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Program 38 - Tim Hankey

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

This is Kevin Mitschelen. I thank you for another program in which we can be able to share with you about God and His healing power. This show is called Healing the land. And so I don't believe it's any accident that you've landed here today. Or tonight or whenever you're listening to this, I'm so grateful that you're here I would like to be able to before we go into the topic, and I've got, we're gonna be talking about prayer. And that is where we believe the basis at pure assembly, we believe that there's a basis where prayer is the beginning of healing the land. And if believers in Jesus Christ would simply come and make the choice to humble themselves before the living God, boy, there's so much in the word of humility, and to be able to turn from the things that are wicked, that's in our hearts. God heals. And so we need to be able to come to the Lord with that I, as you're listening to us, I would like to point you to one particular area. And that is, if you go to pure assembly calm, I greatly appreciate that we have different initiatives, we have 180 Day prayer, we are now in the day, I believe in getting about 60 and days of prayer into that, you know, there's no 180 days of prayer, and boy, then we stopped praying now, this is what this is quite the flip of that is to say, let's call attention to prayer. We need to be, we need to be pressing in. And so the 180 days of prayers is simply saying you know what, we want to see this, this desperation for God, and so becomes a part of who we are. And I figured, for me, Kevin, it takes about 180 days to finally let that sink in. So that is where we're at. So if you can go to pure, I appreciate that. Also, too, if you can maybe even go to Facebook, or one of those social media outlets and hit the like on that. We'd like to know you're out there. And we'd like to be able to communicate with you saying all that too. We have some initiatives that are coming up with prayer. And we do have the donate button on there, too. We we would cherish that as well. So saying all of that I have a dear friend and Christ, Tim Hankey. And I'm so glad you're with me in the studio. Tim,

good to be here. Kevin, thank you.

Thank you for your heart. I, you are a prayer warrior. And I can say that, because I've heard your heart so many different times, and your love for Jesus Christ. And I'm so grateful that you're on the program with us today. And so if you're listening to this program, get ready for prayer.

Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord.

We were talking off the air prior to coming on to the show about that desperation for God. And then also you had mentioned also, I call it maybe an app for God. But can you share that a little bit about some of your thoughts, you know, prior to what we're talking about?

Sure, thank you. Um, one of the things if you have a smartphone or a computer or any technology, you will be getting at certain times, needed updates, installations that need to take place, and they're very persistent. And if you don't update it, it keeps pushing. But that's one of the things given that God just spoke to me, so to speak, those downloads those updates, that's what prayer is. People can kind of push down prayer or say, well, that's for someone else that has the gift of prayer or something, you know, but as a child of God, God wants to give us updates. You know, those updates, take care of bugs and different things that don't work and the apps and different things. And so those updates, kind of take care of those things to clear those out. And to me, that's what prayer does prayer can bait us with what God is doing, how the Holy Spirit is moving quick in our eyes, quick in our understanding. And so I think we really, really miss out if you've ever had a technology, you know, whatever piece of technology if you've not updated or upgraded it, you're running at a lower level. And God wants us at the highest level. And that's where prayer does that when we align ourselves and walk in step scripture says walk in step with the Holy Spirit. And so don't look at prayers like well, I have to or No, I guess that's I you know, no prayer should be the priority and understanding that as we are praying and crying out, God by His Spirit is downloading to us.

Amen. Things are needed. You know, and you're talking about that that quickly brought me back to a time where our youth group were at the church and we go to cause it Talk Time Time Alone With God. Yeah. And I had this I tried to make an appointment with God. Now it's I haven't done that my whole life. Matter of fact, it's only been the last really 60 last days. And of course, I'm a slow learner but but to have that concentrated time with God, I pray during the day, and that's all good. But in the busyness of the day, I would begin to have the less and less and less time with God and When you mentioned that, that clearing of things out, oh, so a couple days ago. Now, as we're talking that I remember going into my prayer room and my prayer closet that would recommend that for anybody. Some people say man caves and all that kind of stuff. Get a prayer room. Yeah, that's, that's a true man cave. That's a true woman cave. Yeah. And so go in there and declare a little room in your house and say, This is the room in which I'm going to pray. You know? And so just like the movie War Room, right? Yeah, I'm a simple guy. So it's like, okay, go into my war room. And I have to admit, when I went into that, a couple days ago, so I, there's so much that was healing in my mind. And, and all the all that the junk mail was coming in. Right. Right. Alright, stuff, right was coming into my head, fear, apprehension, being like Adam, and just wanting to run away from things. And so all I did was I just said, Look, God, I'm, I'm your servant. And I love you. And, and I just stopped. And the presence of God, and I'm just almost getting teary eyed, just thinking about the presence of God just enveloped me. And he's just, it was just I love you, Kevin. Amen. And and it was, it's not audible, but boys auto, my soul. Amen. Right. And boy, I just wrapped up into what God he was feeding into me. I didn't have to do all the talking. And it was so much better for Kevin not to talk. A man I needed my Creator, to who knit me in my mother's womb to come and say, I love you. Because when the creator of your soul speaks your soul? Yeah, there's nothing like No, it's all over. Yeah. And that's a part of prayer.

