the program. And you have something very dear and dear to my heart. And that is you are involved in downtown South Bend, Indiana. And you are spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Yes, thank you, Kevin, so much for the opportunity. It's a joy and an honor.

So Rachel, your mother of five. The big question I have for you is why downtown South Bend?

Well, it was about three years ago, I was me and my husband were youth pastoring in Mishawaka. And I was actually working downtown part time. And it was a good thing. But it wasn't a God thing. But the Lord used it is so picked up this second job and I was downtown by the cove and I was picking up trash. And I heard the Lord speak to my heart. And he said, Rachel, I've called you to this city. And I knew he meant specifically where I was, I just felt it very strongly. But it goes back to my roots as well. My grandmother pastored a church for 20 plus years in downtown South Bend, founded the homeless shelter in the basement of the church right across the street, big brick building on Michigan and tight. And when she passed away, we just it was at that time we really felt the mantle shift and the call of God to go forward and to do what he's equipped us for and called us to. So my husband and I both just really strongly feel called to the heart of the city right down there. The broken the loss the hurting. Yeah. So

when you talk about the broken loss in the hurting you're not kidding. This is this is not pretend here it's not Oh, why look like a whitewashed you know, kind of even Jesus would talk to the Pharisees your whitewashed tomb, where there is no whitewash on the outside. For the majority of many of those people who you see you to you see what you get what you see, you see them. So tell me some of the things that God has when you are pressed into this. What, as a as a person, as a as a woman of God, what are the things that you've learned from this?

I've learned, really just to totally surrender and totally trust him and all of it because he's doing it. It's not. So when we step out in faith, and we say, Lord, have your way in my life. First of all, we have to go where he tells us to go. But when we do, he does it. He's provided everything that we've needed down to the chairs and the sound equipment and the people we've had, for instance, there was a fight. There was some people in a car and they pulled over in our parking lot right where the ministry is. And they get out. I mean, they think they're getting out to fight and we're inside worshiping and I see it so I go out to start praying. And they're like, hey, when guys like they're having church right there, and the girl that they're arguing, she said, we need to go in there and get delivered. And I said Come on, and I kid you not. They came in and one of the things about the revival room is we always bring somebody different. We just let the Holy Spirit lead and that night we had a man that was administering that just had a powerful testimony. He had been in prison for many years and the Lord said I'm free from drugs and addictions and he grabbed this drug dealer that was getting ready to pop one off in the parking lot and wrapped his arms around him. And at first, the man backed away in fear. And in the minister that night said, I'm not going to hurt you. And he grabbed him again and held them real tight, and this man broke. And he just began to weep under the love of the Father. So it's just amazing to see that, I think what I've learned is that God is so good, but he's also so strategic, like, he knows he's got it all figured out. And it's when we are trying too hard, and we're not surrendered, that he just was like, okay, you do it then. But if we'll just surrender and trust him in the plan, and that he's doing it, he really does it. And it's amazing what he does. And amazing what we get to see when we just sit back and say, Lord, have your way you do what you want to do.

So we were talking a little bit beforehand, just trying to get to know each other a little bit better in your ministry, and what's in what God's ministry is doing through you. So how did this start? If you didn't have a building that you at first, and those types of, kind of in what is this this also revival room? And so there's like two or three questions right in there. But if you could, you know, because if people don't know what's going on in South Bend,

okay. So the revival room started, it was birthed out of prayer. We started with just a handful of people in our home. And I want to say we prayed for about four or five months before we ever shared anything like me and my husband prayed together, before we ever shared what the Lord had laid on our hearts with anybody. When God gives you a vision, protect that vision. really pray over that vision before you go forward. And I know that he'll do it, he's going to do it. So. But yeah, I think that's why we're so like minded. Prayer is the key. It's the focus, still, to this day, like we don't go into a service without saturating it in prayer, you know, and so, I would say that that's the key. And we're, we're strategically placed, you know, in a plaza with a liquor store and a club, and a lot of people say, why do you want there's so many nice places you can go? Why are you right there? Well, one, God's called us there. He's called us to those people, they come in drunk, they come in addicted. We have seen more deliverance in the last six months than I have in my entire life. I mean, real true deliverance. I had one guy. We were praying for him, He manifested during the service, and we began to pray for him. And I'm new to deliverance. We

explained manifest because maybe there's someone that just that is not familiar territory,

