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Program 25 - Mike & Lisa Jacob

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen. And I am excited that you are with us with a program called healing the land. And this actually this radio program is directly, many times for the listeners that pulse FM or the radio stations with 103 point one or 96.9. I am grateful that you're here for another episode, another edition of healing the land, I just want to kind of present something to you before we get into with our guests today, we have a great lineup of guests this morning. But before we go there, I just want to share with you in September, when things start to ramp up again, with school and that sort of thing. We're looking at 180 days of prayer with pure assembly. And so we're really pressing in that we believe fully here at the with the board and with those that are with pure assembly, and those that are different ministers and pastors that have come alongside with us. We believe in the power of prayer. And many times we will scream to our governor in which that's that's a part of being in a republic, part of being a democracy will scream on social media. Why don't screenplays if you do that, but just to share with you, you know what we have the one who spoke the world into existence, and we had direct access to him. And so we need to be able to just go at be his vessel and go to our our Lord and Savior. And so through the Son Jesus Christ. And so I'm so grateful that I am so grateful that we have that ability to do that. And and I'm asking that you would press in with us. We'll talk a little bit more about that as the weeks come into play. But right now, I am excited to be able to have some friends of mine with me. And I'm it's amazing how, Mike, you've been with us now a couple times. Yeah, this is, this is a refreshing to have you once again, I think maybe pretty soon we'll have to call it the healing land with Kevin and Mike. So Mike is glad to be here. And I also have, we're going to be speaking a lot to your wife today. Lisa Jacob. And so I'm so grateful that both of you as a couple were able to be here and you're kind of like the dynamic duo, and in the kingdom. And so thank you for being here. Thank you,

you know, because it's our first time one, just to introduce the fact that when I met my wife, she was working full time in the ministry already ordained in at we were at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. So I, man, I just got a chance to see her ministering and all those things. It was kind of like we were both kind of running. And I had no intention on being married the Dream Center and finding a wife, but God had different plans, and so forth. So we got an opportunity to minister to the funny things our son came through that ministry there, the Dream Center, and so forth. So I'm going to not talk too much today, because but just she's definitely been a minister in our own right. So you may want to get a chance to share something today.

Great. So being able to with Lisa, I'm glad you're here. And Glad you could be on healing the land. I you mentioned Actually, we could start here just real quickly. And that is we usually pray guests that come on, we'll pray before we start airing because we just want to honor God in the prayer. You mentioned the word surrender. Can you tell me a little bit more about about that word?

Yeah, um, you know, I look at my life and just what God has done through my life. And really, God was able to start using me when I got to a place where I was ready to just surrender my life to his and being at a place where I said, God, not my will, but yours be done, and truly meaning that. And I remember being at a place in giving truly giving God my heart and saying, I have these desires. But I know your desires are so much greater than mine, you know, and the Bible talks about he gives us the desires of our heart. And I think when we're able to surrender our own desires, he weeds out what is it best for us, and he'll let those things fall and die and he places new desires in our heart and things that he wants us to do and I look you know, I mean to be honest, I was a typical teenager growing up I was very selfish and all about what I wanted and how I wanted to live and it ej teen got just really got a hold of me and Such a real way. And I just I was at my breaking point. And I remember when I received the call of God on my life, I heard, I heard an audible voice speaking. And it really sounded like a gentle crowd of voices saying come. And that's what stood out to me, it wasn't a voice saying go, it was a voice saying, Come, I'm here, come to me. And there was a piece in that even in the midst of my craziness, and just being wild and living without God, there was just this sense of peace. And I knew I had to go. And God moved me to Baltimore, Maryland, where I began to actually have a relationship with him, and fall in love with him. And, you know, one of my desires was to be married, and but it didn't happen right away. And in fact, I was 28 when Mike and I got married, and in my family, it was like, he was 21, by the time they were made, you know, and, or they were married by the time they were 20. And so for me, it just began to feel like, okay, is this really even going to happen? And I remember because I made a decision, I, again, I surrendered my life to him, and I said, God, whatever you want, you know, although I want this, I want a husband, I want a mate, I want a family. If that's not what's best for me, then I know, you know what's best. And you know, I was sharing actually with a group of kids today about when God says, No, the only time God ever tells us No, is when he knows that what's on the other side of that know, is so much better for us than what's on the other side of the Yes. And that's what a surrendered life is about is trusting and knowing that if God's telling me No, it's not because he's being mean, it's because he loves me enough that he's gonna tell me, you know, he loves me enough to know that, that that's what I need right now is the know. And God told me no, for years, and years and years, and I remember because I made a decision to not date, you know, and I'm like, you know what, I'm not going to date until I know that God brought the right man into my life. And

