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Program 27 - Ramona Wilson & Mary Mambo

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen. I'm so glad that you're with us again, for another program of healing the land, we are on pulse FM and also across the internet as well. If you'd like to, you can go to pure And we'd love to be able to have you there to hear the program. And then we have some other material we really we love at healing land, we love to tell people about Jesus Christ, that's number one. But we also want to just encourage you to get to know who he is, and, and have a relationship with him. We also if you take a look, we have some prayer initiatives that are in the our website, pure assembly calm and so we're looking at going 180 days of making sure that we do not forget to pray. The church, the big c church really needs to be pressing in to, to pray and commune with the one true God. So saying all of that, that's our little plug what saying all that what I like to be able to do is is to bring in some guests that I have today, I am really, when I heard that we have not just two guests today, we have three guests today, we have someone coming all the way from across the other side of the world. And so I'm really happy to have three people at the table today, we just kind of call this our table for healing the land. And this is a time which I wish we had some coffee because you just kind of sense that you know, we could we could just have some time where we could just tea or coffee and just have time just to talk about the Lord. And that's that's really what this this is going to be about. Prior to us coming in, I have the great pleasure of being on have john Ramona Wilson, many of those who are in the michiana area, you know, john and Ramona, they are they have they have spent their life talking about Jesus Christ and pointing people to to Christ and and I love their hearts. I love the fact that even just coming into the studio, john had come up to me says, Hey, I'd love to I just sense that we needed to talk about partnerships. And and so I'm fully agreement with that. And then they have partnered with a just a dynamic, wonderful woman who lives in Kenya and they they're going to introduce her in just a little bit. But Jana Romana, thank you for being on the program. Dr. Joy, Kevin. Yes. Thanks so much for having us today. Yeah, that's great. So let me let me share let me ask you this. The first time what not instead of ask it's more of a comment the first time I met you, I could just sense that you have a servant's heart? And so it takes a servant's heart to do partnerships. Would you agree with that? Oh, totally. Yeah,

it requires it requires a laying down some of our own agendas to help someone else fulfill their agenda. And our guests today with us merit pastor Mary Mambo is is an example of how God has used us to partner with her and how she is partnered with so many to really make a huge, huge difference in makura slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

We believe too, that, you know, just as we saw Aaron and her in the Bible, lift up Moses arms. This is what we want to come under those that are already called and doing the work and help strengthen them and help provide for them to be able to continue that work. We don't have to run it ourselves. But we can be there as a support system, in encouragement, help financially, those kinds of things. relationally. And all of that is part of partnership.

What a great visual of those who are holding up Moses his arms, yeah, to be able to make sure that the Lord's and God's work is being done. So how did how did you three meats? how did how did that take place?

We had a mutual friend that told us about Mary, and we invested in some orphans that we knew she was building a group home for these these orphans in a makura slum in Nairobi, and we wanted in on that. And so we invested in that in that project in in her ministry, Canaan ministries, and in 2005, we went to Africa, Ramon and I and and our daughter Leah to see the work we wanted to see we had also invested in a house in, in Tanzania. And so we went to those two countries to see the fruit of what we'd invested in. And that's when we met Mary and her wonderful husband, Joseph, who's gone to the Lord this year. So

yes, the mighty man of God and we we miss him. He was so influential there. But you know what, we just wanted to see what God was doing. And we were so excited to see what God was doing. And then in 2007, we took a team and from that the Lord spoke to us and compassion for Africa was launched at that point. Okay,

great. And so Mary, gets you interjected in here. And the one thing that struck me that when john and Ramona were talking about you, you may not refer to yourself this way, but they refer to you as the Mother Teresa of of McCurry. Yes mom and so can you tell us you were prior to the program we try to hear some of the things that that is on your on a guests heart and can you tell us what you're facing when it came to recruit slums? What what in what did the Lord press in on your heart and in some of those those areas?

Yeah, it's a family we are doing very well. I, our sorry, Dinah mega church, reading very many people by then and doing my own private practice, I say the manners by by profession, but a pastor by call. And, um, I, there are those three children who came begging food on the every day and one time I decided to be treating them or physically, you meant some of them had running nose, coughing, and septic colds and sky bass and set it to SMS to just give them help. And once I started doing that, the navbar grew so much until I wanted to know where they come from, they took me to mukuru slams, which is a big biggest ram in Kenya, after the second day, next to Kibera. And every how they took me there were my parents who are bedridden dying because of I'm talking about 25 years ago now, dying of HIV and AIDS without no hope, dying without no hope, dying without food, dying without medication. In Africa, Kenya, we didn't have insurances for poor people, so no medication, and every house, I went the same story. And these children are going on the street to borrow food or ask for food for their dying parents. And when they took me there, the Lord vre put a burden I felt, I felt bad that our people are dying without hope about dying, people are dying without nobody even realizing that they exist. And when I went back home, the burden did not leave my spirit, my heart my mind. And as the earth as I post on my I thought let the Lord call call me to go there and and help those people. And they had to be thanking your family and everyone had to be thinking you're just crazy. I mean, that's what excited they said I actually they told me I needed to be taped to see a psychiatric because living the life we were in and and going through this RAMs, were your left your command that I said every fever bag is I mean, am I gone? I will the actual they asked me Do you want to die soon? Right? I mean, AIDS

