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Program 29 - Jackie Appleman

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, welcome to another program of healing the land, I am grateful that you've been able to take a little bit of your time and listen to the program. Today, it marks a another show in which we can talk about where God is healing the land. But we also want to, as I mentioned before, in the program at times, and this is maybe a phrase that I think is appropriate today, and that is to be able to put our big boy pants on. And then be able to

understand that we have, we have more than just a problem in our country, we have, I believe, there's some devastation that's taking place in our country. And that's one of the reasons why I want to, this is not the first time we have approached the issue of abortion on this program.

And I think it's time we need to talk about it again, we need to not just let this run by. And so I think I have a very appropriate guest today on healing land. Because this is very much a part of healing the land, we need to see this go away.

It is very much like the

abolitionist back in the 1800s, where the church God's people said, enough's enough, we're not going to put up with this anymore. And the same thing goes along with the area of abortion. And so I have wonderful woman, her name is Jackie appleman. And I'm so grateful, Jackie, that you're on the program, healing the land. Thank you for having me.

So Jackie, I just like to have a conversation with you. Almost pretend maybe we're at a diner and a couple other people with us. And we're talking about this, this plague that's on our land.

And so you are the central county director if I'm correct, of right to life. Yes. And we've recently merged and so recover St. Joseph and Elkhart counties now. Amazing. I didn't know that. So I'm glad to have you on the program. So

wonderful. you've joined teams in that regard. And I have nothing but the other respect for the the work that you're doing. And and So tell me a little bit about that. Yeah, right to life. michiana now recovered, both those counties, we work to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. And what I mean by that is,

you right now, abortion is illegal. There's all kinds of things you probably read in the news all the time, all these different cases go into Supreme Court and different state cases that rules on regulations on abortion are constantly changing, coming and going. And while that's constantly in flux, our work is focused on changing hearts and minds, that's what's truly going to end abortion. So when I say I want to make abortion, unthinkable, and unnecessary, I want people to understand the true horror and destruction of abortion, and make it unnecessary, in a way that all women feel supported and their pregnancy and motherhood and as a family. So if we can accomplish those two things, whether abortion is legal or not, abortion will be ended. So how do you see that happening? Well as an organization,

good question.

So refocus on outreach, advocacy, education, and of course, foundationally prayer. And so redo outreach to women in front of the abortion clinic, so letting them know that there's support and other options available for them. Education is that big piece of teaching the truth about abortion and making it unthinkable. And then advocacy, you know, redo dabble a little bit in, you know, commemorating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. You know, people don't understand that that court case made it legal in all nine months of pregnancy. So it is technically illegal in all nine months of pregnancy to end the life of that preborn child.

And it's these truths that that people just don't understand and the different types of ways that abortion occurs and how it ends that human life are just really horrific.

And then re surround everything we do in prayer. So for every one sidewalk advocate rehab at the clinic, we usually have at least two or three people out there praying, re host a president or throughout the year, we begin our day in the office with prayer. And so it is only I mean, in the end this is God's fight and via his foot soldiers and accomplishing his work but this will only be done through and with him. Yeah. And and you're limited in just the amount of people that you you have

It always seems like many times when you have a cause like this, you have you have the, you know, the, the 100 people that show up. But you have hundreds of 1000s of believers in Christ, just in this region. Yeah. And so let me ask you this, and this is where maybe any I'm gonna say, I'm gonna put the big boy pants on a little bit.

Where's the where's where's the Big C church? Do you? Do you sense? Oh, I have got this huge wind behind my back.

yet? Yes, and no, I mean, we do have a great following of faithful believers who sacrifice hundreds of volunteer hours out at the sidewalks or going door to door. Or even doing some of those tedious stuff in the office that just needs to be done. But you're absolutely right, it is not enough. And until we have every Christian person standing up and integrating those pro life values in their life, this is going to continue to be a problem. And part of the reason why Christians aren't standing up is because it's not being talked about. And it's not being talked about in the churches, unfortunately.