That is, it is is talking to Father God. That's what we're doing. We're talking to our spiritual Heavenly Father. And we can't miss that. We can't miss that. Because that's what God intended. That's like communication. You know, if you'd ever talk to your parents, you would have no idea what their will what they want, what they you know. Yeah. And it is, and it's not. And that's the other part I'll say real quickly, Kevin, is it's not about perfection. Sometimes people can get disillusioned by Well, I don't know how to pray right camp. It's not it's, it's just sharing your heart is, you know, it's just sharing your heart. That's all it is. And that's what God wants you. He just He knows your heart. But he just wants you to share it, you know, it just wants you to share it. So it's not about what words are used? Or how do you speak? No. You just You just talk to Father God.

I promised that we would go into prayer. And we are automatically having, we talked about prayer automatically. The time is just going quickly. Tim, could you lead us out and what the Lord puts on your heart, that'd be wonderful. If I can just close that. And then we'll, we'll come to the end of this session, and we'll pick it back up again. We got a whole other session that's coming up. So we got a whole lot of show,

man. Okay, thanks. Father, God, we thank you that you are faithful God, we thank you that you're with us. Father, we thank you that you're a wonderful personal god of relationship. And we're grateful for that God that we can be called your children, the sons and daughters of God. And so Father, we are grateful that prayer can bring hope. Prayer can bring help, prayer can bring healing. And Father, I thank you for that today. Got to give you praise for that today that with you, all things are possible. Father, I thank You today that God with you that there's never a need, never a burden. Never a valley, never a mountain that is so great, that you're overwhelmed by it. And God at the same time, there's never something that's so small, that's insignificant with you. And so God today we I give you praise I give you thanks, God that you are faithful, that you are with us your promises. Yes, and amen. And so Father, I want to speak peace right now into the hearts that are hurting. God, I don't know the circumstances you do. I don't know their names. You do? I don't know the brokenness, but you do. Yeah. And so Father God right now I just want to speak hope to them. Those that feel hopeless God, those that just see gray in doom and gloom, God, I pray right now in Jesus name, that God of all hope, and God that you would feel their hearts and their minds through Christ Jesus, God that you administer to them in a special way. Father, God, I pray for those that need help God that you administer to them, let them know that you're there. God let them know father got in that place where they're at, where they have this void, this emptiness, this thing that is missing God, I pray that you would be that peace, God that you would be there help God that you administered to them at their point of need, and God that you would bring healing. You are so you're the healer. And so Father, we thank you for that. And so God I pray right now God that you will touch our brothers, our sisters, in Jesus name God, that they would have the courage and confidence that God that they would know that they are not abandoned, that you've not left them that you've not forsaken them. God we know that the enemy comes together. kill, steal and destroy but God you have come to give us life and that more abundant and So Father, I pray today those maybe some listening that have been listening to the lies too long. And you think you have no worth and value but God, we're grateful that we always have worth and value through you through the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ. And so Father, I just want to speak worth and value into the hearts that seemed valueless, that God that those things that may not be working out or just life is knocking them down God, I pray that they would stand up in the bloodshed of Jesus Christ, and God that you administer to them, God that you'd be their peace, their help. Thank you, God, we give this to you. In Jesus name, we pray in

Jesus name, amen. I'm going to do something just a little bit different than maybe the radio station may not like this, but I want to have about three seconds of dead air. We just let God let him speak. Let him just speak to you.