is rampant. Right? Yeah, especially that that point he was just ripping through kin. Yeah,

yeah. But because of the core I felt in my spirit. I mean, and God was pushing me to do that. And I have to leave everything I was doing and, and that is persuading my husband, my family, my children, the church, my pastor, that I felt God called me there. And we went up there. And we started the task been fairly, fairly challenging, though, is not easy, actually had to sell our house after my family agreed that we do the work of the ministry. In the slums. We had to sell our house to get enough money to do the work in the slums.

So let me hold just for a second here because that right there, you Your house is kind of your nest, right? I mean, at least when I speak to most people, that's that's everything you've worked for. That's that you've put so much into that.

I try to my children had our children had refused us to say this. This is our inheritance. Yeah. And there's no way you are going to sell our house. Yeah, that is ours. Not us. Even if you bought it, it's ours. But after prayer in some, we took some time in prayer, they came back and said, okay, they knew the Lord. They knows the Lord. They came sighs mom, dad, if you're serious, I didn't know that God called you. You can now sell the house and go into the middle of the ministry. That's wonderful. Yeah. So we went there and started set after the clinic and we started treating the patient. And I was as a nurse, I was seeing the patient prescribing and my husband was preaching to them, because my husband now had to leave what he was doing the business he was doing to come and support me. He could not let me go in the slums alone. And he was preaching for that patient after the patient I was seeing and, and the ministry grew and many died men relieved and and then we thought, what about the children? We left out on the streets? Those who picked me and brought me here? Their parents are still dying. Why don't you support those children? So I went back on the street and found some and acquired them. And the following day, I told them, can you come tomorrow the following day came, like 50 of them. They all came and had a cooked for lunch. And of that they came for several days. I mean, however, they are still going after lunch, they still going the street? And I said, why not? Why don't you establish startrek, a daycare center or a school where they can spend the whole of the day we feed them, we give them 10 o'clock porridge, we give them lunch, we give them basic education. And we stay with the children instead of the street. And that's how we started down. You know, the school. We had the clinic sitting there parents, now we started the school for the children. In this school, we discovered there are so many children, orphans who have been abused, mostly sexually brokenness. Yeah, the relatives that are left with them, abusing them sexually abusing them physically beating them, your parents died due to HIV and AIDS. Yeah, because of the stigma of the HIV and, and emotionally. And we I remember, I still was talking about this yesterday, I remember, I sat down I said, God, what do we do with these children, Lord? And the first which came this time the first came out, not the time I was called. He said, let's do them. Wow. Then I said, God, what? What do you mean?

How do you do that?

How do I ask God? How do I even started that? Yeah, I thought the pastor, I'm not a teacher who knows how to do with the magnitude. I have five children who have given me How do I do more than that? And it was very, very difficult. And God doesn't speak when you argue with him anymore. So I knew what he said. So I had to, to reiterate at that, that excetera time, when john and Romana and the team came in, I was traveling, how to build this whole, I knew I had to do the whole for the children. I knew I needed to feed them, give them a shelter, feed them, clothe them, and do everything like they're my own children. Yeah. And

that's the only reason why I need to break in here because I could listen to you, I think, for the next 13 hours, and it'd be wonderful. The problem is, is we were coming up to a heartbreak. It's already been 14 minutes into our into our segment and we're going to catch here, in just a few seconds, we have an advertisement of a pure assembly. And we're going to come back again with Jarrod Mona. And also Mary and and we're going to talk about I love, I love what's going on, where God has moved you. And also general Mona how God moved you to also be a partner with what's taking place. And this is this is the body of Christ. This is what this is what God does, and and things mighty things happen in change. And you mentioned the word prayer. And so all this is just bathed in prayer. So we'll come back and the next, next side here, and we'll see in just a few seconds.

Hi, I'm Dawn, board member of pure, and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out@www.hp your or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us, too. Thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, welcome back to healing the land. And during the break we had, I had an opportunity to be able to just to be able to speak with john Ramona and Mary and and we were talking again, about partnerships and how God brings people together many times you wouldn't normally expect that kind of thing to happen. And but through the Holy Spirit through Holy Spirit, that happens, and so that surrendering takes weeks. So john Ramana, without because we only have so much time. And so we want to get as much, much as we can in here. You were talking john Romano, Ramana. And, john, you were talking about what's taking place in Africa. So could you share some of those things? That'd be wonderful.