And this silence is a problem. The Gospel compels us to love and essential and guilty adults. You know, many people are afraid to talk about it, because one in four women have an abortion. So including Christian aggrey, that number is one in four, because you can throw a number out like that, and they just go Oh, he just let you know, next time you're in church, look around, every fourth person or every fourth woman in your has statistically had an abortion. So there are children missing from every single one of our churches, and every single one of our schools and our responses to not talk about it. And then the pain of that that woman that one, that one person now the four is maybe they've been 1015 years ago, what have you given number, but there's pain that has to be worked through, in many lies that then are taken in as well? Does that make sense? Yeah, it does. And you know, and that that, again, brings us back to the gospel and the gospel, you know, by DNS to our fellow person. It, it compels us to love and essential and guilty adults. And it brings the love and forgiveness and mercy of Jesus Christ to them. It gives people that hope you have women and men and families sitting in your pews suffering from this, you know, destruct the destruction of abortion, and you're hiding that hope and forgiveness from them by remaining silent on it. So talking about it, and through the gospel is speaking the truth about the horror of it, but also leading people to the healing of Jesus Christ, and opening that door. Because that's also there's a statistic, I want to say about almost half of the people the abortions are like repeat abortions. And so if you know someone has an abortion and recant lead them to healing, they're going to have another one. And so that is a huge step in a making whole each individual but also an Indian abortion as well, if we can just tell everybody where you recut our abortions nearly in half, you know, just with that.

So it's it's very important to just start having this this conversation and bringing it to the forefront. Well, the one also thought you mentioned in when you were talking about the fact that there's there's children that should be in the Pew that's not

as you as you were saying that I was, I was thinking that terms of this started the Roe v. Wade was in 1973. I was born in 1968, I've got a birthday coming up in a couple couple days. And that that will put me at 53. Now, my simple math. Now it hasn't been 53 years because I was born 68. But unfortunately, it's come very close to that 50 year mark. And when you look at that, that in 1973, those children that were boarded that year, would be the mom and dad that would be sending their child, probably they would be out of college, maybe by now give or take that however that might look.

And then you would probably have some grandkids that that are no longer there. Because of those things that that have happened because Roe v. Wade, had become the so called law of the land. Some jurors decided in this in black robes and this is our law. This is what we're going to do.

Yeah, since 1973 61 million children have been awarded in the United States. And you're absolutely right. The amount of people missing from our communities and churches and schools is not just that 61 million but you know their kids and grandkids and there's there's financial implications for that too. You know, I didn't bring those statistics with me but we're concerned about social security money running

Now because right, we're missing millions of people paying into it. And so this most immediately abortion obviously ends the life of a human being. And it harms the mother and the father emotionally, physically. But it also harms, you know, other siblings of aborted children. it harms, and it harms our community as a whole. Everybody is harmed by the destruction of abortion. Absolutely. Let me ask you something, too, because when you're talking about this issue, the first thing that and we've heard this before, this isn't something we haven't heard before. But there seems to be then this culture that of death, that invades our whole country as well. Would you agree? Yeah, I mean, this is the the foundation of I think that culture of death if we can't protect a life, at its most innocent, and its most vulnerable, how can we justify protecting any life at all? And we see that that culture of death and you know, gun violence, and, you know, our overfilled jails are, you know, it's permeating everywhere. I mean, we have police in our schools now because of school violence. I mean, it's, it's permeated everywhere. Yeah. I agree with that. So let me ask you, because we're going to be coming down to a couple minutes here on this set of the program. We'll have another side here in just a little bit. Sam, a pastor, okay, what do I tell my congregation

we have another song.