okay. So he was we were worshipping and he got sick. And he felt a demon coming. And I, we began to pray for him. And the Holy Spirit said, Put him in the baptism. So we have a baptism right up there in the front of the room. And so we put him in the baptism and and the demon looked at me and he said, I'm not coming out. It was a different voice. And I said, Yes, you are in the name of Jesus. And we dumped him, he came up and that thing came out. And this man came back and he said, Rachel, everything's different. He testified to the people. He said, I had dealt with this for 30 plus years a Christian, this man was a Christian entered. But he had dealt with lust and perversion for 30 plus years, it was a generational thing that was passed down. And so this demon had to leave. And in the presence of God, he had to leave. And the man said, everything is clear. Now I can hear clear, I can see clear. It's just amazing. But it's all God doing it. And people stepping into that role of authority and people stepping into their gifts and their abilities. But it was really cool because one of the men that leads a men's Bible study at the revival room. He's a very quiet, very humble guy. But when we put him at the baptism, he was the one that laid his hand on him and said, Come out in Jesus name. And we dunked him and he's like, I don't, I said, that was the Holy Spirit because he shouted it. And that is not his personality. So the Lord is just amazing. He is a key as equipped His saints for the work ahead. And we're coming into a really exciting time.

Yeah, let me have revival room you talking about revival? What's your expectations with that?

Our expectation is just to meet Jesus there every single time to live with Jesus every single day. But really our heart the mission, if that's what you're asking is really just the harvest. Yeah, our heart is just the harvest. We have two huge pictures of the harvest on the wall and we just keep that the focus when people say what is your vision? What is your mission here? It is souls. Yeah, I mean, we want to see souls come into The kingdom. We want to bring the kingdom to South Bend, Indiana.

Well, it's interesting you said that because just yesterday this this show is taped. So you know, when you're hearing it won't be sad. But you know, between you and me, Rachel, yesterday, we have this little thing called prayer station. And we set it up right by the post office. And it was just overwhelming in my heart. I just started praying for that area. The government has tried to put literally millions they have put millions and millions and millions of dollars. I'm not joking. They've put they flushed all kinds of money into that zone where they used to be the Studebaker Corporation and all these other things. It's not it's not a government thing. They can't solve the problem. And so I was just praying a blessing. Lord, bless this region, Lord, will you Will you send revival to this region, Lord, may we be able to come back and learn how to love you more? Lord, we will you love us. So may we love you more and Lord, at the same time, as different men and women we're going by as sort of a it was a Paul and Silas are different. You know, it's like we go to prayer first. And so I was praying for different men as they were, they wouldn't come up to me. I'm like, Lord, they're not coming to me. So, Lord, I asked you to just watch over them, bless them. And I have another little story but I see you you're nodding and so what what resonates with your heart

We just love what you're saying about love you more that's our heartbeat love love you more Lord know you more. The more we seek you, the more we find you when you knock the door will be open to like, let's know him more. So I just I love that.

And that that is I can see those the drive of your heart. Otherwise we might be down there. You could find and there's nothing wrong with you know where God wherever God lays a ministry that's, that's wonderful. Each each segment of our culture needs the church. God's planted you in there for such a time as this man. And I. So let me ask you this, because our time is winding down in the first segment. And we'll hit the second segment here. The first 14 minutes have just flown by. If someone wanted to check out on the program right now and go okay, how can I reach Rachel and Kyle? How do I do that?

You can reach us at right now outreach on Facebook. Like our ministry page, you can even message us from that page or Rachel Ross on Facebook as well.

Well, get on Facebook and get to know Rachel and Kyle. You You also distribute food at times and you are engaged with with those and I one thing I love is Rachel you also have there some other brothers and sisters in Christ, different churches, they've they've not fled the area. They they're pressing in as well. And so I Rachel thank you for for that we're going to catch up here in just another few seconds after pure pure assembly has an announcement like to just make and we'd love to invite you over to pure assembly comm we'd love to be able to speak with you and get to know you better. Thanks. We'll see in a few seconds.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Your assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot payoor. Assembly calm or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Welcome back to healing the land. This is Kevin Mitschelen. And again, I'm grateful that you're able to come with us to be on the second half of the program of the show. I have Rachel Ross with me. And we've been able to get to hear her heart in her love and her love for Jesus Christ. Number one, her love for South Bend, Indiana and how those two mix with each other. And And boy, her deep desire and Kyle's deep desire to just show God's love to people. So thank you for for again, Rachel for being on the show. And we we have something here when we were talking in the break between Rachel and myself. I literally asked her said So Rachel, what do you want to what do you think the Holy Spirit has for you to talk about in the second half. That's kind of sometimes how I fly and good or bad. But she said I'd really love to talk to you a little bit about really kind of the overriding theme of unity but you also do something in the park. Unfortunately, for this year. It's already happened by the time this program airs. But can you tell us a little bit about that, Rachel?

