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Program 26 - Kevin Mitschelen

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen brought to us by pure assembly.

This is Kevin Mitschelen Lin with healing the land and I am again grateful that you're here today to be able to listen to the program and and tonight is just going to be just a little difference it's going to be just me, I'm going to call every now and then we'll just kind of break in and do this kind of thing. Or worse just Kevin Mitschelen being able to share my heart more than anything else and for FDR used to call his programs on radio the used to call them fireside chats, chance and and and so that's what I think I'm just gonna look at it from this this perspective of just something in which wouldn't be able to just express some things that are on my heart and some observations and you can disagree with some of those things. And that's fine. But I want to be able to just have you be able to understand the heart behind this. And that is that I love to be able to see the Lord heal the land. And that's where the program is going. That's what we're trying to discuss each and every week that we come here is that we just simply want to see God heal the land. It's a simple request, it's a crying out before the Lord and if I can share with you in the next few moments on that heart that we my family and I we had an opportunity and I say my family, my wife and my two boys who are teenagers, we had this chance an opportunity to go down to Florida this last this last week. And on a personal note, we just had a great time it was it was wonderful. We had a lot of driving. We didn't we didn't fly this time. And we just drove down to Florida. And as we're as we're driving down it was, it was amazing to see the different diversity, whether its geographic economic, or when it comes to an end with we eventually got down to Epcot and went to see what they had down there. And then we had a couple other parks that we went to that were sort of amusement parks. And what was interesting with all of that was the diversity of people in in the also, what we found was the incredible amount of really amount of wealth that is in our country. And I want to go there just a little bit. I want to talk about what is what is this thing of maybe getting in the way of the healing of our land. And so I jotted some things down this as I was going on vacation. And then it came a little more clear this morning, as I was just also just preparing for this time. And when I was when I was going before the Lord this last week, and what are some of the things that are that are pressing against the idea of, of healing the land of God healing, like because we're not I Kevin Mitchell is not capable of healing the land, Dave or Jim or whatever your name, or Mary or Susan, you're not capable enough yourself to heal the lamp God is and so what is getting in the way of healing the land? And that question has been coming to me for quite some time. And and what I've found is what is that human beings are doing. And so a couple things that I just want to share with you what came against Jesus Christ when he was doing his work here. And we would find different groups of people in different thoughts and one of them was the Herodians the Herodians if you know your bible history, and their audience, one of this group of people that weren't kind of lumped into the for the Pharisees, the Pharisees had a problem Pharisees, they were just sticklers on the law. And they thought that they were abiding by God, they really did. They thought they were biting my God. But they took it to a point of pride. And in the the Herodians had a problem with pride too, but where they jumped to where they they went a little different tangent with, with this whole idea within their leadership is that the Herodians they followed the Greek culture and they fall in they wanted that they wanted also haired to be this great king. And so they were they were Herodians they were following Heron now in all of this because they saw that there could be a greatness in that. And they saw a overwhelming comfort there that to some point. Now, when you put that into our country in where we are right now, Does any of that translate it does it.

We translate that very quickly into how much do we give over to our government. I love our government. I love the fact that we have incredible country but let me let me throw this at you real quick. Because this is a, this is a poll that I saw is a snapshot poll. So you know, there's all kinds of problems when you have polls, but it's even if it's off by even if these numbers are off by like, five or 10%. This, these are numbers that are staggering. With how this question there's a question says, How important are the following to your identity and the identity questions? Was this your religion? Or in other words, your faith? How important is that? Is that first is a second or that is that last? How important are the volunteer data? And then the the next part was, okay, we're going to combine these two religion and your American identity. So your religious identity or your faith identity, if that makes sense, then your religious or your American identity, right? And then the last one, the last the third quarter, the third answer could be so you'd had the first answer was religion. The second answer was religion slash American, the common combination, if that's your identity, the third is being an American. Now, what I found was staggering in my mind was that they broke it off, there were Asian Americans, their faith, or their religion was 30 38% of those that were polled said, Yes, that is the most important part of their life. That is, that is their identity. And then they came with 49, it's hard to put polls over the radio, but then 49% of Asian Americans said that both religion in America being an American, so 49, almost 50% said that, that, yes, this is their identity, both of them, and then just simply being an American was 13%. Now, you have black, black Americans, African Americans, that they would say that their religion is 21%, their identity, or their faith is 21%. When you Nana says being an American, and religion 70% It's a big number, okay? And then you've got down where it's just being American, that's your identity, nothing else 8%. Now, I'm going to jump down to then, white Caucasians, why Caucasians, they have 13% say that their faith is their identity. Now these all these numbers, in my opinion, are very low, you've got 1321 and 38. Now, why Caucasians, then you have both being an American and your faith, as your identity is 72%. And then we're just being an American, is 16%. Folks, we wonder why we have a problem within this country. We wonder, I mean, my goodness gracious you have you have at the top category is 38%, saying, Yes, that's our identity is our faith. Let that sink in for a moment, I want us to kind of grab this 38% now let me keep moving forward. And we wonder why we keep doing it. And what we do is we keep doing the same stuff over and over again. Because as you take those numbers, again, you can if you want to adjust those numbers, somehow even five, five percentage points because that's usually kind of the margin of error. A lot of times when it comes to a poll that let's say you jump those numbers, even 5% one way or another it's still staggeringly low, that says, My identity my identity is in Jesus Christ if you know Jesus Christ, that's your identity. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate and I love the fact that I have I live in a republic I I live in America, I do all those things. I love that but that is not my true identity. My true identity is in the kingdom of God that's my true identity. Now as I keep pressing into this I want us to also understand why is it Why do we go there because what we're doing is you start seeing if faith is becomes secondary to your identity we you as a result we need to wonder why is it that we then it's not hard to wonder why is it that we keep doing the same stuff right some politician comes along in god bless politicians, but some politician comes along and says oh, this is what suppose this is your I can somehow now because you're you're not so strong in your faith. Guess what?