I would start with the humanity and value of the human being and of the human person. That's where you need to start and go from there. And understanding. That's what we're missing is just the love of humanity. We're looking at children as leeches, almost, do you know what I mean? And you just you start with love, and you go from there. And you need to build that foundation that human life is valuable and important, and it begins in the womb. And then you can build from there and talking about the destruction talking about, you know, healing, if you've been involved, you know, an abortion in your past, talking about getting involved and going from there. But you need to be able to understand that a life begins at conception, that's a scientific fact, not a, an opinion.

And that, that life has value. And that's kind of the crux of everything, until you recognize that that human life has value, then, you know, no point in talking about anything else.

Well, unfortunately, we're coming down to that heartbreak again, on the healing the land. And we're going to come back in a few seconds here, in regards to what we're talking about why three, abortion of abortion, and we'll be with Jackie, before we go to that break, I just want to let you know that pure assembly is having, we're having an initiative of 180 days of prayer that's starting September 1, goes all the way to February. And we're going to be concentrating on the Lord's Prayer. If you want to go and find out more information to that go to pure assembly, calm, pure assembly, Doc. com. But I would also ask, Jackie, can you give us your website if we want to get to get to you? Yeah, pro life pro life and we'll say one more time, so we get pro life. so Jackie, we're gonna be with Jackie in just a few seconds. So thanks.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Your assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out@www.hp your or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us too. Thanks for listening to healing the land.

This is Kevin with healing land. And I am grateful that you came back for the second part of the show. Second part of the program. We are talking about an issue that is in our country. And we would jack you and I we talked prior to recording of the show that I think you would love to actually see yourself work yourself out of a job. Yes.

like this anymore.

Be a wonderful thing to be able to see where this country no longer has this. This this terrible devastation the scourge that's on our land. And God has been extremely merciful to our country to still allow 61 million children as what you said in the stat incredible mercy for God to do that with us. So let me Excuse me

backtrack just a little bit.

It's always good to know your story. If you got a few minutes, we love to be able to grab on to your story, okay? And because God always writes a story and people, he's a great author.

And then I'd love that we, we talked a little bit in the break about the fact there's so much going on with what you're doing, we're not stuck, okay. And God is healing the land, I think through different organizations, but boy, definitely, he's doing a lot of activity through through the organization called right to life. So tell me your story. Okay.

So I was raised for like, my mom was a very religious, had a really strong relationship with God. And so she built really strong Christian values. And me being pro life, one of them, she got pregnant with me when she was young and unmarried. And she was encouraged by some of my family members to have an abortion. And she was like, No, and she chose life. And she, she's deceased now, but she was a wonderful mother, like, that was her calling for sure.

And so, because of her guidance, and leadership, I

was volunteering within the pro life movement through high school and

a little bit in college, I kind of dropped off a little bit after I graduated and trying to figure out the adult world. And

when I moved up to South Bend, tried to get involved with right to life, and it just kind of wasn't clicking, I eventually did get connected with them, worked with them, like on a volunteer basis, eventually joined the board. And that was good for me. Like, I was like, okay, cool, I'm doing pro life work here, I'm on the board. And that's good enough for me. And, you know, my career was going in a different direction. And I was working, you know, towards certain things within that career, and it was going the way I wanted to, and then I felt God calling me to take a job with right to life. And that was not in my career path. Right. So I was like, No, thank you. And God did not accept that. The way he talks to me sometimes, to make sure I clearly hear him as he is, feels like a nagging feeling. He like nags me, like,

I understand other people.

And so he's just nagging me and I'm like, No, no, no. And so finally, the position I was gonna apply for somebody else took it and I'm like, oh.

And that lady actually ended up not being a great fit and quit after like three months.

