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Program 34 - Kevin Mitschelen

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

But Welcome to another healing land. My name is Kevin Mitschelen. And today or tonight, whenever you're hearing this, I'd like to be able to just talk to you about two different things to different items. And that's kind of just near and dear on my heart. And so it's just me and you, tonight, we don't have a guest. And that's by design, I just wanted to take a few moments and air some things out. They're all good. They're all all really good. And so just kind of hopefully you can hear my heart I don't claim to be a great public speaker by no stretch. And so in some ways, I'm pretending that there's another person on the other side of the table with me, and we're just talking, but hopefully you can take this in. Before I do that, though, let me let me give just a word to the Lord in prayer. And we'll come back after that. Father, God has just give you on our give You praise. We want to give you praise tonight, and what's being said, and what's coming out of this mouth. So Lord, whatever comes out of my mouth may honor you and glorify you, I don't want anything for, for Kevin, instead, I want the name of Jesus Christ to be lifted high. That's why we're doing this show. That's why we, from the name of Jesus, we do believe that very clearly that that you can heal the land and you can heal each of us. Lord, I just do you honor. In Jesus name, amen. Well, I'm going along with the prayer. I've had an opportunity in the last few weeks, pure assembly, in particular in the program healing aaliyan has is really guarded around the concept and idea of saying, you know what, we need to press into prayer more. How can we press into prayer more? I'll say that one more time, how can we press in to prayer more and that that's a reflection on myself. So many times what I would do in my Christian walk and in my desire to know the Lord, I wake up at say, you know, kind of, maybe at most a minute prayer, and then go about my day and say, Lord God, I asked that you would just watch over things, watch on my family. I asked for a blessing Lord, but also also pray for people. There's different people that I would know like, okay, Lord God, as Time keeps moving on. During the day, I would say okay, start taking shower and the Lord God, would you would you watch over so and so you know, Susan, or, or Billy Bob, or you know, I'm making names up, but I would pray over whatever might come my way, which is all good. That's all. That's that's exciting to be able to do that in. And and so what happened then is I thought, you know, wait, wait a second here, for some reason that that's doing well, it's doing good. That prayer is powerful. Prayer is prayer. In my opinion, prayer is a verb, that's that it's an action word. And so to be able to go to the Lord and go, Yes, Lord, God, this is, this is what I'm I'm throwing at your feet. For any other practical thing that can possibly come out, say, I'm throwing this at your feet, Lord. But there's something in the last 30 days that has really hit me. And that is pure assembly. If you want to go to pure, you can find more about this. And what we're doing is we're looking at the power of prayer. And we're saying, How can we be more intimate with God? How can we know God more? How can we know him more? How can Kevin know him more? How can we as it may be a family, my family? How can we know him better? How can we know him more.

And to be honest with you, it didn't quite hit me until I was going down State Road 19 Oh, a couple months ago, and it was a hot day. And the next thing you know, I didn't plan very well. I ran out of gas. I haven't done that in a long time. And I ran out of gas in my truck. And I was literally only just a few minutes away from a gas station. So but it only takes it it takes if you're going 65 six years me 60 miles, not 65 mile now of a 60 mile an hour. downstate road 19 only takes just a few minutes to get to this gas station. But it's quite a hike if you actually have to walk it. And so I pulled over, got out of the traffic's way. And I was in this kind of farmer's field, and just kind of us calling people. And he hit me. Wait a second. Why would I tell you about this gas story because God really spoke to my heart that night and excuse me that that day, and he said, Hey, this is just like your prayer, Kevin. This is just like pray prayers that happen often. He said, Yeah, you need to be connected with me. You need to be able to be around me you need to need to know who I am. More. Yeah, you know me, but you need to know me more. And what's happened is so many times you've run out of gas spiritually. And that's not tolerable. We have to be connected with the one true God, to be able to be on our knees before him, saying your god i not. And Lord God, I take, take me. And so here's the practical thing of what I've been looking at it and said, Lord, how can we press into that more, and God really wasn't audible. I would love if I had those things. But it was not audible. But what what God was sharing in my heart that morning was you saying, hey, look, Kevin. I don't want you to run out of gas. I want you to be near near near to me. And so in all of that, this type of Wow, I need to go to the Lord's Prayer. I need to find what how did Jesus say to pray? Seems pretty Elementary, doesn't it? I need to find that. And so the Lord's Prayer, Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven and I can race right through those words very, very fast. But Our Father who art in heaven, so I said, You know what, I'm going to spend, I'm gonna make an appointment with God. I'm very simple guy. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take and make an appointment with God and go five minutes. I'm gonna say, Lord God, hallowed be thy name. Five minutes. Okay, five minutes. Sounds good. If I met you what I found is this communion after about doing this for 30 days. Every day of doing this communion with God going I'm putting you first over all the other things of all the other junk and all that I'm gonna say the word crap in the world. I'm putting you first Hallowed be thy name. horrid God thank you that I can commune with you. You as it says in the book of Job I laid the very foundations of this earth and I get to talk to him through Jesus Christ in through the Holy Spirit I get to talk to the one true God that is an amazing Oh volunteers that's amazing opportunity for lack of a better word. And then you take a look at this at this next part your kingdom advanced not the kingdom of Kevin not the kingdom of pure assembly. We have a very small little Kingdom Let me tell you something I have a small look I've got nothing I have nothing. I every breath that I take is alone. I have I have squat but God is the one that has all and so when I take a look at his kingdom, may his kingdom advance not the Kevin and not the Kevin Kingdom but God's kingdom and so when I finally get to that point in the prayer where it starts talking about Give us this day our daily bread and so we can pray then absolutely for food we can pray for those once in those knees. But you know what, after I have found have been at least 10 minutes sometimes it goes longer but at least 10 minutes to express my love for who this God is how I'll be thy name my and then that his kingdom would have asked me and my stuff becomes so much smaller. It just becomes less and less and less. God Oh yeah. But you take care of this over here in according to your will whatever you want done.

