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Program 30 - Serena Dyson

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen with healing the land, and I am grateful again, once again every week, I'm just so grateful that you're with us and being able to talk about what God is doing and how he is healing the land he desires to heal the land, and I have a guest with me, her name is Serena dikes, and I want to get right into this. Because I have been able to talk about this topic. As a matter of fact, if you've listened to healing land, we've talked about this subject, on multiple occasions in the one of the reasons why I want to bring this subject that is, is again, it's one of those subjects we tend to try to want to avoid, we'd rather kind of keep it in the closet, so to speak, quote unquote. And as the issue of abortion, and you may think, oh, man, he's going to talk about abortion. Again, I think there's a reason why we need to talk about that that subject is because it needs to be brought out from the closet, so to speak, it needs to be sitting right in front of us. So that way. One, we need to pray about it. The Lord can heal, he can do amazing things through prayer. The other is God also has given us the ability to speak he's also given us the ability to do but first we do need to pray that is that is imperative we'd otherwise we're just kind of just gongs. Just, you know talking out loud. But anyways, saying all of that I I am looking forward to hearing Serena Dyson's story. And you. We've had an opportunity now to meet a few times and just I love your passion, serene. I love your your love for Jesus Christ, too. So thank you for being here.

Yeah, no, thank you for having me here. And to talk about abortion, it is something that is very much a part of my daily life. Either I'm talking to abortion minded women or women who women and men who have had had an abortion, and how that's affected them. And so God has just birthed this global ministry, out of out of my own story of being someone that was sexually assaulted at 13 by an uncle. And the only thing that was offered was abortion. And my parents, they were not in the church, they were looking for help. That's what they were looking for. And that was what was offered, not realizing how much that was going to turn our lives sideways. And, you know, just the abortion industry, even to the point of setting us up as the people outside the clinic hated us and make sure you walk in quickly. And that was such a lie. I'm a trained sidewalk counselor. And when I go out to the sidewalks, you know, I'm always thinking like, how would my mom respond out here? Like, what would be her reaction? And so you know, that's always something that I keep in mind, because I remember my mom just saying, they don't understand what we're going through.

yet. When that makes sense. At that moment in time, at that moment, yeah, in her mind, she's trying to think of a mom of a 13 year old, that just was violated. Yep. And I just want this problem to go away. And I don't know how to do that.

Yep. Yep. And recognizing she had her own trauma that she had never dealt with, you know. And so when I see people, I'm like, Okay, so what's going on? What's their roots? What's you know, when I have an abortion minded woman coming to me, I want to know what's driving that fear? What's the fear? And there's always that fear. And if we can get to that fear of meeting her, and figuring out how we can walk alongside of her. It is a game changer. It is such a game changer. So

let me ask you this, you're 13 years old. Usually when you have something traumatic like that, because that's, that's traumatic. to any anyone, anyone, even it's an adult, but let alone someone who's just going through adolescence. What did the enemy put into you?

Yeah. So for me, I think back to that, and I was just so clueless. I was so an educated I was so there were so many things that at that time, not being a believer, and not even understanding who God was. And praise the Lord, around fifth grade, I had a we rented a house from a man who poured Jesus into me and I learned about Jesus then and so for me, my heart is always going to be how can I pour Jesus into someone, but for me, you know, I was just so clueless and like so many women who go for abortions, they're so an educated, they just don't even under understand. So, you know, thinking back, you know, going through that process, I just remember thinking, Man This is a doctor's office, and they're going to help us but I didn't know, I didn't know, even I didn't even understand. And you know, just going to that clinic in South Bend, man, it changed our lives forever. It changed my, you know, my mom, I read her journal, and her just saying, I wanted to help my daughter, and they wouldn't even let me help her. And how my dad had to pick me up and carry me out of that clinic and our family fell apart, it fell apart. My dad left our family, my mom, she had to be checked into a mental institution for two weeks. I started drinking at an early age, we did not want to, we didn't want to go there. That was so difficult for