that's a whole other level I'm at. You're, you're completely say, God, you're in control. I'm not. I'm not in the running the ship on this one here, right? Yeah,

yeah. But in that time, I went to college, I was working full time going to school full time. And I didn't have much of a social life. But I was fully invested into what does God want for me, and just living my life getting to where he needed me to be? And I remember people saying to me, a lot of times, they're like, Lisa, how are you going to know when the right one comes along? If you don't date around? And my answer always was, because he'll just come along. Yeah, he's gonna come right alongside me. And it's gonna make sense. And that is exactly what happened with Mike and I, we knew each other for six and a half years. And it was just like, one day out of the blue. It literally it felt like we got hit with Cupid's arrow and

mic issues a big time. No, it's true. I

told I had a friend that I was that we work there in the youth ministry and so forth. She had moved over to youth ministry. And I remember telling him before I ever I never had said anything to her. I was like, Man, you know what? I kind of like leaves. I'm attracted. I didn't say I like I said, I'm attracted to her. Yeah, but I don't know. God hasn't spoken anything to me. So you know, it could just be you know, you know? So you know, and yeah. And then it came around that she liked me.

And I mean, in fact, we so we started dating, and three weeks after we started dating, we set our wedding date, and we were married 10 months later.

Yeah, cuz the Lord put that on your both your heart. Yes, same time.

And it was there was no, there was no guessing cuz I remember, really just even a few days after we'd started dating, he called to tell his mom about it. And, and I remember her question was, she said, So? Are you like engaged? And he said, No, but we're definitely headed in that direction. You know, and it was because we knew we weren't willing. He hadn't been dating around. I hadn't been dating around. We're just focused on what does God have for us? And so that is, it is a deep level of trust, because it comes to a place of it's like, okay, God, I trust you. But I don't trust that you're going to give me what I want. Yes. And that is like a whole new level is

Yeah, and that's a deep personal Well, yeah. Right. Because you're going to be sharing with someone for the rest of your life. I just that kind of reminded me a little bit with myself and my wife. I was 25 and me getting ago. I remember praying this prayer. I just was bawling. You know, just it was a brokenness. It was a crying because I see all my buddies, my college buddies over They're getting, they're getting married, you know. And I'm like, I thought there was this prayer. And I was in a singles group at church. But I had been, I wasn't in the singles group, so I could meet someone. I just wanted someone like me, you know? And that was really truly The reason why is there and I'll just real quickly, I just I prayed this prayer brokenness. I just said, Lord, if I'm to be married, then you show me who I'm supposed to marry. If not, I'll be single. And I'll be perfectly content and happy with that. I really will. And what's amazing is my wife, Rhonda, now, she prayed the same prayer within the same month. Wow. And she hops in into the singles group on my Hello. And, but it was a series of a while before we actually said, yes, this looks like a good thing. So I can relate to that. But when it's done with God, boy, things changed drastically. And I'm taking your time on this. But it just so you guys, you both of you met in Los Angeles. Yeah. How in the world did you get to Los Angeles? Lisa.

