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Program 39 - Kevin Mitschelen

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen. And I am very glad that you are with us for another program called Healing the land. And it's been wonderful to be able to just sometimes pour our hearts out to you. We have a lot of times on the program, we have guests that come and they're able to actually speak into the great church that many of us are involved in, and I love being in the Bride of Christ, the kingdom of God. And, and that invite I was thinking this morning before I came on the radio program, just as getting before I write the tape about the fact of the privilege that really the amazing privilege, and obviously, the amazing grace of our God, that gives us the opportunity to be able to be in His Kingdom, not only just to be in the kingdom, but then to be called heirs of the living king. And that as a result of that I'm a son, through Jesus Christ, I'm a son of the king. Or if you're a daughter of a living King, what what an incredible privilege that is. And so saying all that I am very thankful to God as to what he's doing what he's also doing with this radio program. And now he's moving it along. And we do we love to see stories and hear stories, see and hear stories of how God is healing. He is a healing God, not only do we see it within kind of a large scale, but we also I hear so many times of individual stories of God, healing individuals, and therefore then he heals the land. It's been fun to be able to, to hear these testimonies of that as throughout the time in which we've been able to air on this radio station. And then also, we're on the internet as well with pure assembly COMM And asked do you go to pure assembly calm, I am heavily involved with that organization. And what is that? Again, I think it's good to refresh what we're doing with with this particular ministry. And we believe in the power of prayer. And a lot of times, what we'll do is, when we look at prayer, we we almost sometimes kind of put that to the side. But we cannot, if we're going to go into seeing God healing the land, we need to be able to communicate with God. And we need to be able to have that time alone with him. And that's really where baby step one is where pure assembly is really trying to focus in on and rally the church not to somehow put the church down in any way shape, or form. But to be able to say, hey, look, we see an area where we could grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ, our relationship with our Heavenly Father, and through the Holy Spirit, be able to, or Holy Spirit be able to just a commune with this one true God that the one that created everything, and then to surrender those things that that might be getting in the way to be able to surrender those things over to Jesus Christ, because he's the one that can take those burdens. He's the one that can, can take our fears, and, and those words that we might have. And we were, as I was getting ready to do this program, I really want to be able to share to some things that just tangible things of what pure assembly is, is doing. Some of you know about this radio program, and that there's a bit of a cost to doing the radio program, we to be able to make this happen to me maybe how in the world that we make this happen. How did we get on the air, to be honest with you, majority of the funds that we did come so that we have actually my background is it's kind of a strange occupation, that most of my background has been with moving houses, and I know how to kind of find a little bit of a deal. And we got a we got a house. It was for $1 by Notre Dame. And as a result of that, and you say how do we get for $1? Well, we got it for $1 because they were going to tear it down. And it was a beautiful home and we moved it over by the Notre Dame area and we moved it set it on a new foundation. There's I could as a former pastor, I could tell you all kinds of different great sermon notes, you know, putting in a new foundation and all those things, but I'll skip that for today. And just say that long story short, we're able to make a little bit of money on that as we flip the home. And so we were able to have some funds than which were able to do a radio program like this and also and so but those things that those cost money that to do this program and to be able to have a ministry like this in no way straight stepper format. I'm trying to you know, have kind of plead for my