us. So it sounds like because he said drinking, usually when you have that kind of thing that's taking place is trying to substitute Yeah. So there's a there's a hole there. Yep. So it was always a part of that. Whole? Can you reflect on some of those things? Yeah, worthiness and where are

they? So later on, that would bubble up in my life of feeling very unworthy. I didn't know my identity in Christ, even after I accepted Christ. I didn't understand that identity. And so that affected my married life, I felt like I wasn't worthy to be a wife, I wasn't worthy to be mother. And I checked out, I checked out of that and became a runner from the Lord, like I was a runner, because I thought, Man, you know, how even not even understanding you know, you have this double trauma of, of a sexual assault and an abortion. And the world says that the sexual assault is, is more harmful than this abortion, right. And so I always associated that. But you know, what, we can't help what other people have done to us. But we hold that responsibility of what we've what we do to someone else. And so, you know, that's a deep wound that you carry. Absolutely.

I'm glad you mentioned those things. Because when I, when I think of what you're talking about, I also hear the word, I guess, brokenness. And so what, what, what did you find? And we can talk about this the probably different parts of the show, because what, what brought you to that, that healing mark, because you were just talking about the fact that sounds like there's an alcohol addiction. Which brings other things, too. Yep. All right. And when I was a pastor at downtown inner city church, the first thing that after first part, when we start working with people in downtown South Bend a lot of homeless people, a lot of different people who were addicted to things. I first started just looking at the addiction. And then I, we started to get the clue really fast, that there's a reason why there's an addiction. And so we went into the brokenness. And so how does that that brokenness, because what you're telling me is that that that word is there that's happening into your life at that point. Then what,

yeah, so just being so broken, I did not want to feel anything. And so I would abuse alcohol, I was using prescription drugs. And I was using, I remember one time, my husband, he said, I think you've got a problem. And I was so angry with him. so angry, but I knew I knew, because I was just so hurting. So hurting, and I didn't know what to do with that I was sitting going to the church, I was in the church pews. And I was just like, but if anybody in the church knows what, what does that look like? And it was so fear based. And I love talking about this, because it's a lie that the enemy uses to keep you in bondage, right? And so like, I remember just getting to a point of like, okay, I moved out of my house. Alright, my plan was, I was gonna divorce my husband, because I didn't think that I deserved any of that. Goodness, right. And so I was drinking and partying every weekend. And just one weekend, I had gotten to a point where I had I had, I had drank so much, and I, I was so selfish, so selfish. I wasn't thinking of anybody else. But myself. And I thought if I get behind the wheel, I'll probably go to jail. And that's what I was thinking, not thinking that I could hurt anybody else. And I started started texting people to come get me and I burned my bridges had burned those bridges. And one of the best things that ever happened to me, was people not rescuing me. I needed that power. Yes, I needed that because I needed to get to the end of myself so I could cry out to the Lord. And I sat in my car and I just began to weep and I was just like, God, I have no one but you right now. And the thing is, he saw me runk he saw me Hi. And he saw me a mess. And he's like, I was just waiting. I was just waiting for you the call upon my name. And he lavished me in this love that I had never felt. And I knew I needed to go home both spiritually and physically. And God, by His grace, by His grace, I got home and he was already working in my husband's heart. Because I didn't deserve, I did not deserve for my husband to say, come back home, I didn't deserve that. And yet God was working on him as well, and just opened the doors for us. And one of the things that people tell us all the time, I can't afford to go to counseling. And one of those things that for us was like, okay, we're going to adjust whatever we need to adjust. Because, you know, what, it's not working the way we were doing things. And so I went to inner healing. And it was so amazing, but I couldn't talk about that abortion, because my counselor went to my church, and I thought if we, if he knows, right, if he knows, he's going to tell people in my church, which is such a lie, yet another lie that the enemy will use. And now I have a great relationship with my counselor, he knows the full story. And he's like, I wish he would have just told me instead of you coming in here, and kind of like, you know, resisting this process a little bit, right.