So then he came back. And

so I've had a long story of learning how to say yes to God. And given that Fiat, but I eventually said, Yes, and took this job. And it's been, it's been great. It's, you know, I feel very fulfilled doing it. I don't appreciate that I have to do this work. But I'm definitely where God has called me. And we're doing great things within the organization and making great headway and making change in tangible change in our community. So it's been nothing but great blessings, and a lot of great and fruitful work being done. Yeah, but just real quickly, I want to just, I understand what you're talking about, because I was actually a senior pastor for about maybe four years, and the downtown church. And when you do a downtown church, that you'll have a lot of people that want to go into downtown church in South Bend, Indiana, and and

we were going there for about at that time, about 18 years, and we're looking for someone and I remember God, just

I was mowing my yard. And I'm like, God, who are we going to get to come in and these things I'm just crying out the Lord You know, on it is crying out to God, I'm on the lawn, I can do my most thinking when I mow the lawn. And the next thing you know, I'm I'm on the ground, just crying. Because what hit my heart was feed my sheet. And I go, you got the wrong guy.

Cuz I know what you mean by that. Yeah. So I understand that, but God then eventually worked that out. So it would so I didn't look like a nut.

You know, so. So we have a very gracious and wonderful God. So can you tell us a little bit more about some of these things? We touched on a little bit in the first part of the program? Because the program is healing the land, and we like to be able to see

where is God healing? Yeah, we address those things. Okay. The church, we got to talk more about it. But we also we also Guess what, we're probably American citizens, if you're in this country, be able to look and vote that way too. Right? But also be bold enough. If you're a pastor to be able to say, you know, this is a problem, but I'm saying all that love to be able to hear what's going on in St. in St. USA and michiana right to life. Yeah. Elkhart county school. Yeah. Probably the biggest and most impactful thing we're doing right now and trying to heal the land and get the word out about the importance importance of

This issue is our street team. So this summer, we've been going door to door, knocking on people's doors, sharing resources with them about local resources available for women, but also talking about abortion. Straight up, I have our introduction, and with so what do you think about abortion and reopen it right up. And the purpose. Like I said, we want to make it unnecessary. So we're sharing those local resources available for men and families. But we also need to make it unthinkable. So we need to share the truth about abortion. And because our culture doesn't really talk about it, people very get very defensive. You know, as soon as we even just bring up the word, abortion. So our street team is trained to keep the conversation cordial and respectful. And we do not engage in arguments or things like that part of it is teaching people how to have a conversation, that that's difficult and that people disagree with. And starting to build trust in the community. We're not going to change hearts and minds if we don't have trust. So if we can start having these easy comp, although not easy conversations, but having these respectful conversations, and we can leave the door disagreeing, but knowing like, that was a good conversation with a pro lifer. Yeah. So we're doing this brief hit more than 6000 homes so far this summer. Yep, three out of those 6000 homes, about 1050 people have engaged in the conversation about abortion with us. That's really amazing. And out of that we've had 125 people change their minds. Praise God. Yeah, it's been amazing to see this. And I honestly wasn't expecting to see mines, mines change over time, you know what I mean? And they built they change with trust. But the power of the truth that we're presenting has just been so powerful, that, you know, we have these little 10 week fetal models, and we're showing people you know, by 10 weeks, you've got your facial features and your limbs formed. And people don't know that they're like, I just thought it was a blob of tissue. So the truth is being hidden, and being able to go door to door has just been an incredible opportunity to share truth, and people's minds are being changed at it. And reaching success at homes has been amazing. We're on track to probably in the year about 10,000. We're gonna stop when it snows because we're gonna how that goes around here.

But my original goal, and what I originally budgeted for was to reach 40,000 homes. And the only reason we're not is because we don't have enough people to go door to door with us. And so when I say that we need help, that it is going to take every single one of us to be to change our culture. I am not exaggerating, like it's what it's what's going to be needed. You know, if you guys remember, Dr. Clifford was an abortionist in the area, he was the guy who was storing fetal models in his garage. The only way we shut him down was hundreds of volunteer hours, you know, going through his reporting and submitting complaints and being outside the clinic. That's the only way he got shut, you know, shut down. It wasn't because some health department decided to look into him one day. It was people in our community, like you and me and everyone listening that decided, you know what, this is not okay. And we need to end it.