Well, Mary ended up the last part of the segment talking about how the Lord, she said, What do I do with all these children? And the Spirit of the Lord says rescue them. And she's saying how, how, how, what the same time over here in the US God had put a burden on us in around 1997 98 to buy a rental house and to let the people that lived in the rental house paid The rent on that and the principal on the loan because we didn't have any money. But we bought that house for the intent that someday we would sell the house and the proceeds from the sale would go to build group homes in Africa. And so as so we sold our property, and we're looking for places to deposit this money that we had had saved up for from sale the property. And we got connected with Mary. And so the same time in Africa, she's saying, what do we do? We're saying, in where do we go with this? funds? How do we how do we want to we want to see some children rescued, and the Lord saying that to them so

well, and it was beautiful. When, in 2007, when we took a team, how the Lord orchestrates partnerships. And Jim and Susan Nelson went with us which a lot of other people that are that do sponsor children. I can't mention all of those now. But then some years later, Joyce and john Sayles joined us on a missions trip with Mary, and the Lord captured their hearts. So they're part of the compassion for Africa leadership team. And then there are some, there was some missionaries, Rick and Terry Emmerich, they just left the field, but they were in Africa, they helped us there. And then some nationals, Humphrey and Elizabeth matory, who had never been in the slums, which is something most Africans have never been in the slums they know about them. But as Mary was saying, they've never been, and when they went, their hearts were captured. So it's been a beautiful team. And I want to recognize them, because it God orchestrated and everybody has their part in this team. And the one thing I want to say, briefly is that if anybody would like to become part of compassion for Africa, it's compassion for, you can get on our website and become a sponsor. But that this team, everybody has a unique part that they play. And one thing that's kind of different for many ministries is that none of us take any salary at all. So if we traveled to Africa, we pay for it ourselves. Any outreaches we do we pay ourselves but every bit that's given for partnership is goes to the work for the children.

Can you mention the name or the website nation for Because Yeah, sounds simple. But if I'm driving a car, I need to hear it two or three times. Just make sure it's Guy Nice. Yeah. Yeah. See one more time because my brain actually African for There good. Okay, good. Now we got it seared into our head, because we need to be able to have those things so that we can go straight over there and go, how do we get connected with with those who are in your case, you're on the ground, Mary, and I'm pointing to Mary, no one can see me pointing to Mary, but you're on the ground, and God's called you. And you have all these people who want to partner, but through Holy Spirit, and through the internet, to all these different communications now that God has given to us. You can now take a look and in the break, you were also talking about that you're working with kids? And was that always a calling that you want to work with children or not?

I would just attending and sharing how I felt this big burden to me. God gave me about children, okay, because a mother of five I only knew how to grow five children am a nurse by profession and a pastor and there's nothing to do with the children. And Nia now God tells me rescue the children and was fighting. How do I how where do I start? If they're screwing them, I need a shelter. I need food, I need clothing. I need education. And then God exactly that time I was really struggling and thinking what to do is when God brought this team that compassion for Africa to us, and and they were able to come in and support our children. And they didn't even tell you that they educate our children the most difficult problem in Africa. I don't know where everywhere else is education. Yeah, children in the slums. We're not going to school by then. But when we started that school, we purpose with God, I thought, God you if you brought us here for a purpose, let our children to go to high schools and to colleges and to the universities. We

see my god incredible dreams. There's no way you're gonna

God, if you are the master who called me here. Let me see these happen. And I will know she called us and you called me here. And that's when these folks came in. And they started educating we they build our group home that orphanage and we rescued the children who are supposed which we rescue up to today. Even this time, like With the four children you have rescued the lesson time. Give them back to them and you have to look for sponsors for these right? And we have many more than four. But we don't want also to overwhelm them otherwise they will run away. We also care for their many needs children. So they have educate them. They're their primary school, their high school boarding high schools. What do we purpose because our children never comes out of the slums. We purpose to be taking our children to boarding schools outside the slums elsewhere, because the first trip this team, CFA, bro, took our children to a parking somewhere. The first child asked when we're in town, Nairobi city, Mom, is this America? Yes. They have never seen it. They were born in the slums. They grew up there, they have never seen any right. And there we are the town in a bus. And they were seeing very tall buildings, there's nothing else they she knew that it's only America where there are big buildings. But there we are. So they have been educating our children to from the primary to the highest school boarding high schools, colleges and universities. We I have seen God doing what I asked him to do that we want our children to go to the universe. We have now five, six children who have gone to university amazing. One is doing Harvard

with a legacy chain

one is doing Happy, Happy has D men. I mean, this in the slums is like many miracles coming together and become one big miracle married.