Um, so like I said, I went to Baltimore, right out of high school, I was in a discipleship training program there for three years. And every year, we would go to Phoenix, Tommy Barnett, he has a church out there. And he do pasture school. And so we would go every year for that. And I learned about this place called the Dream Center. And so, you know, it's interesting, because it was like that first time when I heard the voice of God, he said, Come, and this time, I'm sitting in this place, and I hear God say, Go, and I knew that God was telling me, it's time for me to send you out, it's time for you to go. And God told me to go to the Dream Center. So that's where I went. And so I moved out to LA and got to serve there for many years. And that's where Mike and I met.

You know, what a wild missionary you are, you know, I mean, to say, Hey, you know, insets point a surrender. I think the key word I'm hearing so far is this surrender. Yeah. Being willing to let God use you.

Yeah. And I think that's the, the important thing to know is, we can't heal the land if we're not willing to be surrendered if we, if it starts with us, and choosing to live a surrendered life before God and letting him do what only He can do. And that's where you know, the scripture if we humble ourselves and pray, you know, that's where the healing comes. And so it really does start with us.

Yeah, I'm glad you mentioned that too. Because right now, in our country, in our world, especially our country, you see on social media robot is pointing the finger. It's so much easier to point the finger at someone else, right? This this this this person in politics or or even my pastor or whatever. But the finger has to always then come back straight back. Yes, right. Yes. But Mike, Mike, Mike should be on the program, because he's actually looking at the time. Like so much in the conversation and stop looking at the clock. Anyway, we have a few more seconds left before his first segment. And this is flown by, because it's so easy to talk the two of you, they really is because you love Jesus Christ. And it is so easy to be able to, to speak with like minded hearts. And, and so we're gonna catch on the other side of the program. If you stay with us, man, just stick with us because I really think we've hit on a really important area, important topic, and we're going to catch the story of Michael Lisa. So take care. And we'll be we'll be back. Don't take care. We'll be back. Alright, so we'll be back a few more seconds. Have fun today. Alright, we back a few seconds Celsius.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Your assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out@www.hp your or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us too. Thanks for listening to healing the land.

This is so Kevin Mitschelen. I'm so glad that you are back with us with healing the land. And we have Mike and Lisa with us again. And the last time we were talking about surrender and the importance of that and and being able to just let God be in control. I think we're going to go a little bit deeper actually. And in this in the area of you were talking beforehand about your marriage and how you to medicine. I think we had a little fun when we got when we all finished up we're looking at the clock and everything else but but like to be able to go to a deeper level when it comes to surrender. And Lisa, you have some things that really have hit you since you got married, can you share a little bit about that?

Absolutely. I think when Mike and I first got married again, I was 28 so

I was 3838 Yeah,

there's a little difference there. But I, we were ready to start a family and we were ready, we could have had a honeymoon baby, we would have been fine. But God definitely had a different plan for us and, and that was hard and being able to surrender to God's plan and God's will in that was difficult. And especially I got the privilege to be in the birthing room of several of my friends and be there and hold their hands as they birth their children. And yet, it just wasn't happening for me. And it was like month after month after month, and it just, it hit a point where I just couldn't even take a test anymore. Because I just knew what it was gonna say. And about, you know, it was about four years in that God brought us our son through just an amazing way. And he was eight years old. And we had known him for about three years at that point. And he had just, he walked through his own story. And he, he needed parents to just love him. And, and so we all kind of it was really neat, because we chose each other. And they actually came down to him standing up and saying, I want them as my parents. And the court said, Okay, okay. And so

that's a God thing, because they have all that going on at the same time. That's amazing. Yeah.

