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Program 42 - Jason Harvey

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen. brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen. I'm with program called Healing the land, I'm so glad you're again with us with the program again, every every week, I get a chance to hear different people talk about the program. And that's exciting. That's exciting to just hear people sharing some of the things that they've heard. And so, so glad that you're with us this evening. Or if you're here, hearing this on the, on the internet, glad you're with us. in internet land, I just want to share with you, I have a couple dear friends, actually, they've been fast friends for the last couple years now. And how I got to meet them was kind of an unusual circumstance. We were doing a pure assembly. In our parent corporation, transformational spaces, we were doing a project up in Notre Dame, Indiana, and we moved the house got that all on the we were getting ready to get it on the foundation. We hadn't got it on the foundation yet. And I needed someone to I was in desperate need. I don't know if Jason will know this. But I didn't probably ever let this completely. But I was in complete desperate need of needing a carpenter that knew knew what they were doing to put the sill plate on the house. And there's some a little bit of damage that's been done with termite damage and things like that. And some of those things need to be done. And so that was the first time I met Jason and his wife. And so, Jason, I am so glad that you're on the program. Thank you for being here.

Oh, thank you for inviting us.

Yeah. Now you are at what grabbed me about you is as we got to do that project, because you guys really worked hard. So first of all, introduce your wife. Yes.

My wife Carrie, she's with me. She works with me. We're a team together doing construction and do everything from concrete

up. Okay. So and it's good to plug your the name of your concern here you get who doesn't want to plug the name of their construction company. Right. So what's what's your name at the construction company?

It's builder of dreams

Construction Village in construction. Yeah. And I tell you, I kind of testy you guys do a great job. And and you're honest,

thank you, right? You're a contractor. This is yes.

We can't do it, we'll tell you. But if you can do it, we'll do it. And we do it to where we can. Everything that we do. We want to glorify God. Because everything we do we do on to the Lord. So when you do something, you're doing it to the Lord. So you're blessing him when you do something. And all your actions. Yeah. So yeah, it's great to be able to see something, even in building a new house go from nothing to something, or if you take something old, and you rebuild it, or re re transform it, you know, just like Jesus does with us. When we get saved, he'd re transforms us into new living creatures, amen. Which, when the people see it, they're like, Wow, that's something new. That's something different. Yes. So it's amazing how God does that. And he communicates a lot to me as we're working. I mean, just redoing this or redoing that. He says, Look, this is how I want to add it to your life, right? This is what I want to do to change you into something more like me. Yeah. And that's the best part is I get the hands on experience. And I get to see it. As I work. Yeah. Amazing.

So saying that there's a backdrop and kind of what you were just talking about, we were talking a little bit off the air, you know, kind of reminding myself to of your story, because that's where I really love because God is building something into both of your lives. And indefinitely. Jason, there's some there's some backstory here, where were you have wasn't always in charge of a construction company called builder dreams. And God has really moved both of you. So can you share a little bit of Jason of some of those areas in which God is saved you from? Yeah,

my wife can kick in when if I if I get them out of order.

Wives are pretty good about that. Yeah. She's my

other half. She's my better half. Yeah. It started a long time ago, you know, I was raised a certain way and drinking smoking, got into doing drugs, and then ended up you know, that started taking control of my life to where I started doing other things. And when things started happening to where, okay, I had I took, I did a job doing construction, and a lady didn't want to pay me the extras. So with the mindset I had of the of just okay, you owe me. Yeah, I'm gonna get my money, right. So I went I took her stuff, and I sold it. So then that ended up I was in jail. Yep. So I went from being in jail. And I mean, I even had people come in Where, and want me to read the Bible? And I will say before, in and out, I was like the prodigal son back and forth back and forth. Just because I didn't know how to live it out. I didn't know how to live out the word of God. I mean, people say, yeah, here, read your Bible. Okay, I read it, but how do I live it? And that's where I think a lot of people need help. Like I got from being when I got through a bunch of so what

was that? How did that happen? Because that just doesn't. Hey,

that happened. I got I was into doing drugs. And I went over and I got some drugs came back, my wife busted me. She set me up from someone else to get it. And

she's got a big grin on her face, he can see.

