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Program 43 - Pastor Liz

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen. brought to us by pure assembly.

This is Kevin Mitschelen. And I'm so glad that you're with a program called Healing the land and we are going to have another interview. I love I love this next guest because she is a firecracker. I think that's and she's a she's a firecracker and she loves the Lord with me correct with

that's why that's why we're on fire. That's right.

And she has a ministry that has lasted for decades. But you also 10 years with your husband. Yes, Chuck, right. Chuck land and the church. Where's the church? And what's the name of it?

It's Miami village church. Okay, it's at 1905 Miami Street in South Bend. Okay, it's on the corner of Miami and Calvert. Okay,

so before we get to the thick of things, can you lead us in a word of prayer? Yes. I appreciate that.

Yes, Lord Jesus, we just come into Your presence again, we thank you, God. Father, in the name of Jesus, we just we know these are perilous times. These are the last days and we have so much to do for you. And so little time. Help us Lord, each one of us all those listening. Lord God, be full of the fire of the Holy Spirit, absolutely filled to the brim with the heavenly purpose that we are here on this earth to fulfill, Lord, that we not be sidetracked or sidelined or wishy washy or get deflected in any way, by the things of this world. And we thank you, Jesus. Bless Kevin and his ministry, Lord God, bless this podcast, Lord, miraculously let people from the outside world unbelievers even listen in and while they're scrolling on their, on their radio dial, let them let them come right to the power and the blood of Jesus to the mercy seat, and be delivered of their confusions and addictions and sins, and and be with us in eternal life. And we thank you, Jesus, and Jesus, holy name, amen. Amen.

Well, I'm going straight into this because man, we just have very little bit of time. So that I love that prayer because it fits in where the I think the Holy Spirit's leading us here. And we want to talk about Jesus Christ, the one that we love, and, and you actually, before we hit maybe to that, but we're gonna go there, and as your dad, you were not You were not born in the United States. Right? Tell us a little bit about your family. Give a couple minutes.

Yes, I'm an Indian missionary, and a missionary kid from India. My great grandfather was a Hindu priest, and American, and thank you very much America for sending out the most missionaries. And that's why you're a loved country to God, because you send out the most Missionaries of any country in this world. And that American Baptist mission, sent a missionary in 1907 came talk to my great grandfather, and one him to Jesus. And from then on, we were Christians and and started a church and became pastors so far for generations of missionaries. Now, pastors, and that is one of the largest denominations in our churches. I don't want to talk church groups and this and that, but one of the largest groups of Christians in India in a very much a persecuted country, a very much a Hindu, pro Hindu, let's beat go go into the church and beat up the Christians. Yeah, that kind of world. We're used to persecution.

Yeah, so there's definitely oppression like you said, Yes. The persecution. Oh, yes. Yes, yeah. So you're, that's nothing new to you. And so I like to be able to go back a little bit here. And let me let me just share this with you. And we were talking a little bit before we got on the air. And you said, it's okay if I share this dream, like that like to share to the very prophetic. And when I woke up from the dream, that was one of those things that like, oh, the urgency and the need that I need to be able to, as a believer, Jesus Christ, we have the good news. Yes, we should. And so we need to be able to proclaim that good news. And so what is the dream was this and that is I, I had, and I don't claim to have necessarily prophetic gifts as my top we all have different gifts. But this is what was given to me. That was the other morning I had a couple days ago of this taping here. I had I had to have a one of those intense dreams is just coming to God. Yeah. And we were notified through the media through the airwaves that we had about 10 minutes to live in our in our region. What happened in the news media, is that said, hey, look, there is a certain group of people that they triggered off a nuclear nuclear weapon and so that causes all kinds of emotions to stir into you right away. And so when that happened within my dream my my first thought was I need to be with other believers in Jesus Christ. And and so the next thing I knew was propelled my train to other believers in Jesus Christ and we were able to meet and what a wonderful actually was so sweet. It was amazing the peace that was in that room even though the threat of the threat of death was there, there was a piece there and when Jesus when when when you hear in the Bible says a peace that passes all understanding. Yeah. Oh, it was it was that? Yeah, it was in the world, the rest of the world and we could hear the rest of the world is sort of like they were clamoring it was just like what Noah and house described when they locked got locked in the boat. And everyone then started beating on the boat. You know, because there's there was Sri was thinking, right? And and so, but in the dream, you could hear the panic, you could hear the fear. You could hear all these things that were happening. You could sense it to and my dream it was just so vivid. Yes. But inside the room. Christ was with us. And and we said if we if we live today, yes, then we live today. Yes, we died today. Both are in the name of Jesus Christ. And and so I woke up from this image, actually holding another person's hand and we're holding each other's hands. Because we knew the time was very, very short. This was it. Basically, this is it. And there was a light, a kind of a real big light flash that took place and I woke up. And what happened that with that was like the urgency. Yes. The sense of I have the good news, Jesus Christ. And stop this bickering. Yes. Stop all this other group ism. Yeah, yeah. Allah. Yeah, we we get into this mode of saying, Oh, I don't know that person going to be offended. I know. I don't see that anywhere. Where the disciples are going, hmm, I better not tell that person. Yeah. Because they might get offended. Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's my dream. And and it just hit me. It hit me really hard. And so Liz, I'm glad you're here because your church really operates. on that level, you're, you're we have to, you have to tell us, there's two,