But If this program has some, there's a If this program has somehow blessed you, and you're listening to the program, we would encourage you to have a little bit of as, as maybe what people out in the world would say, a little skin in the game, be able to say, hey, you know what we want to be able to help and support you in this program, and to see and hear more stories of God healing the land and and also say, Okay, where's the church? And how can we see the church become improved, not tearing the church down, but say, how can we see the church, the big C church be able to improve. And that's really what pure assembly is about because it stands for prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. And so we also believe that before, we're going to go very far, we need to be able to be repentant for the Lord. And as a result of that be able to then edify or lift other brothers and sisters up in Christ, we're not putting ourselves at the center and putting, but also in God. And we're edifying God, our family father. So I mentioned, the the ability to give a little bit of donation to pure somebody that funds things, there's a sort of an umbrella you got healing the land radio program, and that's under the umbrella of pure assembly. And so, but pure assembly is funding, healing the land radio program. So think about this. And I don't want to get too much into detail with this. But if you like hearing this program, hey, you know, what kind appears There's a little donate button in there. This is the first time I think I've ever made any kind of really big suggestion on the radio program, maybe with a kind of a small little blip, hey, can you go to pure and help them out that kind of thing? I noticed too, that you would actually take a few minutes. And when you get an opportunity to go over to pure and be able to hit the donate button, we clearly cherish that. But also get to know who we are, we have different avenues and ways in which pure assembly would be able to love to connect with you. We don't want to replace the church that that is not what we're about, you need to be in a local body church. And before you hit the donate button to pure assembly, what I would very much encourage you to do is to donate or give your tithing to your local church. That's that's a vital importance first, but boy, if you have if God has blessed you and you say, You know what, I really want to continue to hear this kind of message taking place on the radio. And I'd love to be able to have you then go to an emperor go over to pure assembly, and be able to give to them. Now, what are some of the other things we do besides the radio program, I want to be able to get into that one is as we are, we are even bold enough to take we have this thing called a prayer station. And we will go to different blocks and different places in the city of South Bend, and other other locations. We'll put up that power station. And it's almost seems almost kind of crazy at times, because I've done it many different, many different times. And you go on this corner, and you put the prayer station up. And it seems like God, why in the world you have me doing this and sometimes flying solo. Or other times there's a couple people who are doing this with us. We just believe in the vestment the power of prayer and so begin to just pray. And just I always say that but to pray for the living God and and to be able to say Lord God bless this region will God bless this this town in which we're in which we are praying, Lord God, I asked that specifically that you bless those who are driving by us right next, a lot of times we'll go on a busy street. I'll never forget, we I've had so many different people come up. But the person that comes this, there's a couple that came to my mind just now. And as I'm speaking, they came up to that pair station. And matter of fact, I remember specifically asking God, why why do you have me here today? This I have a lot of different people waiting and as they're driving by but this makes no sense. Why you're doing this. Why you have me here. I'm so grateful for that day because God just basically gave me this prompt to just stay there. Don't Don't Don't let go of that purse station at that moment. That time. This young couple is probably probably about 10 years younger than me I'll call him young.

It was a nice sunny day that day and they had their there was a convert. They were in a convertible. And they they pulled up on right next to the power station in South Bend and they which wasn't too far from Memorial Hospital. And they were in tears. And they just said we don't know what to do. We just got a phone call from from our doctor saying that their child their teenager was in the hospital and they didn't even know She was alive. And that's one of those raw moments and when she's, you know what, let me pray with you. And they said, Please, we want it. We want prayer. And so I challenged them. I said, You pray first, you pray, I want to hear you pray. And so it was, it was a short, rather short prayers. But boy, we lifted up those those, those prayers up to our Heavenly Father, the only one that could really control all the events that was taking place anyway. He may say, Well, okay, that's nice. And it it is more than just nice. Those are things in which we are going, we are presenting those those things to the Lord. Now, you may be also saying, what else does pure assembly do, it's nice to have a prayer station and and as a vital part of what we do. What we're doing here with healing the land, we want to see God heal the land. And so whatever it takes, we're going to try to do that. But it's not through our efforts. It's through our submission to God, when I think of so many lessons within the Bible, stop and think, with the power of prayer. Take a look. Because, when take a look at those stories, what happens so often in those stories, is it begins with communication with God, it begins with prayer with God. If you don't have that, is just Kevin Mitschelen doing stuff, is just put your name in it doing stuff. And that's about all it is. If God is not at the center of it, then you miss now. One is the incredible relationship, not just hey, can we get something from God? That's not it. It's the communion with God because guess what we could pray and pray and pray. And as just as the disciples, many times they prayed and prayed, prayed, and they found themselves in prison, right? And but you'd see these miracles that will take place in which they got out of prison. Now, let's also know this, that majority of the disciples were killed for their faith, they died as martyrs. That doesn't sound like a great plan as far as the world is concerned. But tell you what, we're still talking about him today. And we're seeing the kingdom advance as a result of how they laid the groundwork. And prayer was at the center of that groundwork. And that, my friends, is where pure assemblies, I believe that's where a lot of churches are at as well. We were rediscovering the power of prayer. We are in this initiative called 180 days of prayer. If you go to our website, you will see it plastered all over there about 180 days of prayer. And, and we're already into about day 63, I believe, as we record this time, but and it seems to be zooming by and we're not in any way, shape, or form trying to say, okay, only pray for 100 days. Now, this is just a conditioner. So we understand the importance of prayer. And when we get back to the other side of the program here I want to just kind of just really relay this to you is that we need to be talking about prayer. And, and some of the other initiatives that pure assemblies doing and so if you get an opportunity, I know it sounds a little bit like a commercial, but that there are times in which I believe we also need to kind of just shift not just kind of we need to be able to proclaim and tell you what's happening with pure assembly and you're going to get a lot of that this next this next 14 minutes on the next section here. So thank you, God bless, please come back if if you don't come back, then go to pure assembly calm before we before you go to bed tonight or whatever you're doing. But we could definitely love to be able to have you engage with us and what's happening up here assembly. Blessings we'll see on the other side.