But yes, as we see put me in a position to where she found out what happened. So as the Bible says, Your sin will find you out. And it happened to where I was actually at the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I told my sister that we couple weeks before that, and it actually ended up to where I got help from SOS. Even after I got busted doing that I even tried to kill myself. Yes, I had an accident. So you get up at the lowest of the low here. And you know, it's tore, I mean, I almost lost my life from that accident. But when I was 13, I had a calling on my way. And see I kept running from it. I was the prodigal son, I gotta get away from here. I gotta do something different. So what was that calling? That calling was evangelism, which in the world today, you see that it's not there? Yeah. And that's something that I'm working at to get into. I'm supposed to

be Yeah, well, even when you do your construction job sites that you have a platform there to a platform that you don't always hand build. It's God's giving you that platform. So yes.

So and I mean, it just ended up to where I ended up. My wife said, You know what, either you get help, or hit, I don't want to see you again. And one or the other, you know, and there's, there's times where it's hard, but them are the times where a lot of times you need. So I needed that to help kick me in the right direction. Yeah.

And a lot of times when you hear stories like that, you know, there's no way you're going to receive that help, like you mentioned SOS, and they're over in Elkhart that they can't help you. Unless you've, you've hit that bottom mark. And you're crying out, there's a cry out to

God, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And when I did that, I went to sos and they you fill out a piece of paper, and it's to God, it's not to them. And I told God, I said, prove to me, I'll give you 90 days. Prove to me your God. And then those the words I told him, and he hasn't stopped yet. I mean, he grew this business from only having a little bit of money in the bank. And now I have a trailer Brandon, a newer truck I have, I don't even have to look for work. Yeah, it just comes because if you look at Matthew 633, he gave me that scripture when I was 13. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. You don't have to seek they'll just be added to you when you're following the Lord. But you have to learn how to do that. And that's how I learned how to walk toward

So Carrie, I'm gonna put you on the spot just for a little bit. So now though, really, I I love your heart because you're you're very much inspiration where you work with your husband. And that that not every woman is necessarily called to do that. But you not just work you don't just work like say in the office, you're you're there on the job site on the job site, you're with him. And the first time I saw the two of you on that job site, I'm like, this is unique and, and the two of you get along to

most time, most of them

excuse me, and so that's, that's that's fun to see the two of you where you have your roles in and and your role then when we're talking about having Jason go to, you know, basically before you can stare so as you had a role there where you're saying, Hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna love you enough to give you some really tough love on this.

Yeah, Jason's put me and our two boys through everything that you could think about. And it got to the point where he was sick and tired. I found out afterwards but I was tired. Sure. I'm trying to raise two boys. And you have, I'm like raising three boys. Sure, because it was like I couldn't trust him. Right. And it was, it was time it was time to eat, we have to change our life.

So let me ask you this. So, Jason, you go to SOS, and you have your 90 days of saying, God, show me and then you mentioned prior that he hasn't stopped showing you. So I'm maybe throw this to you carry a little bit in that is. So trust is built to? How does that look? How did that look? When so you get does all that? Well? Yeah. When? I'm asking me yeah,

in winter SOS. It was either that or we were gonna leave. Right. And he had to earn my trust back. Sure. And when he got out of SOS, he had to be accountable. Yeah. Okay. And that was part of learning. Getting my trust back is being accountable for what you're doing. where you're going. where's the money going? Yeah. Because he would disappear, right? For days and take all our money,

right? Because drugs cost money. Right. Yeah. So

that helps trust. Yeah. Is he was willing to tell me. I'm going here here. And this is where I spent my money.

Nice. Wow. That's huge.

I mean, SOS, they saved my family.

Wow. What a great testimony. You can I'm just hearing that I'm almost in tears, answers. Just it's a God changes things. And through his Son, Jesus Christ. So was there a then we're just running down quick here. But is there that moment then, when you surrendered Jason? Or is just a bunch of moments that a bunch of surrenders?