Father, God, thank You that you're that God. That that we can run to you. I thank you for the prayers have been lifted up. We put them at your throne. Let us be desperate for you. That'd be like breathing, for our soul. To be knit with you, too long for you, even though if those who know you know you, may we know you more. And for those who don't who are listening, may the peace of God just knock on their heart. For lack of a better way of looking at it, Lord God, I just I asked that, that salvation would be today. For those who don't know who Jesus Christ is for those who do. Ah, may you open more of who you are to us. And may we find that desperation for you. Each and every day David said this in Psalm 63. You got to my god earnestly I seek you, I thirst for you. My whole being longs for you in a dry and parched land where there is no water. I have seen you in the sanctuary beheld your power and your Glory because your love is better than life. My lips will glorify you, I will praise you as long as I live in in your name, I will lift up my hands. On my bed I remember you I think of you through the watches of the Knights because you are my help. I sing in the shadow of your wings. Let us sing in the shadow of your wings. God, you are my God. And may we earnestly seek you. And Jesus, we're going to be coming back in another 14 minutes. Tim, I love your heart I love I love God and I know you love God and what Jesus has done in our lives and we are not perfect. By no stretch of the imagination. Yeah. I often crack a little joke around by now I go yeah, just talk to my wife. She could she could have a few stories. Because she sees the real me a lot of times and a boy guy keeps molding and shaping us and renewing our minds. And thank God for that. Oh a man a man billions of people on this planet. I don't know what the exact number is. But boy there's a bunch. But he cares for you. Hear me? Yes. And when a great God so amen. Amen into a really hard break. But we'll be back on the other side. Hope you can join us. God bless.

I am Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure assembly comm or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, we are glad you're back. I'm Kevin Mitschelen. I'm with Tim Hankey as well and we just want to glorify Jesus Christ that's why we are here. And we will also just the very important topic of prayer because if we don't see prayer that is like breathing our bodies breathing it's it's the breath of our soul we have we have to have that commune with God. That just communication but there's a communion with God in that as well. A tons of I think a communion I think of the getting a little cups out and that and yes, that's a very important thing, but having a daily communion with God This one on one with him. Yes, this is amazing thing that I've been able to find off the air we were talking to him about another topic. And and and so it's a part of the communion with God because when I take a look at that the enemy of our soul wants to do something. And that is it. I love this quote is by Pastor Adrian Rogers. He said, If Satan Can't make you bad, he'll make you busy. Hmm. Wow. Wow. And that is a that is a quote that's grabbed me, especially coming from the Western culture. i It's good stuff. Right? We're doing good things, right. Yeah. Nine times out of 10. Yeah, I'm doing something that's that is positive for the community. Positive probably even for my family. Right. All these things. But boy, so many different times, I can get so busy that I will forget the one that created me. I will forget because and I'll even may times doing it in his name. Right. Right. Definitely. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. And I even caught myself. This is just honest. And this is where my wife could attest to. It's like, Hey, I'm going to this meeting. And it's at nine o'clock at night. So hon, when you come back? I don't know, maybe it's probably gonna be at least 1030. Maybe even I don't maybe even later because we do hashing out some stuff for the Kingdom. Right. Right. Right. And, and she'll look at me and I can just say this, because I can visualize her doing this because I've done this. And she'll go, what do you even think about being here with the family? And and I'm like, I'm doing this for the Kingdom. Mm hmm. Oh, yeah. You know, yeah, yes, I am. But on the other hand, am I just being so busy? Just Am I on it? Am I really honoring God? If I am, then yes, that's fine. But I say these things. Because then also I can be so busy that I forget them to have communion with God. And and in the process, you might in my Who am I hurting? who's awake behind me? In my busyness? Does that make sense?

Oh, yeah. No, that's right. You're right on because we can. Any of us can feel the need and Nessus and we put it up there. Well, this is needed. This is necessary. And then naturally, because it's God or ministry related. It family can take a price and you know, just other things fall down further. And you're exactly right. Come on, on that the devil even doesn't mind because we're just running so fast. Yeah, we are losing our foundation, then. Because we're not spending time we just feel like oh, we got to do we gotta do we got to do and we can get caught up in that. Works mode, so to speak. Right? And just and but, and then realizing with that realizing though, that prayer. Prayer is just as much. I mean, as more so than doing

Yes. Yeah, exactly. Because when I when I go into prayer, I think okay, I have an agenda. I'm with God. Hmm. He's the Creator. Yeah, I'm the created. Um, maybe I gotta go by his agenda. Yeah, when her Yeah,

exactly. And that's what anyway, back to what we had said before those, that's those downloads that we get from even just the presence of God. Watchman Nee was a great prayer warrior. practicing the presence of God is a great book, if you can ever find that book. It's an older book out of print book, but practicing the presence of God. And that is the place where we need to be where we're just allowing God to download into us by His Spirit, and just being quiet before the Lord. You know, because it Yeah, God can accomplish in seconds. But it can take us a lifetime to do on our own. Amen. You know, and when you think of a prayer can release the god power. We are so good at releasing the man power. But if you know very well through his disciples differently, when God shows up, you know what I mean? One with God is the majority absent, but we can strain and struggle and try to push in our own power.