Yes. So, about four years ago, the whole Well, we'll go back about eight years ago, the Lord began to deal with my husband, Kyle's heart about outreach, and unity in the body. And so he began to give him this vision for parks, and youth and young people and families and bringing the body together to reach and impact lives for the kingdom. So about three years ago, three or four years ago, the Lord said, Get behind your husband's vision. So at that point, I just got behind it, and I started pushing it. And this year, this past weekend would have been our third annual outreach. So so you'll be hearing it the week after, but would have been our third annual and if you want to get a puppy be a part of that. We do it every year pottawattamie Park, we give away backpacks, we give away free food, everything's free. We bring in different ministries to work alongside one another to get to know one another. Every year we have a different pastor give a gospel message from the stage, we do children's ministry, which in my opinion, is the highlight of the day, the kids love it. They're dancing, they're shouting, they're receiving, but then there's also a gospel message. And those seeds are being planted. We've seen kids give their hearts to Jesus at this event, we've seen families come to know the Lord. Generations changed because of this event. And that's our prayer really, is to see the kingdom impacted to see people come into the kingdom of God and to know the Lord and but also to see the body come together as one, you know, United we stand you know, and so we just want to see the body come together, and we can all agree on one thing. And that is Jesus is Lord. Absolutely. And so we can agree on that one thing, and we're not out to, you know, build a mega church, we're out to build the kingdom. And so I believe, in my humble opinion, that there are hot spots popping up all over the world right now. And God is waking his body. He's waking his bride and preparing his bride for his coming. And it's exciting

is it's an exciting time to be Yeah, you could either look at one way. And I think if you watch the news every night, you see something different. But you know, they're selling disaster. What Jesus is, is not selling, but what he's giving is hope. And there is healing that he's giving as well through through the gospel and and then he's just a tender, tender God. righteous, holy boy, he's tender as well. And so tell me a little bit more about Kyle's vision on unity. Can you go there a little bit more?

Well, my husband, he loves Christian, hip hop and young people. So he just had this vision of coming into the parks and just drawing people through, people are drawn through music. And we saw that last year even with adoration worship their mark Ito, Michelle came and led worship with her team. And we saw like, there was a family that came in they said, What is this? Where does this music come from? It was the music that drew them music is so powerful. And so he just saw, you know, people coming to get like our heart is just to see the body come together period. Why to reach the harvest to gather the harvest.

And that takes a level of humility to do that. And we will talk a little bit before we got come back on again. And the one thing being in sort of the Unity area for a while now when I first when the Lord just pressed that on my heart 10 years ago. And I when I first saw that different I would meet with different people, love their ministry love what they're doing, how God is using them. And I'd say, Boy, wouldn't it be great to have a revival? Wouldn't that be great? And they're like, yeah, it would be great that revival on but you keep pressing a little bit more in a little bit more a little bit more. It's like oh, well revival through my denomination revival through my specific ministry, or are those singers over there? They're not there. No, no, they're not. They're not allowed or whatever, but they're singing, they're singing praises to Jesus, then maybe I should be humble enough to listen, you know, and hear what God has put on their hearts. But I have seen now I'll say this and what I've seen in the last couple years now, I think 2020 had a different focus, kind of a whole lot of shaking going on. That might be the best way of putting it and God was throwing the curves and everything around and saying hey, we're gonna depend on Am I gonna depend on me? Are you gonna depend on what you think is the footing in or right or Jesus Christ.

That's so awesome. Because Coming into the season before we ever stepped foot into the building, the Lord gave me the Scripture, you know, the stone which the builders rejected has now become the chief cornerstone, he will be the chief, he is the chief cornerstone of his church. And the walls are coming down. The denominational that is the point of this outreach. And I think it helps that I was raised nondenominational, so I don't really see the wall, like other people do. I visit lots of different churches, I have visited lots of different churches and met lots of different people. And I love them. We're brothers and sisters in Christ, we're all going to be in heaven together. Jesus is Lord. And that's the most important thing. And so those walls are coming down, because it's going to take a body, we all have a different part to play in a different role to play in, it's going to take all of us to really see revival in our city, and in the world. Amen.

I, we have again, it's amazing how when God puts two people with three or four or five, whatever people in the same room with like minded and I've seen more people than where God is placing that in their in their hearts. And so praise God for that. I'm going to cough just for a second here. Sorry, I don't have COVID. Here, all of a sudden, I had to cough, but I'm gonna get some water real quick. But I when you're, when you're talking, I it's refreshing. It's kind of like refreshing water. To know that number one God's put you in a place. That's hard. This is not simple. Alright. And this is when you talk about earlier in the program, you're talking about a demonic spirit that was coming out. I think there's different people a part of our program who's listening going, you know, what about ready to kick you off? That that makes absolutely no sense to me? Well, come to South Bend, baby. Because that is the one thing I've know, I've seen, especially in the last, I would say even five years of my life, if not 10 years, especially than working in the downtown for 20 minutes got go long or 10. It's been at least 20 years why I have you and you've seen it too now, where the enemy is saying, hey, gloves are off, baby, I'm My time is limited. So I'm showing up. And I'm not just going to do it through, you know, kind of the secret, hidden means of maybe gossip or things of that nature. I'm I'm right out there. But we have one that's far greater in us. Amen. And one that's in the world.