It was a bunch of surrenders? Yeah. It took one after another because that was when I got there. I was like, Nah, I'll come back Monday. I want to spend Easter with my family. But then I look at it. I went in on a Friday. Jesus went into tomb on Friday. And he rose on Sunday. So

he got through that as

it was, right there on a Friday guys, like, Look, you went in on a Friday, same as Jesus, now it's time to change you. And it took one after another and he's still doing it. Something comes up to where I'm not doing what I should be doing. My wife will love me no, or I just be talking to God. And he'd be like, You need to stop, change this, tweak this, just like a chiropractor. He'll adjust this and adjust that, to get you feeling better. But he'll get us in the right position when we're walking the wrong way.

I love it. Yeah, that's good. So well, in case someone doesn't, because I want to plug you guys, right? Because one thing is, you're not paying for this. We're not we don't we're not doing this. for that. I just want to highlight the two of you and what you're doing. And so how could someone reach you guys?

Builder a dream CLNs Or five, seven for 80751102 The telephone number again, 574807510. I want to

highlight people who love the Lord. And it doesn't matter if your ministry you are in ministry, do not quote unquote professional ministers. But you minister all the time and and so whether it's through your family or through those that you work with other contractors, you're you're in the mix of the market, and so want to make sure and highlight that and and so yeah, I'd recommend you guys anytime. And so we're gonna come back here in just a few seconds. Pure assembly has a an advertisement. And please, I'd ask that you go over to pure assembly comm we'd love to be able to engage with you talk to you with you. And this program is called Healing the land. And what you're hearing here is a testimony of what God is doing has done and what he is doing. And so we want to highlight those things on this program. But we also want to highlight that the pure assembly comm too. So in the next few minutes, listen to that and then come on back for the second half. Thanks.

I am Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure assembly calm or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, it's Kevin Mitschelen back with healing the land and I love just this to be able to format to kind of talk not in any nothing's written out or this is just a conversation between people who love Jesus Christ and you to love Jesus Christ. It's very evident, been able to what's fun is to be able to see sometimes in a different, you know, ICU in a construction setting. And I don't see you at church. And to me, I, I, it's, it's lovely when I see people at my church, okay? What is special is when you see them in a work environment that you could, you know, bang a thumb. What comes out of your mouth, when you bring a thumb, you know, things like that, and, or something AI doesn't always go correctly doesn't always go well. But instead of cursing the moon, instead, what I kept seeing it, especially in the times of which I've seen the both of you work is no cursing. And instead it was very much well praise God, that anything that happened for a reason, whatever it might be, and let's let's pull this thing through. That

happened yesterday. We got a door, we drove down to Carmel, Indiana, get down there and I measured the door, I look at it, and I'm like something's wrong. Like let's measure it first. We measure it. And it's the wrong size. Wrong with wrong heights. We just spent two and a half hours all the way down a long drive. I mean, pulling a trailer, and we get down there and we can't do anything and it's all wrong. So it's like, okay, I'm like, Well, I mean, I was mad, either. I'm like, I'm not gonna say a word. I just like I, I made noise in my spirit, just like, you know, but the words that came out of my mouth was, well, thank God and praising. I said, we're alive. We didn't get in an accident. We we can get this fixed. I mean, it's not about Yeah, I didn't want to have to lose over $2,000. Right. You don't want no one ever wants to act like because now I gotta buy another door. So it's like, okay, yeah, but it's trust God. And it's like, Okay, this time, okay, now I need to sell this door to someone else. I need to get rid of this. But I need to. And that's standing on faith. Yes. And when you can do that, and just trust God to? Okay. You said, you're going to supply all my needs. I need this situation fixed. Yeah. But I just thanked Him and praise Him. Even on the way home, I just, oh, thank you, Lord, praise you for what you're doing. Because before I would go off the wall, I'd throw stuff and I set my tool bags down pretty hard. I'm like, It's, but when you're wasting that much time, I don't like to waste God's time and money. Everything is his he just lets us be stewards of it. Yeah. And that's where I, I try my best to be the best at being a steward of what he gives us.