And, and the the interesting thing with that was several, because we had try getting custody of him, and the door just kept being closed. And there was just this day that a friend told me that I was in church that morning, I just heard God say you're with a child. And I was like, okay, and I'm like, God, if this is really you, because I know, like, I want this so bad. So I'm going to hear what I want. And think of it. It's God saying it. And I said, God, if this is you have somebody else tell me and a friend who I deeply trust. Yeah. And she came to me after church. And she, I mean, it was very difficult for her to tell me because she knew the hurt and the pain that I had walked through already. And this is only four years and and she told me she said today in church, I heard God say that you're with child. But he said, it's not the way you think. And so I'm like, Okay, what is that even? And so, you know, fast forward, found out that I wasn't pregnant, and I was devastated. And I felt like God set me up. And I was like, Why? Why would you do this to me? Why would you give me this call. And fast forward? almost nine months to the day, if, in fact, my friend actually put it into a pregnancy calendar the day that God spoke that to her. And almost exactly when my due date would have been our son came into our home, how sweet is, and that was our gotcha day for him. And so, you know, it was just beautiful. And, you know, I knew at that point, I was like, Okay, well, this is, this is why God hasn't allowed us to conceive a child yet. And, but yet, it was still a longing. And I have told my son so many times, I've told him, you know, what, you if, if you if God, if I had to do this over again, and God said, you can either have him, or you can birth the child, I've told him, I'm like, I would choose you hands down every time. Yeah, every time and you will forever be the child that made me a mom. Yeah, forever. And so that was still a longing for us. And probably, I would say, about eight years into marriage, and still, no pregnancy. And I, I just I think I hit my point with God, and I was just, I was angry. And I'm like, God, why? Why would you, like, remove this desire for me, because I've gone at this point, I've gone to the doctor. And all I wanted was him to say, it's not in the cards for you. And I'm gonna move on, but he wouldn't. And in fact, he told me, he's like, Lisa, this year, I delivered two babies to moms and first time moms in their 40s. He's like, and he would look at me and say, it's not over yet. Like, stop giving me that. You know, and, but, um, you know, and so I really, I had my breaking point with God, and I had a place where, you know, things got ugly, and that I had to let that ugliness come out. And in the midst of that God and I were able to have a very real moment, and he was able to speak to my heart. And I think I had to hit the place of just being fully broken before him. And knowing that even in the midst of my hurt and pain, he had a purpose and he still had a plan. And I, again, had to surrender to that. And God, you know, I believed in my heart that God had given us a promise. And that one day because God had given us a name for the baby, and God have given me the name jaida, which means Jehovah has heard Wow. And I remember there being a day where God just spoke the name, just cya. And I went, and I looked it up. And it means Jehovah has healed. And for years I had held that name jaida Yeah, but when God spoke that name, just cya. I knew it was him saying this promise has not been fulfilled yet. And it's still to come. And so there is that place of being surrendered. And knowing that in his timing, you know, and just because his timing hasn't come doesn't mean there's something wrong with me. Yeah. And I think sometimes we feel like, oh, if I do A, B, and C, then God's gonna give me what I want. And it's not like that. It's God just wants us to, again, be just surrendered to his Well, let him use us and live our life to the fullest and to the, to the fullest of what he has for us. And so, you know, it was 11 years into marriage. And we finally got our Yes. And I think it's funny, because when I got the call from the doctor, I still, I couldn't take a test. So we had blood work done. And the nurse called and when she told me, she said it, she sounded so somber on the phone. So I was about to tell me No.

He and she just said, Yeah, so your tests actually show that you're pregnant. My first words were Are you serious?

Don't Don't joke.

And the funny thing is what I told all of my brothers and sister in law's their same reaction was, or you see, you're like, yeah, you could tell her all related here. But in that moment, I just, I mean, just cried and wet. And, and even in that there were two points where we thought we were losing her. And we didn't and just the miraculous, like, you know, the way that God just showed us that she's still there, you know, and, and so then we birth our jayda. Elizabeth. And so, at How old is she?

She's one year old now. We birthed her on the day of Pentecost last year, his Jewish calendar. Oh, my goodness. Yeah.