Yeah, there was a chapter and I think it's Acts chapter six, I don't have that in front of me. So obviously, this is off the cuff. But I remember, I remember reading through Acts, and it struck me how many times the disciples will go, Oh, we got to find a place to pray. Hmm, we have to go find that. And that's not usually where I go. Yes, I know. And this is the area where it's been a little tough with 180 days of prayer, because we say look, it'd be good for you to make an appointment with God. Can you do that? Can you make it 2030 minutes? It's not even a 10th of your day. Right? And and and then usually the response back and God bless this because this is exactly where I've been most of my life. And that is, I pray throughout the whole day. Mm hmm. Okay, you that's wonderful then do more. Okay, that discouraging that one bit, right. But what happens is that life comes in during the day. And what happens when I when life comes in during the day then I've got literally 100 things on my plate. Yes, and try and I'm busy. I'm doing stuff. And I vake make very little time for actually taking time with God. Right now, Tim, you and I were talking, right. But can I not make an appointment? And to do this, we had to make an appointment. Right? Right. Right. Okay. Yep. Can I now make an appointment for at least 20 minutes with God? Yeah, per day. Yes. That's it's not legalism. I'm not telling you got to do this. Right. But I'm telling you, it's a wonderful experience. Oh, amen. To do that. Yes. Amen. So that's, it's again, it's not legalism. I'm not trying to go there.

Right at all. Yeah. It's not like you. You want to punch a time clock. You know what I mean? If you're talking to a friend, or you know, a friend that you haven't seen, or a friend that you, you know, you don't look at it just Well, I got 15 minutes and let's hurry up. Yeah. years ago. Yeah. You don't Yeah, you don't need the clock isn't. Isn't the point is the point of touching each other's heart, communicating with each other looking each other in the eye face to face?

Yeah. In that time, I expressed earlier in the show where, where I came in, flustered into the into the War Room. Could have been more than five minutes. Hmm. You know, yeah. But that five minutes. I'm still talking about it. I'm still thinking about it. Yeah. Because He came with his agenda. Mm hmm. Right. And I just came in a beggar.

That's good. That's good.

I just I was nothing. And boy, he He healed he knew where to touch. And he knew where to heal. Yeah, you know? Yeah. And what the enemy does he just through the busyness then he can through a shoot your why

you have to lie down a lie. Yeah. And that's the same thing. Just as we had talked to the Mary, Martha, I just want to urge people with that, you know, you know, the story of Mary and Martha, you know, and she thought she was doing what was needed and necessary Martha was and, and so then she was just upset with her sister. And I think we can easily get in that place we can find we're talking about that we can get in that Martha roll. Well, we got to do this. We got to, you know, as type a person that we got to get it. Yeah. And if I don't do it, no one's gonna gonna do it. Right. And then we miss those very moments that Mary took. And Jesus Himself said, you know, she has chosen the right thing. And so there has to be we have to do it. We have to pull ourselves, grab the reins of the brain, and sit, sit and pray and allow God to order our steps. Yeah, I

remember growing up hearing that story in Sunday school class, and my first thought was here, Martha. Yeah. But the older I get, the more I realize. I am a lot like Martha. Hmm, I would see Mary and I go, you are lazy. Mm hmm. What's wrong? Exactly. You know, but

first things first. Come on. First. Just get this dinner. Yeah, let's get this food. Get us all done. Yes, boom.

Yeah. And you want to then you can during your nap time, then we can talk to Jesus. Right.

Exactly. Exactly. And that's the thing. Jesus was in her house. So he's like, Well, Jesus here. He's close by I mean, not close to him. I talked to him a couple days ago or whatever. So I mean, he's around. Yeah.

But Jesus is in the house. Mm hmm. And what a great thing. And so we have this is just a way to invite Jesus into our house, which is that we have a body and if you KNOW Jesus Christ, you have a soul. And the soul is in place in the body in the body is a temple of the living God. So Jesus is in the house. So we got a few minutes if if we could just this time is again racing button. Let's Let's go the Lord prayer. Yeah, Tim, if you could pray and then I'll just close up with with the show. Okay. So okay, great.