So let's, let's trace back here, because where we left off in the first segment of the program, is that there's a going through the SOS. There's a challenge, Jason from your wife, just saying, Hey, if you don't do this, and this and this, and then that, but then there had to be and then we talked about trust being built as well. So there is this, I'm confident there's an amazing story where I got you had a bunch of you said there's a bunch of surrenders prior. And so, and even we mentioned yesterday, boom, there's a surrender right there. And so how does that look? As far as the both of you going through a bunch of surrenders? And so you're sitting here, right and praising Jesus Christ. What, what, what happened? Maybe the best way looking,

you just, I mean, my aspects. I mean, I got to the point where all I'm doing is stressing. And it's not good for me. I'm not happy. So it's like, I was always taught, just give it, give it to God, and he'll take care of it. And he does. And it's just, it's amazing. And I mean, like, our house. You know, we were homeless. We had the trucks packed and ready are nowhere to go. Wow. In that day. At one o'clock, we got the call. You can have this house. Amazing. Yeah. I mean, the house. We couldn't afford this house. Yeah. And we're doing it. And we've done it for almost 10 years now. And it's like, you know, you just living by faith. You just have to give it to God. And he's gonna take care of you. He doesn't want anybody to suffer.

And that's, it's hard. Yeah. Right.

It's always hard to give it up. You know, to give your power, the power that you think you have. But it's really it's God. That's so much easier. Yeah. No, don't worry about it. thing are hardly stressed about anything anymore.

Amen. That's huge. Yes. That's the human context the human flesh says do is worry. Right and that there's an old hand Why worry when you can pray? Trust Jesus, he'll be here stay don't Doubting Thomas be fully on your promise. Why worry worry when you can pray? linens and the scope. And the words are powerful in that. It's a Sunday school kind of him. But boy, is it powerful?

Well, it's just like yesterday with the whole door thing. Like, okay, it happened. Yeah, what am I gonna do about? Yeah, right. Why do I have to stress Okay,

and God will take care of it. What could you Yeah, what now?

Why cry and whine when all they're going to do is get you mad and depressed and go into other tore? You feel bad for yourself? Yeah,

I just I rather be I try to keep the joy. Yeah, if you have the joy, life seems to be so much better.

Yeah. It's amazing to me. So let me ask you, Jason. A lot of times, I'll be around folks who, especially working in ministry in the web, worked in ministry in South Bend, and you see people that are on the streets, and they've tried at different times to kick the drug habit and the oppression of it. I think that's a better word for it is is that oppression. How did that work in your life?

When I went to jail, I did drugs before then I went to jail. And I got to where I was in a cellblock to where we had church. We watched Kenneth Copeland Ron partially we watch all the TV. And then we did a service on Sunday, we shot TV off and it was a pastor in there that was he did something wrong. And you know, no one's perfect. You pay for what you're going to do. So he ended up in there and I ended up in nearness i Okay. So we're having church. We're having Bible studies every day. And that was when I first got in jail. I didn't. I told him Nope. I said, the Bible says how to cold. I'm gonna be cold, because I don't want to be lukewarm. Because he'll spew me out of his mouth. Sure. So what he says, and it's like, okay, no, I'm gonna be cold. I pushed and I pushed and I pushed and then all of a sudden, it's like, okay, I ran everybody's phone bill up, and it's like, okay, gods like, you're gonna surrender? Yep. Yeah, let's surrender. So, I surrendered, went through 910 months in jail. Job gave me my first sermon in there. As I was fasting, I was praying, because I was trying to live out what I knew to live out, which wasn't, I didn't know a lot. But it jumped into where once I got out, started a business had 21 guys working for me. And I kept my focus on God, I kept, we did our ties, we did our offering, sowed seed. And I stayed focused there. And then I partnered up with a guy supposed to be a friend and I started looking towards the money. Sure. So I started looking off with Jesus. And I ended up to where I lost over almost $14,000 I had to sell all my tools. I lost everything. Because I took my eyes off Jesus. Yeah, just like when, you know, you can't stop looking at Jesus, in order to fulfill I don't believe what he's called me to do. Because I have to keep my eyes focused on him. If I start looking at, well, this problem, that problem that problem, then I start worrying, and then I start getting into unbelief. And I start falling into the trap. Yeah. And I'm not gonna keep doing that. It's just, it's a motivation. Keep looking at him. Because it's a daily thing. Yes, it is a daily, right. And with me staying, you can ask Terry, I, it doesn't matter. I'll jump in the shower, and I'll turn the Word of God on. I have to hear that word. Because I noticed last time I stopped reading my Bible, I stopped praying. I just look at it once in a while. And that's where the enemy creeped in just a little bit. This little thing happened, this little thing happened. So yeah, I'm too busy to do that. I'm too busy to do that. So then I stopped reading the Word and I went right back into drugs. And I went right back into alcohol smoking. It just, it pulled me straight away, just from the little things, and it was just, and then once I told God, I was like, you know, I fully surrendered that day to him, told him give you 90 days, you know, and it changed by being in the Word. And now I still have to be in the word. Yeah. I mean, there's been times where I've missed it a few days in a week and a total different Jason. Which that's why we have to renew our minds daily. That's where it keeps me focused on what I need to focus on.