So all that plain. So you to bring, I'm glad you mentioned that. Because in the break, we were actually talking about Sarah, and the pain of Sarah in the Bible with Abraham, seeing all these other people, right. within the family, the so called family is mixed up, hang on there, but but the pain that she had, and that she she would have just had to keep every month and then it goes away. It doesn't. You know, it I can understand her laughing. Right. Yeah, you're right, you should definitely understand the pain. And And somehow, even though you're an angel, you're you're trying to convey to me that this old woman and she was old, would have a child seen you recognize that pain, but what joy that would have been then for them to have a child right? Yeah.

And that's so Elizabeth is Mike's mom's middle name and the N is my mom's middle name, but the meaning of Elizabeth is my God is merciful and and means bountiful and gracious. So her name is Jehovah Sir, my God is merciful, bountiful and gracious. And so God I mean, and we we had that name probably seven years picked out and just knew and held on to that hope. And in that, you know, we we just continue to serve you know, as our as our hearts longed for that to come along. We just we had to make that choice to serve

them. The funniest thing to watch though, is our our son with with her Uh huh. She was he was the first one I got into the lab. And just you know, he's always been good with with little you know, with the babies and stuff like that, but it's just the family part of it. Just it there's not any you know, I'm saying like a pool of Okay, my too much attention over here towards her anything. It has been a natural flow. Yeah, it's just been a love where I look at him. loving her. My time I like to just watch them.

Yeah, yeah. And maybe they also bring this up. I know some couples then they've gone through that pain. And, and then God just said, No, it's not gonna happen. And and I know one particular couple, their pastor and pastor's wife And they just ate over that. And, and they, they're still that that ache. But what they've done is they've said, Okay, you've said no. And, Lord, we love you. And they have, it's actually brought them into a whole different other area of deep affection and love for their God, for Jesus Christ. And so that bitterness that was starting to set in, I've seen what's disappeared, and it's gone. And in that has turned that into a deeper love, actually. And that only happens where God is able to work on each individual. individually. Right? The need, right? Yeah. And so I'm, I'm grateful for that. As we kick the wrapping moments up, you've written a couple books, or written one book, I believe in yet, maybe something coming eventually. So how would would be able to get it because you you've, I think you've touched on something that is surrender. And you've touched on, on being able to understand when God says no to so if you could tell us a little bit about your book that you wrote, and how to get it holy.

Okay, so I wrote a book, it was published back in 2012. But that book was mainly written through my single years, it was published after we were married, but it's a lot of my testimony, and it's about brokenness and restoration, and the title of it is falling in the arms of grace. And I know right now, I think it's a little more difficult to get, but probably the easiest way to get ahold of me or get in touch with me is, through Facebook, if you I have a Facebook page, it's Lisa Jacob, book author. And so you can go on there, like my page, he messaged me through that. And that would probably be the easiest way to get in contact with me and to get a hold of the book. And I am I am working on second book right now. And that really does deal with my journey through infertility. And what I've walked through through that. It's kind of written more as like a story and kind of a fictional story, and kind of a different style of writing for me, but it's, I think that God's definitely spoken to me through it. And, and so it's, hopefully will be out soon. It's one that has just been difficult for me to wrap up at the end. It was like, when I started, it was like five months, I had written probably six or seven chapters, and then it just can't really it, you know, just because there was a lot of pain, so And

yeah, yeah, so that, well, that's a good way to probably in the in the segment here. You know, I appreciate your hearts. Because, you know, we could get on the program and somehow say, hey, you become a Christian, and then everything is just better than just a bed of roses. And it has many times the exact opposite, right? Because God is saying, look, I will take that pain. And I want you to draw near to me, I think of the biggest pain in many cases that happens in one's life. Will will draw the one true God closer to you, I can think of our son, excuse me, God's Son, Jesus Christ as he saw him on the cross and die on the cross. how painful that would have been. And for them Jesus to make sure and say, forgive them father, they don't know what they're doing. And so, oh, what an incredible thing in which we can take a look at where a father was willing to even give up his son for humanity. So thank you so much for being with us. And I thank you folks, thank you for your ability to to just be with us on healing the land. God bless, take care.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at WWW dot pure that's p u r e or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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