And then here's the other part. forgiveness and you get the other part was talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness. Wow. Can we forgive like Christ has forgiven us as God has forgiven us? I think if we did we probably throw out a bunch of there'd be a lot of different careers that would end as lawyers. I like lawyers, okay, somewhat. But really, I kind of you know, jokingly market that but lawyers would be paupers if everyone forgave each other judges wouldn't know what to do. They wouldn't tell me because most of your court cases they're not Oh hey, you're just did this hoard huge vault a violent crime? Yeah, no, no, it's it's more of a small goofy stuff. I'm gonna sue you. Yeah, and stuff like that. That that's the part where the Think about the percentage of people who are Christians in this world, who are then Christians in this nation have claimed to be identified with Jesus Christ. If they said, You know what, you know what, I think I'm gonna forgive you. That's revolutionary. That that flips the narrative upside down. Or the partner in the Bible says, You know what? You're supposed to. Someone slaps you turn the cheek and oh, yeah, by the way, someone Sue's you, you're also supposed to give them the coat off your back. How do you do that? And that can only happen through prayer and connecting with the one true God forgiveness only comes through that communion with God, and having that discernment to know, okay, God, this is what you want me to do. But it's understanding and hearing his voice. The other part of the Lord's prayer that I love, and it's becoming richer, and richer and richer, is the trespass part. And I tell you, what I love that I love as far as the trespass part is the forgiveness part, I am loving that. You go beyond that, it talks about temptation. Are we not tempted in this world, we are tempted, from the moment that we are born from the moment that we die, we have every kind of thing hitting at us and it's right in the palm of our hand, is willing to take that away, are you willing to lay that down and surrender whatever that might be, and to do it on a daily basis, and I've been finding that, I've been finding it. And finally then to give him thanks, once again, our focus, our focus, and attention is about God. And it's not on, Kevin, it's not on you. It's not on me. Instead, it's about the one that created us. Again, the one that gives us the very breath in our lungs, it's about him. And so what I want to be able to present to you is if you'll be willing to go to pure assembly comm if you're willing to go there and just kind of look up the 180 days of prayer we're doing, we're doing 180 days of prayer, and we're trying to run into the concept of saying, we're going to make an appointment with God. Think about that, you're going to sit down with the one true God 2030 minutes every day, you have an appointment with him, what a great treasure in he will always show up to the appointment. Even if you have to reschedule the appointment, he will always be there. Now, I would say that if you don't know if you're, if you're traveling or anything like that, you're listening to this, if you don't know who this God is, let us help you walk through that. And we can help introduce you. But we also then have you can get connected with a church as quickly as possible body believers do, because we believe in the Christian church. So I say all this because if you want to see God heal the land, we have to do something different.