And the great thing about the daily thing is then eventually those days become weeks and then eventually those weeks become months, and then they become yours. And then they become decades. And if the Lord keeps allowing us to live as things go, because we live in a world that's always seen as unpredictable, I could get, I could leave this station, unfortunately, I could get hit by a bus, right and so, but there's a legacy then to have the Lord of the Lord's writing his story in us. And so it's not the Kevin Mitschelen legacy, but it begins eventually becomes with a Jason legacy, or the Carrie legacy. It's Jesus's legacy working through us. So that's, that's the beautiful thing. And so when I first saw you guys, I didn't know what to think, you know, I thought at first, how in the world, and we kind of touched on this a little bit before, but how in the world can two

people who are married, work together work together? Well, and when we were off

the air, we'll have just a few minutes, but we're off the air, we were talking a little bit about the communication between husband and wife and how important that is. Can you guys touch on that? Just Just real quick. I know that just doing a couple minutes. It's kind of hard. But we're talking about healing the land too. And communication between husband wife's important. So I see you carry carries, like coming to the mics is really busy.

Well, I mean, yeah. Jason and I are together all the time. So the communication does get hard. Yeah, we receive, we talk to each other all day, either work or something. So we really work on our communication. And because we do love each other, and you have to have it. And because if you don't communicate, then how, how do you? How do I get to know how he feels? So I mean, even if it's just talking about the weather is starting somewhere? Yeah. And it's just it gets more. I mean, we work on it all the time. It's not an easy job. Yeah.

And God told me one time, he's like, I made Adam and Eve that way, they were constantly together. That's how you're to be. When you work with your wife, you're made one. When you're married, you're connected. Now you have to work at it, because you were pulled apart. Now you have to get because we don't think the same. Yeah, I don't want the same things. So that's where the communication Hey, what do you think about this or that? So we have to find a middle ground.

Yeah. And both of you have different sensitivities, past hurts or whatever. And so you both have to work with that, too. And, you know, it's it's been you guys final thoughts, Jason. And before we take off on, on, on this

is just getting the word. Ask God, let the Holy Spirit teach you. He's, I mean, that's what he's there for. He's our teacher, he's our comforter, he's our guide. Talk to the Holy Spirit. Like we're talking today. Yeah, that's what God wants is he doesn't want anyone to, to die not having a relationship. The Word says, a new you not. Jesus wants to know us. And it's having that relationship. And that's what I learned, is just having a real relationship.

Amen. Amen. With that, what a great way to close out the program because that is a that's what really, this program is about, and getting to know this Jesus. And so thank you for taking the opportunity to listen to healing our land. And thank you, Jason Kerry, for sharing your story, the story that what Jesus is writing on your hearts, so God bless you folks, take care.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. are more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot purer That's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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