I'm gonna tell you this little this little divisive little thing which will separate you from someone else. Boom, you'll believe it because you don't have that, that that that house being built on a rock instead it is that sifting sand in which you see and so then we wonder, why is it if you are if if you have generation after generation after generation, then we wonder Hmm. I wonder why we have a drug problem in our country. I wonder why we have a suicide problem in this country? I wonder why we have it pick your pick your poison, right? I wonder why have God God bless marriages. But the wonder why we have a 50% divorce rate, stop and think about that. If our if we are on sinking sand, then we need to be on a rock instead. And what I want to go here in the next in the next few moments, and we're going to take a break in several minutes. But one of the things I want to go here is, is what solves that, where we go with solving it and it comes down to prayer. It comes down to first of all, knowing who Jesus Christ is surrendering to him. Let's make that perfectly clear. It's it's the surrender to Jesus Christ. But then what does that look like? Are we willing to cut completely surrender to Jesus Christ? And I want to then go into some of the practical application then of a prayer. You know, what we do often is we wonder if we're not willing to give what I just said, Of surrendering to Jesus, everything. He wants everything if we're willing to do that, then the question is, why is here's the thing. We're not willing to do that. I was done like, say I was done at Epcot. And now it's just a food fest. That was amazing how much food was there? How many trinkets and toys you can buy? Nothing. I'm glad for that. I'm glad we live in a country that has abundance. But the thing that abundance came from God, it didn't come from me. I didn't invent the air. I didn't invent my body. God did those things. God gave us an abundance of so much. But we in the abundance, do we forget who God is? In the abundance? Do we forget who God is? Why is it that we keep listening to the same divisiveness that takes place? Why is it that we see when we should have diversity and we in rejoice in that diversity? Why do we see, instead of rejoice in that diversity, we see people who are willing to tear us apart only for their own power? And so then we listen to that? No, instead is believers in Christ. If you are a believer in Christ, then I would say don't listen to that. Listen to the one who brings actually brings unity because if my brother or sister has a different color of skin, guess what? Under Jesus Christ, we are brothers and sisters in Christ. And that's first, that's more important than anything else, that will happen as the enemy will try to say, No, no, no, no. And what I'm calling for, is a deepening relationship with God. And so on the next half next part of this program, I want to go into Yes, we know the problem. I want to know how to fix that problem. And so I'm going to just give you so my humble opinion as to how to fix the problem. Because we know about the crime rate we know all these things we know about the drugs. We know about all these, the divisiveness this that we have seen also displayed not just in us last year, but but for the last several years in which we have seen it over and over again, I believe that God has given the blueprint for us. And so if you'll come with me on the other end of that I think pure assembly is on to something that we see that God definitely wants to heal the land. And so go through the commercial with us. Also take a look at that website, pure assembly, I believe got some pure, wonderful, great things. And so I'll be back here in just a few seconds. Blessings.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot payoor. Assembly calm or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen with healing the land. I'm glad you're here with us on the second end of this, this talk and this this expression of maybe more of just my heart, but I want to be able to again to share this on on I truly believe and you take a look at the Bible where God has a desire to heal. And so when you see a God that wants to heal, it's like okay, well what's get in the way of that. And this is coming from a guy who once ran for political office. So I just want to make sure you understand where where I have been in my life and the things I've done I didn't win, but I've learned a lot of things in the process. I'm so glad I didn't win but I want to bring this to you. So I love this country. I say that because I simply I love this country. I would many ways I would die for this country because of the ideals and the things that were set forth a long time ago, we're not perfect. But man, there's so many great things about the country in which we have been given. But I want to go here and that is that