So what's the breakthrough? And we got, we got few more minutes, we'll take a break. But what's the breakthrough that that happened? Where you be? Okay. I'm gonna tell people I'm gonna tell my counselor. Yeah, cuz Yeah, you're on the radio right now. You're telling people?

Yeah, so. So really, honestly, what it what happened was God began to open up doors, one of the doors that was open for us was to serve on Teen Challenge. And you know, they're so transparent there. I love I love it, right. And one of the directors wife invited me to see the movie unplanned, and I didn't know what that movie was. No idea. So you get in this movie, and it's about abortion, right. And I know, it was like, my life's unfolding in front of my eyes, here it is, and just the Holy Spirit saying now's the time to tell the rest of your story. And I knew that I knew. That's what I needed to do, I needed to step out into obedience. Wow, that's

that's, that, that just makes me the older I get the the easier it is for me to cry. So that's, that's one just by hearing your story. Because what that is, is this when the secret gets revealed, then there's so much healing that takes place but the enemy so many times once to say, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you keep that into your own little in your own little space. And we'll just keep that together. But it's so hurting inside and it just you're grieving inside as a result of that. And it's so hard to hear that because that happened to you as a 13 year old and it and it carried over into adulthood. So we got just a few seconds, what I'm going to do is just we're going to go to a break here in just just a little bit and then we're going to catch some of the great healing that's taking place in your life and then others lives to which God is using you. And can you if people need to get away? How would they get ahold of you? So that maybe I can't hear the next part of this show. But how will they get over you?

Yep. So if you go to she found this grace, that org, you can find our organization, you can contact us, send us a message, we'll get back to you. And we'll get you plugged into whatever, for abortion recovery, or if you need help with unplanned pregnancy, we're there to help you with that as well.

Wonderful. You're listening to pure assemblies, healing the land, and you're gonna hear a little bit more about pure assembly in just a few seconds.

I am dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. For learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, I'm so glad you've been able to join us for the other part of the program. And thank you for doing that. It's a it's always a treasure to know that you're willing to spend some time and time is valuable in our land called America. And so I'm so grateful that you've taken a rest sort of with us and the rest with the Lord to be able to do this and speaking about that. Our group called pure assembly, we do believe in the power of prayer. And we believe that in doing so we're also having the option You need to be able to commune with God, where we can speak to the to the one who created the heavens in the earth, created and knitted you in your mother's womb. But also, we can hear him, and what he has to be able to say, to our very soul. And I've heard it put this way, by a friend of mine named Josh, he has said to me, when the creator of your soul speaks your soul, why there's nothing like that. And I totally agree with that. And so we were challenging for 180 days of prayer, that six months he'll start in September, we're looking specifically September 1. And so if you all had to do is go to pure, pure assembly calm, and we'll have some more information on that. And we'll have scriptures that you can follow also, as well. So the st, all of that, and the importance of prayer. I think it's very valuable that screen I thank you, because during our break, we had an opportunity to pray a little bit. And so I straight up could you whatever the Lord puts on your heart, if you could pray into that, I would appreciate that. And then we'll, we'll continue with you.

All right. So Father, God, we just pray for, we pray for the women who might be considering abortion, Father God, that they would know that this is not your heart, that God that there's help for them, Lord, that You would have learned that they would just see you in and people around them, that were they someone, someone needs to step out today and have a conversation, acknowledge someone, and just speak life into them, even if they don't know that they're pregnant, that Father God, that you would just give them that boldness to love them well today and that that woman would know that they know that they know that you have sent help for them. God, I pray for the post abortive men and women Father God who may be listening to this, and that they that they're sitting in this space of either they know that God has forgiven them, but they can't forgive themselves. selves and Father God, we know that you sent your son to die on the cross, and we can't save ourselves. And so that has already been nailed to the cross and, and, Lord, just move them towards healing today. God do you want to use their voice to speak into others so that they know to choose life and Father God for the ones that haven't repented, and don't even know what that looks like Father God, we pray for them today. We know that they're broken, and they don't even realize how broken they are. But Father God made today they have an encounter that radically changes their lives forever. And that they would know you as their Lord and Savior, and that you have forgiven them and God, we just pray for healing balm on many hearts who have chosen abortion, Father guide view, give that that healing balm guide you put that healing balm on and, Lord I i've been reminded in your word about the the woman, the sinful woman who who desperately just wanted Jesus and she sat at his feet she wiped his feet she anointed Jesus and Father God, how he responded to her and so Father God made that truth penetrate hearts today that Jesus just so wants to give that forgiveness for for past abortions and use your voice. Use your voice to to bring life to others. And we just we thank you for healing this land and we pray this all in Jesus name. Amen.