We just do. We cannot depend upon the human king that we put up every four years. We can't depend upon that person. Or maybe eventually, Queen, we can't depend on that person. Oh, yes, don't get me wrong. It's good to have a government. Those things are God ordained. But you know what, if you want to see a, a, a nation truly change, boom, here it is. We have to pray. We must pray. We must know the Father in heaven better. We must know our savior jesus better, and we need to be able to commune through Holy Spirit. I give you these things. You're going to hear a commercial here just for a little bit with pure sampling. So I hope that would help to remind you actually, to go to pure assembly comm we would love to be able to connect with you. I'll see in just a few seconds. We're going to talk a little bit of a different subject on the next next part. But we'll be here in just a few seconds. Thanks.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out@www.hp your or find us on Facebook, just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen. Again, with pure assemblies healing the land and so I I'm glad you came back for the other part of the program. I don't know what you're doing. But I'm so glad that we can just share a moment in time together and that you're willing to hear what is on my heart. I thank you for being in the body of people who have been listening we actually it's kind of fun. I've been able to to hear people say Hey, I heard the show I caught the show. And it really it's not about this. This is not about Kevin Mitschelen. Please, I just happened to be this guy. If that happens that happens to be able to just be here and be on the other side of the mic. This is about Jesus Christ it because we at at pure assembly and healing the land, we, we definitely believe that it's God that's going to heal this land. I full disclosure at one time I ran for office a long time ago. And I'm glad that happened. I really am. I'm so glad that that happened. But let me tell you something. That's not where the true healing of land comes, some good things can happen out of it. But majority of the time, not so much. I'll just be honest, not so much. What we need is a change in condition of the heart. Let me let me share something with you the reason why I kind of bring up the whole healing the land and the prayer part. I've actually had people say, you know, I, I want to go do something I want to be a part of something. And, and yes, I'm totally agree with, hey, I've been involved in different teenage programs and all these other all good things. all wonderful nickel. Well, this has kind of a verb, that's an action thing I want to I want to go do this, I want to go do something. And what you're just telling me is to go pray. I want to cringe when I hear that. Because, yes, go out there and do something, get involved in people's lives, help disciple people, all these things in whatever that that that looks like, that's a wonderful thing. But don't you dare take prayer to a lower level. prayer in my, in my vocabulary. And it's not necessarily in Webster's dictionary that this way, but it's got prayer, it's listed as a noun. It's an action word, and we need to treat it as such, we are actively going to the one true God, to the one true, God, we are actively going to him. Now, I don't know about you and me. But that's, that's got action written all over it. We can never minimize prayer. Never do that. And so instead of if trying to manipulate something, where we go, Well, if we do this, and this and this, and this ABCD now we're going to have boom, now now everything in this whole country is changed. Well, you know, we have this, this kids program all good. It's all wonderful. But you don't have prayer. God, Jesus is very clear, God was very clear. He said, My house should be a house of prayer. There's a reason for that. We need to be able to be connected with God. It seems so Elementary, but I don't know how many times I've had different people kind of argue with me in this in this area, just politely But still, there's sort of this. Yeah. But Kevin, that's all you do? Do you understand the importance of it, because there's a difference between, if you don't pray, and you do pray, you will run out of gas. On the other hand, I heard a gentleman say this the other day, actually, a couple weeks ago, I thought I was just really, really good. Very fascinating what he had to say, he says, when you try to manipulate things, and see a revival happen early on, and you try to have that manipulation. It's sort of like a heavy rain, and it hits hard, dry earth. And what happens is, especially if it's like around here, around Northern Indiana, you have this clay dirt, and it just the rain will almost bounce off of it. You have rain, but then it bounces off. And then it forms almost a torrential kind of thing, where it It can't actually soak into the ground. But if you go the other way around, if you say you know what we're going to pray, we're going to give God what's God's. There's a difference. It's almost like it's percolating up from the ground, that there's this freshness, that there's that the soil is being fed. And so when you do have the rains that come down, the soil takes it and receives more. I hope you can kind of catch that. So with the next part, the next few minutes, I just want to bring another area. Another topic is we're talking about healing the land. This is some of the area that that I have seen where we as believers in Jesus Christ.

In the Western culture, we have a problem in this area. And so I want to put the big boy pants on a little bit. I think it's important that we do that from time to time, and that we realize what's going on. And whether we cannot let the enemy have any kind of, I don't want to have any win whatsoever. I'm so tired of the enemy somehow thinking he just scored a victory. You know what? It's Jesus Christ that went, you know, let's give them let's give the story out in the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ wins, God wins. So why don't we be appalled Part of that instead of being as Jesus Christ we'll look at the Pharisees who you stiff neck person, your stiff neck, or your whitewashed tomb. We don't want to be in that category. And so I want to be able to give you this scripture is found in Matthew chapter 538 through 40 and it's the caption of it says hi friend, I want to read this scripture and just kind of give you some of my it's my heart. This is not some great sermon by no stretch of the imagination. This is just Kevin Mitschelen his heart says You have heard that it was said eye for an eye and tooth for tooth but I tell you do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek. Turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.