I rejoice in those things, but I rejoice much more in the eternal things, the things that are going to last 10 30,000 years from now, a million years from now, eternity that's what I rejoice in. And that's where we need to rejoice in as well today. And so in the brief moments that I have, I want you to hear my heart here I mentioned the Herodians and they oppose Jesus prior back in the day when Jesus was here they opposed Jesus Christ because they their eyes were fixed on something that could not give them there was only temporary It was not eternal and that's where the eyes are fixed and they were saying this is where we're going to see peace calm, but it's only a temporary peace that they were searching for. They weren't searching for a long term eternal peace and so anything that got in their way they were going to try eliminate the problem is you can't eliminate the Son of God they tried that it didn't it failed miserably for them and so what we what do we do when it comes to this this long lasting piece that all of us desire? You know, I mentioned Epcot in the first first go around here when we went to Epcot people were very pleased we were all having an incredible time you know I'm like man How do you afford all that food but it was amazing but I in about a half as half the day went by I'm thinking man everyone's just so happy with each other and there's all so excited and that is a temporary piece because when they left that park they're coming back to reality it was no longer a food gorge instead it was there going to have to have reality once again the Mickey the Mickey ears are going to come off and all those other things and and that's it's nice to have a temporary fix like that. But guess what, it's that's it it's a temporary fix. And that's why we have a problem with drugs It's why we have problems because it's it's a tip or anger you name it whatever it's a temporary fix to a problem. It's not an eternal fix to the problem. So we we are we want to go in the next minutes here is is to talk about the true fix for for our souls we have in that is point A in which I have written down and that is that we need to have a true relationship with God. That's number one, a true relationship with God. God wants to have a relationship with us. The question is, is do we want to have a relationship with God my son said this the other day, my youngest son's name is Jordan. I love both my sons of son named Jacob my son named Jordan Jordan said this to Matthew is incredible in the fact that he's a teenager needs he is just pursuing the Lord. He says, This to me says God still has his grip on America. However, that grip is becoming less and less as each week goes by. When he told me that there was a weeping there, there was a sense of mourning. The reason for that is God is not necessarily authentic to us, Americans, our hearts, he's authentic to us. But our hearts many times are far from him. We have been given so much. We have been given so much that those gifts in those things that we have Think about this, most of us woke up this morning with a we turned on electricity. How many people in the world don't have that there's nothing wrong with three and electricity turned on electrically. But if you replace that with God, then that's your little God. Instead, Psalm 34 says, taste and see that the Lord is good. Do we question Do we taste and see that the Lord is good question. Do we take refuge in this God? Do we is that a refuge? Or is it government or refugee? Because guess what? That's above their pay grade, there's no politician, there's no government. There's no government thing thing that can get you into a point in which you say, Oh, yes, I truly feel at peace. That's impossible, it can't happen. Or they can make sure and try to help you in regards to a better road. Right? where they can try to make a better you know, they can take your waist, you know, from your yard, all those things, but they cannot make you feel a piece and that is where we have a problem. And that is where when we see these different statistics where that comes from crime or suicide or or what have you. name again, named the poison in the question comes into taste and see that the Lord is good. Do you taste and see Do you experience the one true God? So my challenge to pastors and ministry leaders in particularly this year in the remainder of the year we have left and that is I'd asked that if you're still with me here. And that is that you would that we not only pastors and leaders, but if you know if you just listen to the radio in just going, Hey, I'm believer in Jesus Christ, I need to what can be different? I'd ask that you would do something different in a different way. Maybe what you've done in the past. One is, if you're a pastor, if you're a parent of your ministry leader, teach God's word that seems so fundamental, and so he The second I would that's huge alright that's huge. There's a lot of different churches I know they don't do that. Second is pray and fast pray and fast pray and fast pray and fast. And and prayer is that should be the first. It's the go to I'm going to go there I'm going, I'm first going to prayer first. Because what happens so often, at least in my mind and my mindset, and I've been around the church my whole life, and I love the church, that big speech, I love the Big C church. But so often what we do as Americans is we'll say, Okay, I've got two hands to feed. I got a brain. God wants me to use them. Yes, he does. But you know what, go to prayer, God prayer first. If you've got a situation, cut something up on hand, go into prayer first, even before you got something on hand, go into prayer first. Go in and communicate with this god that wants to communicate with you first, first. First, I'm gonna say first, one more time, when up when it doesn't matter. If a problem arises, when a problem does arise, boom, you've you're going to prayer, you've already gone to her Pray without ceasing without ceasing. Do you look forward towards God when tragedy strikes? Or do you say I'm sorry, I got two hands and two feet, I'm going to, yes, use your two hands and two feet. But go to prayer. First, see what God has for you? Is God truly your refuge? Because it's hard for me to even say these things. Because as a person who's tries to be independent, my refuges and God, first, the power of prayer, guess what the enemy of our souls, he, he hates the fact that we would go to prayer. And so therefore we, we, we hear these things in our minds. I know I do. If you're too busy to pray, you got to do stuff, get it, you know, it gets in the way. Just earlier this this morning, I had an opportunity to go to a prayer meeting and and the guy had a sit within our own collective thoughts to God. He was it was like five minutes. And and after about two minutes, we have about two minutes. I'm like, what's on my phone? What's on my phone? I'm so trained to somehow