Thanks, Rena, I'd love it. If we could take this next few minutes that we have during the program and and talk about healing and how that looked like in your life. But then now it's spreading across the land in this area is so serene, it could be you could be speaking to that. That'd be wonderful.

Yes. So we have an organized organization called she founded grace abortion recovery. And it's a discipleship program that is transforming the hearts of people who've had abortions in their past and, you know, when I went through my healing process, it's like an onion, you know, there's layers. So it's not a one and done it is this this thing that you got to keep going to right? And God just keeps revealing stuff and he keeps like putting this bomb on my heart. And what I love is that through that process of surrendering myself, you know, surrendering to what God wanted and not what surina wanted, that God just kept meeting me in this beautiful space of like, okay, and and how he, he gave me a vision. He gave me this vision of these. These people coming to the back door and they were limping and They were so busted and so broken, and they would come to this, it looked like a hospital. And they would come into the hospital. And then they would leave out the front door, and they were healed, and they were empowered. And so really, that's what God has just given us a vision for it, she found his grace, that he wants to rise up this army. But to be in the army, you got to get in the word, you've got to be close to your father. And you know what it takes discipline, and it takes order, and it takes a lot of things for for that to happen for us to be prepared for the mission, right. And so that's what God is using, she found his grace for, and it is impacting the world. And we're just, we've been so excited when, when COVID hit in the world shut down, God's like, I'm gonna bring them to you. And literally, we had people coming to my inbox, on my social media, and they were just like, I'm broken, I'm looking for help. And so we've been able to meet them, and walk them through forgiveness, removing their child, because you know, what, we need to grieve our child and give our children dignity, right? And, and when we can do that and go to that place, you know, God is going to meet us in this beautiful place so that we can say, you know what, I've avoided that for a long time. But really, God wanted to use that. And so our second phase of our program is turning our pain into purpose. And so through that, you know, what, whatever that looks like, you know, whether it's serving in our ministry, or if God's calling someone else, you know, calling them somewhere else, we have open hands and we're like, okay, God, wherever you're sending them, impact the world with their voice their story. Because we know that if a poster board if man or woman can find their healed voice and Lord, then they can talk to a woman that's thinking about abortion, and they're 85% more likely to change their mind and choose life.

Amazing. What an incredible number you just threw out because yeah, the most if you don't have that healing that inner that that part where says, I am found that healing with God, boy, you just keep wanting to the same thing. It's it's that definition of insanity, right? Yeah. Keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, because it's not, you haven't stopped, you know, getting off that Crazy Train, so to speak, and you're constantly going into that circle. However you want to make that work. And so how does that how do you step in? I'm a post abortive individual. And how does that change? What does that look like?

Yeah, so Okay, so something that I see all the time is I will have an I was one of these ladies, when a sweet sister asked me Hey, have you thought of abortion recovery? I rolled her because I was good. I was good. Little did I know, right? It's a pride thing. You know, you think you're better than what you are? And you're really not. And so I see that in the church all the time. They're like, I had a touch of Jesus. I'm good. Yeah. And it's like, and the Lord spoke to I love that

what you just said, touches. Yeah.