I am Dawn born member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure assembly calm or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

So grateful that you're back again with us. It is a pleasure to have you in the audience. My name is Kevin, last name is Mitschelen. But you know what the name that we want to proclaim today is the name of Jesus Christ. That is who we are about that's that if you haven't got anything else, maybe out of this show, and that is the fact that we would not be on air if it wasn't for Jesus Christ and his saving grace, praise God that He is Sage's at the very beginning of the program we talked about, or I talked about, the ability to be in the kingdom of God and, and through what Jesus has done for us. Coming as a, as a baby, the probably the most, in some ways the most vulnerable. He didn't come as a full grown man, a warrior type, instead, he came as a baby. And that is, that's vulnerable, you know, having to have your diapers changed, right? The whole thing, the whole human experience, or I assume it'd be more of cloth back then instead of like, it was definitely not a Huggies diaper. So that's a little bit of Kevin Mitschelen Come on out, but I just want to share with you then, he not only stayed there as a as a baby, in a manger, he grew up. And he grew to know who his father and to be able to express himself even as at a young age, to those who were in the synagogue. That's the first story in which we see as him as he's growing up in his interaction with those that are in the synagogue. And then we pick up on his ministry and in the miracles in the incredible words that are given by Jesus, on how to live our lives. It's one of the most profound writings for the most profound things to be able to say, to the human race. And we are able to receive that, and that's why we're here. But not only that, not only the miracles, not only the incredible teachings by Jesus Christ, because otherwise, that would just make him a really good teacher. Or an incredible man who could do incredible, amazing wonders. But then, being sinless, he dies for us. And it doesn't stop there. There is no tune that could hold Jesus Christ. And instead, what takes place is he's resurrected. And as a result, defeats death. And therefore we have hope, as humanity, the question will be is, are we willing to surrender that? Are we willing to surrender our lives to the true Messiah that has come? That's the question. And we believe at pure assembly, that that's the only way in which we can see a true healing on the land in which we have a surrender to Jesus Christ. So that is the first and foremost of what we're, if we're, our agenda is anything our agenda is Jesus Christ. That is the heart and heart of where we're trying to go with this. We do believe that prayer is vital. We believe that it is the ability to connect with our Jesus, it is the ability to connect with our Heavenly Father. And through the Holy Spirit, we're able to have that counselor as Jesus Christ explained.

But involved in all that is a surrender that has to happen. Some of the initiatives of where we're going with pure assembly is we have a God has given us some great treasure. And as far as not just money we don't have, we don't have a lot of money. Instead, this is one of those one of those initiatives where we really don't have much of a big staff either. But we feel called to go into this, to walk into territory that many times. It's very difficult. And the difficult thing is, is we're actually trying to bring pastors and ministry leaders together. And we've been doing that since January of this year. We've been having once a month, we've been having pastors and ministry leaders come for lunch. And we're actually it's called a prayer slash lunch. And we actually we've decided that we want prayer to be at the front of this because a lot of times when you hear Pastor lunch, it's mostly lunch and then some guy talking I'm just be bluntly honest, some guy or some lady talking for 40 minutes and then the next thing you know you've you only have about 10 minutes for prayer. It's that's not the design of what we're trying to do here. And that is to pray. And so if you want to know how to be if you are a pastor or ministry leader and you want to be a part of that, all you have to do is simply write to info at pure assembly comm info at pure I'd love to be able to talk with you and see if you want to have a heart to do that. We're coming into this and that those prayer sessions have been great and the reason why they've been great isn't I have yet to have anyone come they're in there with the chest puffed out out and say, I've got it all figured out. Instead, it's quite the opposite. It's a very humbling spirits to be able to know that, hey, look, we need we come from different streams of the Christian faith, you got a charismatic, my Baptist, charismatic and Baptist, there's there's some differences between them. And so we've been able to have now we are in our 11th session, be able to have pastors coming together over Bethel University and Bethel has just been great to be able to help provide a room for us. And then we have, after we get done praying, we have a meal that a person can either take with him or they can just kind of hang out and talk with other pastors and ministry leaders in the area. So if that sounds good to you info at pure assembly comm I want to make sure to get that information to you as well. We had we hardly ever tell anything like this on the radio program. Those are the initiatives in which we're doing it. I've had two people say so what do you do, Kevin, I said, I'm trying to track down pastors and ministry leaders, and so why not broadcast it over to the radio waves. But understand this, we have one big rule in there. And that is that we are honoring Jesus Christ, that He He is our Lord and Savior, and that we come from different streams that we respect those, because we want it to flow into the name of Christ. And that is the only way coming in humility, that is the only way something like that can possibly work. We do believe that you through that unity. that other leg in which pure assembly stands on through that unity, and the willingness to even repent with each other that I don't know how many different times I've seen someone come and go, Oh, I'm so sorry. I think I've, I've offended you in somewhere, some way and and then to hear that person say, Ah, thank you for saying that. You did defend me. And and so we can come to reconciliation in those areas, when it'd be great to be able to see that and just increase and multiply. And that's the goal, to be humble before each other, but to be humbled for the living God, knowing that we are also the sons and daughters of the True King. And then to lift each other up again. So that's that is the other other initiative and other areas. So to talk about this radio program, we've we've been on the air now for most of the year, in 2021, God has been really, really good to us to do this. And hear different people's stories, the other areas 180 days of prayer, notice a theme that's starting here, we want to see people come and pray because we believe that that is where the healing is going to happen is that God will do the healing. I can try as much as I possibly can. But it is God that will soften up the ground. So when it does rain, the ground will be will accept the rain. The other area that were initiative that we are looking into now could ask for your prayer. We're looking in this next year. This is a I want to leave a little bit of time for this because this initiative that that we're trying to put together at this moment, excuse me, where we are looking at.