You remember when that first group of girls went off to high school and they had their uniforms on? Yeah, tell them, tell them tell them how the people came around to see the children leaving,

I couldn't believe it. I actually opened our first children went to high school. And and this uniform for high school isn't something they have never seen this from people. I've got a child going to the high school with a uniform of eyes. And they all gathered together to come and see our children with high school uniform. And it was like, why what is this? We have never seen these? Because it is true. They have no there was no education in this labs, no schools, no hospitals, no toilets, no nothing at all. That is why they are packing their waste on the papers and throwing them away because there was no toilet. And anyway, that our children now are educated and getting good education. If they take them to colleges, or university or daystar University also work with us. They educate our children free Oh my word I was a student was there. And once we started the ministry, they came in and said, Mary because we cannot give you money because that is not our official right? We can support your children when they pass well you can bring them to our universe is a Christian university amazing. So they have the educated free so any child who is able to make it to the university is educated by them. daystar University free. There's another example of partnership. Yeah. But these folks, they educate our primary and our high school boarding High School, the corridor, the colleges are at the causes and why it has been a fairly beautiful partnership. We have done very, very well you have when you're talking. It's just it's I like I like a lot of times I

just kind of like to just hear just hear what God's doing. And that's reason why I didn't interject that much. Because I'm like, isn't amazing when you have people who are willing to sort of surrender their rights, because you can just stay marry, you could just stayed in your home. Yeah, right. It was doing well. And, and I'm right, yeah. And, and but God called you they'll do that john and Ramana. God called you to do something with a house. What do we do with that? And but when God has His plan, and you're willing to surrender to that plan, this is beautiful.

Well, Kevin, we've This is kind of comical to. I hate to say it, but it's like if God had shown us everything that we would face Yeah, right. Yeah, we probably would have taken off running. But he shows you just enough that out of obedience, you say okay, and so we do that and then the next step and the next step, and then you you, you step back and you look back and you say look what God has done. You remember that song, old song? Look what the Lord has done that it's like that you look back and using it's only you Lord. Yes, we've we've partnered with you but you are the master. Amen. Yeah. And provider and strengthen Aaron and every part that each of us have needed right Mary. He's there and even locking Mary through right now after her wonderful husband has gone home to be with Jesus and And we're delighted that she's moving forward and continuing the ministry that God's set before her.

Yeah. So Mary, we only got a couple more minutes here, believe it or not, how could we pray for you

even as this team CFE team has come to help us we have many other needs, except the children, we have the the hospital, the clinic, where we have a do a lot of mini deliveries, mother come to Delhi, find the slums, where they were dying in their own houses without no hospital. And we have a lot of knitting, if any, that that clinic because we need there are a lot of needs in our in our clinic where we need the medication, treatment, drugs, medication and deliveries and all that. We also that that is called you here. We have many children right now here, nearly having 300 children in that school. They there. Half of those children Alphons, they don't have nothing to you know, to eat and drink to do and even the clothing themselves, we have to do for you know, help and support from everybody. So the challenges are many for people to come in. And if the holder of American may come through CFA, and they cannot, I mean, the mukuru people are more than American, you know, people and they need a minute here.

We really appreciate just to get a perspective, Mary and Joseph built a three story Hospital in makura. It's not finished yet. Yeah. Okay. So there, it's probably what 80% finish something finished. And it's still there's there's still take getting equipment for this hospital, they want it to be a first class hospital, in the middle of squalor. And so and then the school with 300 is it needs upgrades also. So when you say what are your pressing needs, it's to finish the hospital and to upgrade the school.

And you've got to realize that makura slums, it's a million people, right? Marry it within that just that slot itself. Yeah, it's huge. Well,

you're hitting because we're, we're really down to nothing as far as time is concerned. Ramona, could you pray us out? Would that be okay? I didn't ask you prior to that. But if you could pray for what we've done today and what God's doing, I would appreciate that.

Father, we come to you and with great praise and stand in all of you, Lord, for what you do. And Lord, we continue to believe you, Lord, that You are a provider, and you are Mary's provider, you are these children's provider and everything at Canaan ministries in makura slums. And so Father, we just ask Lord, that You continue. We pray for divine connections, Oh, God, we pray for divine resources, and your divine favor, Father, and that you've done that you've answered this prayer, we pray for strength for our sister, Mary, that she will persevere and then you will continue to anoint her and annoying to refresh. And all that work with her there everyone and compassion for Africa, that your desires, your what you want to be fulfilled, will be fulfilled. So we trust you, Father, we thank you, we love you. Thank you for all that you've done and all that you will do. And we pray and God bless our sister, and all these beautiful children and people in Jesus powerful name. Thank you, Lord. And thank you for Kevin, thank you for pure assembly. Lord, we pray blessing, a blessing. Amen. Jesus name, amen. Amen.

Thank you very much.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at WWW dot pure that's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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