Yeah. All the time. Yeah. But you whisper in my ear that you've had an abortion. You don't have freedom? Yeah, there's a difference, right? Absolutely. And so like for me, the Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly and said, How do you expect to help others if you're not willing to go there yourself? And I was like, well, that preaches a little bit.

Preach. You know, it's interesting. You said that, and I don't want to take too much time away from this. But there was, there was an altar call. Couple weeks ago, we got the same church, full disclosure, there's an altar call. And and someone had come I'm not gonna, I don't even know the name doesn't even matter. But this woman heads was speaking to the pastor and said, I'm fighting depression. And she was looking to see if there would be healing for that. And the first thing I thought it was wonderful, because what the pastor came back and said, in a very kind, gracious way. He just said, so what lies are you believing? Ah, and I turned to my wife, because we've gone through inner healing ourselves. And I turned in my wife and go, did he just say that? Because it's the generally speaking, I'm just saying, generally speaking, if the there's a there's a lie that's been embedded, yeah. And so how does that like it? taken away? It's through the truth of Jesus Christ. But it's not it's it's true. There's like you said, the onion just keeps getting pulled back. So yeah, just keep speaking.

Yeah. So so it's so yeah, it's this onion and daily discipline of getting in the word. And our girls that go through the program, one of our girls in particular, I just think of her as she's like, Okay, what lie Am I believing Am I setting In reality, am I self sabotaging right now? Am I, you know, am I am what am I doing right now and she has learned the steps like she, she will process that out loud. And then she'll, she'll be like, Okay, so this is the truth of the matter right now. And this is where, you know, and that's where we want these girls to be. So that they recognize the lie, what's the lie, so that they can walk in that freedom and they really can serve the Lord. And, and really speak into, you know, this abortion issue because we know what abortion is done. We know and, and so as we, you know, walk alongside these women who are sharing their stories. They're horrific, they're horrific. And yet, you know, we know that God can peel that and use their voice to really end abortion. We had four baby saves this week, please Praise God.

I know, right? Yeah, four

of those. We started a healing class again, this week. And, you know, it's like, God just keeps showing off showing off. And, and I think to the other thing that I want to say is, church, don't shy away from the abortion topic. Because what happens is, either women in the church will say, there'll be to a point where they're like, Okay, my church doesn't talk about it. So it must be okay. Or there's a poster board of women, one in four women in the church have had abortions. And they're like, they're not talking about it. So they must not care about me. And we have to as a church, yeah.

enforces the lies. Well, that that's there. And so the I would encourage pastors and ministry leaders to do that, but also amongst ourselves, we're not just feeding off of spiritual milk, right? We're to be able to, to speak into one another as live. Read coming down the final seconds. Give me some some last things that you like to share with those who are listening. Maybe in particular, maybe there's someone who is struggling?

Yeah, yeah. So if there's a woman who has had an abortion, pass, go to see founders, we have a beautiful community of women, I hear so often, I thought I was alone. And I didn't realize that there was even healing that could take place in this area. If there's a pastor listening, and you're like, I'm not sure how to tackle this, I know that I should be invited me and I will come in on Sundays. That's what my husband and I do. We travel around all over. And we're a resource that you guys can use in your churches. And, and, you know, refer people out to us, because that's what we're here for.

So if you can see your, your website one more time, that would be great. Yep. She found this grace, that org. Great. Thank you. Thank you for being on the program. It's just been rich, to say the least. And I know that the Lord has been with us while we've been talking. So it can't be that right. He wants to heal you. And so if you'd also like a little more information, too, about pure assembly, we love to be able to talk to you. It's just simply pure assembly calm. And think about those disciplines about being able to pray and we're challenging to pray 30 minutes a day, you probably watch more TV than that. And so it becomes the fundamentals and we've been at that overlaps with what we were just talking about with szczepan disgrace as well. So if you want to know a little bit too about Shiva and his grace, we'd love to be able to talk to you. If if you just got the pure assembly down, we'd be able to express that too, as well. So blessings, thank you and take care.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at WWW dot pure that's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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