Father, God, we are grateful and thankful that you are never too busy for us. And God, we thank you that you delight in us and God that you watch over us, you keep us God, you're there. You're always there. You never turn your back on us. And so Father, I thank you for that. So Father, today we look from our side Lord and I looked at my busyness in that God, I ask that you would just cleanse and purify my heart from being too busy and seeking other things, good things, God, but not seeking your presence as passionately as I should. And so Father, I pray today for each one of us, a God where we have kind of put prayer on the back burner and allowed our agendas to get done and trying to do that we've allowed the enemy of our soul to maybe even get as busy with things and we've not taken that time needed that 20 minutes 15 minutes of spending time with you allowing you by your Spirit to speak into our hearts what should be our priorities for the day. And so Father God right now in Jesus name God, we just come to you. We ask God that you would order our steps God that you would speak into our hearts God that you would cause us to hunger and thirst after your righteousness, just as David said, As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs for you the living God. Father in Jesus name Lord, I just bind in curse the enemy of our soul in Jesus name of busyness, as spirit of busyness of spirit of I have to do this and Jesus then we ask God that you would cleanse and purify father that we would recognize and realize our first need and priority is to spend time with you. So Father, help us in our time in our lives and our schedule With our families, God to prioritize the place of prayer. So that Father God that as we yield ourselves to you, you are add on I, you are Lord, You are master. So Father as you, as we give ourselves to you, God that you would in turn speak into our hearts, God that which we need, and God that we would get our marching orders from you, Father, that we would give you our schedules, our agendas, and say, Father, what do you have for me? And so Father, I just speak into that right now God in Jesus name God, that you would order our steps, and God that you would direct our lives and our minds for Jesus. And just as a scripture says, Be still and know that I am God. And other time a day, when Moses was standing before the standstill, and see the salvation of the Lord, God's salvation is from you. And so Father, may we understand and recognize realize God that as we yield ourselves as we quiet ourselves, as we submit to your Lordship, and God that you will anoint us God that you will take us to God that you will with the five loaves and to God with the loaves and fishes, God you will mold and make and break and bless. And so Father in our busyness, God, we surrender to you. We surrender our schedules, our agendas, God we give them to you and, and God, we ask that you will lead and guide us and that you will place in our hands, our hearts and our minds God that which we need. So that Father, we can see your fingerprints at work, that God that we can know courageously conch, with courage, God that we can accomplish your work, your will your purposes, your plans, in our hearts in our lives. And so Father, I thank you for this time today. Thank you for this ministry. I thank you for Kevin, I pray God that we as a people God would stand and and follow after you, knowing God that you have spoken to us knowing that we've heard from you God knowing that we have received that fresh touch from you God not yesterday but today. And so Father we want to walk in that we want to walk in that obedience of spending time with you. God we give you praise Lord, we give you thanks for that and father right now I just I pray I just sense in my Spirit that there is someone that is struggling God right now they're just they're struggling is like Well, how am I supposed to make this work? How can I make ends meet Hulk who's going to pay the bills? And so Father right now I want to speak to that troubled heart that is being pushed. They feel they're pushed towards the kitchen away from the presence of God. Father in Jesus name I pray God you speak peace to their heart. And God you are the way maker you are the promise keeper. You are the light in the darkness. Oh Father, right now you meet us where we're at. God, you don't say well, when your perfect come up here. No, you meet us in our brokenness, you meet us in our hurt you meet us in our need. And so Father right now I pray in Jesus name. You're that bridge builder. Make that way, whether it seems to be no way help them Father, we pray. In Jesus name. Amen.

Amen. Thank you, Tim. I appreciate that. And just to close out the show, I would ask that you would go to pure assembly comm we are just we have a desire to see God heal the land. And you see one particular part of pure and that is prayer. We do believe in unity within the body of Jesus Christ. And also, we do believe in a world that's not calling for unity right now. We are we're calling for unity through the banner of Christ. And then we're looking at ways in which I repentance, and what have I done? What are areas because if Jesus Christ can forgive, I can forgive as well. And then also Tillis each other up, yes up Jesus and to lift each other up as well. So we give you those things go to pure assembly calm. We love to have you visit us. Thank you, Tim. Thank you. Thank you. God bless. I'll see you next week.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. are more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot pure That's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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