And this may be a little difficult for some as you hear this. And you may go no, I'm not gonna be a part of this at all. Well, I I believe is such a time as this is that we've actually knocked on the door over at Notre Dame University. I've actually gotten to know some folks who are in the in the Catholic faith, who, man there's a deep love for Jesus Christ. And I believe we're in such a time as this. I believe that the enemy of our soul has worked overtime to demonstrate all the differences that we have. But I'll say this when when we have had those pastors and ministry leaders meetings, I will ask the question, generally speaking, I'll ask the question. Who in this room loves Jesus Christ, and He is your he is the Messiah? He is the King of kings, is since he died for you, you be willing to die for him. And I've had a few of those who are from the Catholic faith. Christian Catholics who have said, Yes, I totally in 100% agree with that, that comment. And there's 100% that raise their hand I said, so from that point. We have a foundation in which to work off of took me wrong, we need to be also looking at theology. We need to be constantly seeking out what the Bible has for us. But I have met so many that love Jesus Christ and I start to peel away the layers and I go, Ah, you have a heart for God. You have an incredible ministry and so thank you Lord, that you're doing what you're doing. I don't understand completely all the theology. And you know what I don't completely understand all the things that maybe a charismatic does. I don't understand all the things maybe a Baptist does either. But can we for one day come together, one day, come together under the banner of Jesus Christ and put our big boy pants on, and let's do that. There is something where God I've seen now in Scripture, and I have seen now firsthand where when we come together in unity, under the name of Jesus Christ, glorifying our father. And that is our intent. When that happens, there's, God honors that humility. He just does he, he is willing to honor that. And so Notre Dame is actually willing to press into this as well. I first got a clearance from the diocese over there, and I don't, I've just gotten knocks just knocked on a door. I kept praying about it, kept praying and praying, praying, Lord, God, show me where to go. So far, it has been amazing, because in January, it looks as though that Notre Dame is we have a date. And we're Jen in January, Notre Dame is inviting pastors and ministry leaders to come. And if you want to know more about that, that particular event in that particular time, in which we honor the name of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ alone, that we will honor that particular night at the campus of the University of Notre Dame. So I'd ask that you pray about that, that Jesus's name would be glorified. And if you're interested in something like that, and you want to help out, you want to give you want to do whatever you can info at pure assembly calm. That is my email, or you can go to pure, certainly calm, and you can write us something, and we'd love to be able to talk to you. And hopefully, from there, Notre Dame is willing, if that looks like an incredible success, whatever that means. It looks like we might have even a bigger venue than where we would start out with that sound somewhat vague, but I want to be able to give you some of those things that are being put together. If you have questions. We would love to go there with you. I can't tell you enough how God is blessing us. At the same time, we also could use your support number one, we believe in the power of prayer. And and we are looking for healing on the land. So I ask that you would pray for pure assembly, we would we covet those prayers. And I'm not just saying to say we covet those prayers. The other area is yes financially. We cannot survive without financial support. And so if you could go to pure Hit that donate button. We'd love to be able to connect with you. So saying all this, we we thank you. This has been an amazing ride and will continue to be amazing ride with you and we love you and we ask that you keep tuning in as as pure semblait keeps giving to healing the land. May God bless you. Thanks.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot purer That's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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