Amen. And Jesus will not be contained to a box or an agenda. And I think that is why we are because at first I was like, Lord, why are we seeing so much deliverance? Um, I was kind of asking him, but I think the main thing is one prayer, too. We don't come in with a plan he had he has the plan. People would ask me when we first opened, well, what's the agenda for tomorrow night? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

we just reached a lot of people. Right? Yeah,

it does. Now we will call on as the Holy Spirit leads different people to come in and minister or speak prophetically over our city or region or pray. But honestly, he has his way. And he has the freedom and the Liberty and where the Spirit of the Lord is. There is freedom. There is liberty. And so he's setting the captives free today. It's awesome.

I am. I'm excited. Now, let me ask you this, too, because this may becomes a little more of a practical point. You've got five children. Some people would be extremely petrified. The fact that Oh, you bringing five children into basically a spiritual war zone, and sometimes a war zone, you're talking about people fighting and that sort of thing. How do you deal with that? Well, as a mom,

well, first of all, we don't fear because we know perfect love casts out all fear. So honestly, every time I go there, I just feel, I don't feel any fear. I just feel the love of God in that place. It's awesome. You can go in and you can feel his presence. It's just amazing. We had a guy come to clean the air conditioning. And he was in the club next door. And then he came to our building. And he stopped me and he said, the presence that I fill in that building, he was like, it's amazing. And then he began to share how 20 years ago he was locked in addiction. And the Lord delivered him and set him free. And he's like, I can feel the presence of the Lord in that place. And so we are very careful with our children. We take very good care and we are very watchful of our babies. As all people should be in ministers, we keep a close eye. But what I'm so excited about is my kids are having their own personal revelation of God's love through this ministry. So like we took a group down to Ohio to a tent revival just to be there to pray. It was a ministry that's doing a lot of the same things. We are there a revival hub down there. And they're also seeing a lot of healings and deliverances and different things and so We took our kids and my prayer had been Lord, let my kids have a revelation of your love at a young age because it wasn't until I was in my 20s that, that God's loved moved from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge. That's a whole different story. But I want my kids to have that heart knowledge at a young age of how much God really loves them. My oldest daughter got the only way to put it is she just got wrecked at the altar in the presence of God. She was weeping. My mom was like, Lexi, are you okay? And she she just kept saying over and over. I'm loved. I'm loved, I'm loved. And the Holy Spirit was just moving on her. And she did not move from the altar, she laid face down and just wept at the altar, 12 years old. And I'm like, Thank You, Jesus. I want that for all of my kids. I want my kids. So we are glory carriers, and we carry the presence of God everywhere we go. So when we go into that place, when we're down in the hard places, we're mountain Movers. My grandma used to say, I have a man on the inside of me, and His name is Jesus. And so when she would face like, different because it was bad in the 80s, too. Yeah. So there was one time there was a man chasing his girlfriend in the parking lot with a knife. And none of the elders or deacons in the church wanted to go out there. And she said, I've got a man and on the inside of me, and His name is Jesus. And she went out there and she looked at the man and she said, in the name of Jesus, give me the knife. And he said, What? Yeah. And she said, I said, in the name of Jesus gave me the knife. And he said, Well, hold on, let me fold it up. I don't want you to get hurt. So the police came, they said, do we have a problem? She said, No, she ended up leading the man to Jesus. He got on his knees accepted Jesus. And and so that was what I grew up under seeing faith in action. Yeah, when

you mentioned that about your children, I yawn, the time is waning. We can go the whole doing other other program. And I'm so glad that what what God is doing too is he's flipping the narrative, not only through the people, you're meeting, he's doing it through prayer. And he's doing it now. You're seeing the next generation that's coming up that seen firsthand the power of the living God. And Rachel, I'm, I'm so glad that you've been able to be a part of healing land because there's healing that's taking Yes, amen. Amen to that. And so, unfortunately, we've got just a few seconds left in the program. And so, Rachel, can you close this out with a word of prayer? Would that be okay?

Yes, Heavenly Father, we just thank you. We praise you. For those that are listening tonight. Father, God, we just ask Holy Spirit, that you would just rest upon them in a mighty way, Father God, and that you would continue to move in our city God that we would continue to see healing, breakthrough deliverance, salvation, for your kingdom. Come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name. We thank you for healing the land. Amen.

Amen. And we thank you so much for listening to this program. And if you get a chance, go to pure And also, if you also get a chance, go and visit Rachel on Facebook. Rachel, thanks. Take care. Thank you.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal

their land. Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot payoor assembly calm, that's p u r e or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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