And so, yeah, let's start three is to remember, just a few years ago, this guy was operating Yeah, he was operating within was an iron iron wood road is where he was at and where he was stationed at. And so just to know that, when I say the word monster,

I do because come so callous to, and then after his death to find that revelation of where his heart really was. That it's, it's sad, because I fear for his soul.

No one wants to see someone spend eternity, where not to judge God's the judge.

But to see all those that devastation where he was an integral linchpin right there. And but unfortunately, we have another place on the west side of town. That that is now open. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Yeah.

So whole woman's health opened without a license because the state the Department of Health denied them that license because there other clinics weren't meeting, you know, health and safety standards. Long story short, the Seventh Circuit, a federal judge is the one that allowed them to open without a state license. So they've been operating there. They are ending the lives of about eight to 10 children every weekend. So this past weekend, we had another eight deaths. So this is an urgent issue that is happening now in our community.

The latest ruling with judge Barker is that she took down the rule that physicians

tend to be the ones doing chemical abortions. So now a woman up to 10 weeks in her pregnancy, can go to Home itself, get an ultrasound, get the abortion pill, do this whole process without being examined for any topic pregnancy, and without seeing a doctor once the entire time. You know, we all know that well, I'm telling you now, if you didn't know already, abortion is a horrific procedure that that physic that emotionally, and mentally harms women. But now with these laws being struck down, it's going to be physically harmful for them as well. There is no way now for a woman to know if she has an ectopic pregnancy. And if she takes that pill, it will be deadly. So this is very horrific that some of these rulings were brought down and home and help fought to have those rules taken down to make abortion easier to do and more widespread. And it was all it was all about the money when they were talking about what other restrictions so there's like certain restrictions or how their building has to be and things like that. And they're like, we don't want to do these. They didn't say their justification for not wanting them was because, you know, it's it's not necessary for woman safety. They didn't want to do it because it was too expensive. Yeah, that was their excuse. I read the transcripts every single time it was this is too expensive. It had nothing to do with, oh, it's bad for women, or it's, you know, not necessary for women, it was just gonna cost us more money. Yeah, it goes along with what you mentioned, money actually hurts for about the same way because I was going to mention money. And it really comes down to the root of all evil is the love of money. And there is a deep desire that says we don't care about humanity. We care about, we care about lining our pockets. And when you look at the politicians that are involved, they're looking at how can we get more money to come into our campaigns as well. Been in the political side a little bit myself. And so I know that when you're a politician, you want that money flowing in you if you have to get it from someone who's making money through killing children, you'll do it just because you want to gain that power. But that's in if we could in this here. And that is

what are some of the things he mentioned volunteers. Yeah. You mentioned the church. The lat you got about we got about 45 seconds. Yeah.

Wait, how could we? How could the Big C church respond to this yet, just start talking about it. Reach out to organization if you don't know how to talk about it. I mean, we've got

outlines for sermons, we've got different ways to get involved that whether that's coming to the office or going out to the clinic, and, and everything, pray, we need prayer, come out to the clinic, you don't need to reach out to women if you don't feel comfortable with that. But come out and pray, pray for our sidewalk advocates pray for the work we're doing pray for the women walking in there, pray for the abortion workers.

We need that to encompass everything we're doing. But again, our website's pro life. get in touch with us, and we'll get you involved pro life

Well, thank you, Jackie, thank you for having me. We have Mike Jacob over here that really get a chance to be able to bring him in. And Mike, you you've been a part a lot of the volunteers and that sort of thing here, but I can't have you talk because we only had like

that was awesome.

So on that note, I'd God is good. Right. And he's on his throne. And so we bring that to you. I'd asked that you would go to name the website one more time, pro life for life And maybe if I if I hear it four or five times I get it. So don't be afraid to go there also to thank you, Jackie. Thank you, Mike for being here. God bless you and may God heal the land. We are praying that that would take place in Jesus name, amen, amen.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot payoor that's p u r e or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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