Those are strong words. They don't come from me. They came from Jesus Christ, your Savior, your salvation. You have heard that it was said I for an eye and a tooth for tooth. But I tell you do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek turn to them the other cheek also a break this down for just a little bit An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth that that was basically a law that was basically how things were set up. Hey, you do something to me I'm gonna do some back to you. That's that's really that's that's the rule. And the thing is you you had a really good determine not to do something, right? Because if you stole something, they may cut off your hand, you don't want to have your hand cut off. So you don't want to steal something this does is this flips the narrative this flips it is saying, Well, what would we second, I'm going to love you so much. I'm going to justice because Christ has loved me. I'm going to love you so much that I'm going to let you even though you strike me I'm going to love you so much. And I turn my cheek completely flips the narrative Christ love this that much. He loved us that much. He got up on the cross. And before then how many times was he mocked in jeered, almost stoned to death at one point and throughout the whole thing of his existence on this planet. He demonstrated this, he's demonstrated this verse. And so if I'm going to say, I'm going to be a Christ follower, I got to do this, you got to do this. And what it does is says, No, I'm gonna I'm not gonna go by the ways of the world. This is radical. This is a radical thought, especially even in the Western culture in which we live. And you wouldn't think that that would be the case, you wouldn't think that we would have a problem in this area. Boy, do we. And I would say, not just outside the church, but I would say in the church as well. I was at pastors meeting years ago, I love pastors. By the way, let me tell you, anytime I preface anytime I share something like this. Number one, I will never do names. And number two, I try to make as gentle as I can. But I also want to say I love whatever group this might be in this particular particular case was some pastors I never met before we sit down. Tough mean, very tough meeting about the city in which we're living at. And so the chaos and things that were taking place, as one pastor says, he was in the middle of some riots are happening in other cities. As one pastor says, Hey, you know, what, if if I, if I go and I see that there's riots within our city, guess what I'm going out there to it's gonna happen when I have to testify. I thought you serve Jesus Christ. It was Yeah, Yeah, I do. I said, so I thought you serve Jesus Christ. That's not that doesn't sound like Jesus Christ to me. We never talked again. I probably offended him. Another case in point, we're getting ready for revival at another pastors meeting. We're talking about how a revival was sweeping through the territory. And we got together, we're so excited about this. But there was a problem between one of the leaders and another leader, that part of that problem started 20 years ago, 20 years ago. So on one hand, I was telling you about a story that was that was starting to happen, where there wouldn't there would be this sense of, we're not going to allow any forgiveness to take place. And I'm going to go strike out because of the things that happened to me and my family, and generations in the past. And I'm going to go strike out because I can't forgive. And there's another event where there was something that happened in another group of pastors, when we got together. They said, this thing happened 20 years ago. Well, what does the Bible say? Well, we go talk to the guy, right? I never heard of it happened or not. So nothing was ever healed. nothing was ever done. Do you see the problem? Do you see that? That Yes, yeah. Christ even takes it to the lawsuit category. A God wants to heal the areas that are on forgiven. And as I'm talking to you, I know I'm hitting some people. As I'm talking to you. Do you have a brother? That you need to go and you say, You know what? And maybe you wait, he's he's hurt you? 70 times seven. But you need to go to him. And you need to settle it. And maybe it's a brother in Christ or maybe it's a blood, actual blood brother. I just lost my brother. Over a year ago. He had a stroke. I'm so glad we're able to to mend our fences before he passed away so rich and boy we got to love on each other in the last couple years of his life it was great forgiveness is such a powerful word let's not just jump over it and go well you go on your corner and I'm going to go in my corner and guess what the process the double wins USC healing on the land, it's going to take some sacrifice you will see healing on the land it's going to take sacrifice guys and ladies

but I tell you do not resist an evil person if anyone slaps you on the right cheek just turned to them over the other cheek also over the few remaining moments here we have left I remember going to my dad as a as a elementary kid because I was here to see different scuffles they happen you know when you're when you're in elementary school and, and there's always this possibility, you know, some some bully kid comes around and starts, you know, slapping on other kids. And and I was one of those guys that Yeah, I want to defend, you know, people like that, you know, that were being slapped around. And so I remember going my dad go, so what happens if someone slaps me on on my cheek, and then my dad says, Well, you need to do what Scripture says you need to turn the other cheek. And then as a dad, I love my dad. And he's still alive, I just love him. But he had, he says, well, son, you know if they, if they turn that, that if they come at you for the third time, you have my permission at that point to go after him. So I'm thankful for my earthly dad, but my Heavenly Father, what I'm looking at this scripture, I'm looking at the area of forgiveness, through and through. It flips the narrative from what was and that is an eye for an eye. It's a hard thing to do. To truly love another person who's coming up against you. It really is difficult. So I I hope you take that. I hope we were able to run with that. So let me pray for you and inform me that we'll be able to do that. There if the Father in heaven, we just surrender ourselves to you. That you are God and we're not that you're a god and I'm not. Lord, this is the healing the land show. This is the god show. This is your show. This is Jesus his show. And I hope I haven't violated anything of that has come out of my mouth. Because it's your mouth. May Lord may may you rain in this land. And may Your narrative be spoken. May we give honor to you just as what we see in the Lord's Prayer. Hallowed be me we just give everything over to you. We love you. We give you honor and praise in Jesus name. Thank you so much for being willing to take time with us. Thanks.

Second Chronicle 714 if my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at WWW dot pure that's p u r e assembly comm or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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