just simply not to be in silence. Unless I'm sleeping. My friends. We need to be able to be silent before the living God does carve out that time. You're too busy to pray, then guess what? You're too busy. Second is that lie that I bring in? It's it's boring. Well, you know what I'm, the more you precedent and talk to, when you talk to someone, the more I talk to my wife, the more I enjoy it, because the communication is constantly flowing. The last I talked about, talk to my wife, guess what, it becomes more of a struggle. It's the same way with any relationship the same way with God, the more we talk with God, guess what? It's not boring. The next one I can come up with is God's not that the enemy be given to us as God's not listening. That is a total lie. The next one is maybe God is just simply he's mean is anything but take a look at the Bible, Genesis all the way to Revelation is anything but that For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, oh, my goodness, if that's not a display of love, I don't know what it is. So if the devil doesn't like it, then guess what I'm gonna do it. I'm going to pray. And I would ask that you would step into that as well. And I would ask this to simply again, to go back to that song, in which I say says you exist to say, taste and see, tasted, taste who this God is, and see that the Lord is good. This draws in experiencing God to get a glimpse as to who he is, is also involves intimacy. And intimacy is difficult, because what it does, it involves being vulnerable. And to do this, to have intimacy, one will have to be vulnerable, with the Creator, the one that knows the very depth and one that knows everything about you, you now are going to have to be vulnerable with him. And the question is, are you willing to do that? Am I willing to do that? First, if you do not know God, I would ask this, that you would understand john chapter 316. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son. And from that, understand that God has got a love in it. First of all, it's simply if you that you would come and repent before this, this god that knows every ounce of who you are, that you would seek a relationship and if you're not going to a church right now, man, contact pure assembly calm and we'll be happy to get you into a local body. If you're just coming here to get sustenance from pure assembly. It's not going to work. You need to get involved in a body. If you know him, if you know this God, get to know him better. Get to know him better man, get to know him in job. As that minutes wind down here in job in the Old Testament, see, he is one of the oldest writings that's out there. And it's, it's his love for God that's displayed throughout the book of Job, that job loses everything. And for a long time, I thought, Man, it's totally unfair. But then I came across this, the whole lesson of job comes down to job getting to know God better, and gets to know God in a deeper level than which he had ever gone in in Job chapter 42, verses five through six, I want you to key on on this says, I admit I once lived by rumors of you. Now I have it all firsthand. From my own eyes and ears, I'm sorry, forgive me, I'll never do that. Again. I promise. I'll never again love on crust, or hearsay or crumbs of rumor. And there it is, if you know Christ thing, get to know him better. no longer live on the rumor of god no longer live on just on on some second hand knowledge of God. Instead, every single day, I would ask that you would press in and get to know him. So we'll leave you with some, just a couple things, a practical application, pray without ceasing. How it is that you would do a prayer journal. If your pastor if you're a ministry leader, press in on it as your other people go into the church that you go to? Is there a way in which they're actually recording their prayers? and seeing what God does? What asked you would you press him on that that's where pure assembly is going to as well. And that is that we would ask that you would surrender all these thoughts and all these different things. And and, and actually write it down. See what God has done. As I mentioned before, that you would also go to church. You'll get to know other believers and get to see firsthand what God is doing in their lives and you can pray for the people. So I'd ask that you would get to know God better. Get to know him better man. Get to known.

Unfortunately, I've run out of time, and I I just asked for a special blessing over you as you're listening to this program. I asked that in somewhere in the, in the heart of what I've been able to express that God would simply be alive in your heart and that not only would be alive, but you would grow deeper and richer in this Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for listening to healing lamp God bless.

Thank you Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. Healing the

land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them@www.hp your that's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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