it's 2911. It's the church should be an emergency clinic. It should be an emergency room in a hospital, where people are coming in for their last breath. And you're going to give them the breath of God. Because on their own side, they're running out of breath. They're running out of oxygen there, they've got COVID or something like this, whatever they've got, whatever spiritual disease they have, they're coming in there and you're a hospital. We're not just a pizza, giving up pizza or giving up clothes. That's just Yes, that's a hot meal. We are asked to feed, clothe, and you do it. But the spiritual healings got to happen. Now, as far as your dream is concerned, Joel 228 is so relevant today. And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. Your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. So the acceleration of that the urgency, the 911 of that dream was completely biblical completely. You know, I do want to say that that basically, in the Old Testament, if you read it, and you're reading all these kings, the chronology, chronology, chronological order of the kings, they would say the name of the king like Josiah. And then it would say immediately next sentence, it nothing about what he built, what his material goods were, it would say, and he did what was right in the sight of the Lord or he say, or he did abomination

complete, or

did he please God? Or did he not please God? Or he did that was right or he committed abomination in the sight of the Lord. Now, when a country comes under the rulership of people that are doing abominations at the sight of the Lord, it is 911 time for Christians to wake up. Because we can't just sit there and say, Why don't want to be political. What it's got nothing to do with politics. It's got to read your Bible. If it says the king did that was right in the sight of the Lord. Well, is it right to chop up babies? Is it right to sell a baby's liver for $6,000 on the internet? No, it is not. That is a little life. Jeremiah one, verse five before I formed you in the belly, I knew you. And before you came out of the womb, I ordained you a prophet under the nation's eye, but let me read that we must not read God's word wrong. Jeremiah one, verse five. I see Christians need to know all these verses they would just Google Google is really good for Christians just help you but only if you use it. It's like a textbook. If you never opened it up, what are you going to do you know, before I formed you in the belly, I knew you and before I before you came out of the womb, hold on, hold on. I got to get the to go get the King James of it if that's okay with you guys, but I'm gonna tell you what I'm going to tell you what you guys we have got to wake up as Christians, the day of the pizza party and just everybody saved and all grouped together and not doing before I formed the in the belly, I knew the and before that came forth out of the womb I sanctified the and I ordain the a prophet under the nation. So you see, any verse that's in the Bible, that if the king of the land is decry, defying that or decrying that or or or defiling that verse, you've got to go with the Bible, and we want to turn to life. We got to go with the Bible,

because our King, our true king is Jesus Christ. So it was just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. That's the name those names come my mind. You gotta, you got to stand in. The thing is, do I do I physically died today? I might do it. But do I? Or do I? Or do I live today? That's up to God? Yes. But I'm going to follow God. Yes. No matter what happens in as you said, they had to stand up. Those three in unison had to stand up and before before a crowd that was probably mocking them and saying, How stupid can you possibly be? Yes, but they what they did is they had to stand up and they'd be willing to be thrust into the fire of fire, that all the different the soldiers were being killed, as, as they were trying to throw them into the fire. Yes. But then there was a fourth one, and that was that was Jesus. Amen. Amen. Yes. Oh, my God. Yeah. What's amazing, then is then we know the story. You should know the story well, as they come out then, and they not even cinched No. And so praying, you know, that's that, that is praise God to that. And that's the kind of guy that we serve. Exactly. And so when we have these things of having fear, yes, that come into play, there is for a believer in Jesus Christ. I, the question is, do we are we anxious? Right? Yes. Or are we willing to completely surrender everything over is a living God, amen. Diamond, that's the test. Are we willing to actually trust in our daddy? God, willing to do that?

Well, back to what you're saying. Because everything we should answer biblically, we should answer it because a good book says, Daniel 316 to 18 it says Shadrach Meshach. and Abednego answered and said to the king, oh, Nebuchadnezzar, now that was a wicked king. Yeah, that was a king that did abomination in the sight of the Lord. So look at the guts the Christian guts of these people, we are not careful to answer the in this matter, he told them not to pray and they said sorry, we are not careful to answer the matter if it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and He will deliver us out of thine hand oh king,

amen to that and so we live in a really goofy odd time right now. Yes, Batman, I'll be our clocks almost up our clock is down for this for this segment already. So but we one of the ways of doing that is how do you get get to know God more? Hey, you know what, get on your hands and knees and pray? Yes. So, but we're gonna want more, okay,

this is the end of it. And it just says, But if not, be it known unto the old king, that we will not serve thy Gods nor worship the golden image which thou has set up

and so we're not to pray to false idols. We have so many false idols now in our culture right now we we can list them right and there's different ones I'll tell people what exactly so search our soul right now in saying this. We got about literally about 15 seconds before we go to the break here but in the break would be for pure assembly COMM And as you go to the website, they're sponsoring 180 days of prayer. We're in the day 90 something right now that it is just been wonderful to press into the Lord. So go to pure assembly calm if you do that. Also, too, if you get an opportunity to it's the giving season. If you could help out with a donation that would help spirit spur this this program as well. Thanks. We'll see in just a few minutes.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure assembly calm or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, I'm excited to be back that is Kevin Mitschelen with healing the land. Like I said, I got Liz and she's on She's on fire. So name of the church again,

we're Miami village church.

You are one of the pastors there with with who?

Chuck lamb that?

Yes, and it is so fun. It's it's not easy, but it's fun to be at your church. It is. It's not easy.

No, no. Because you're up against the evil spirits that the people have brought in literally, yes, yes. But there are evil spirits in victory.

It doesn't matter. We Yes, yeah. Yes, there's different ways and lies and deceptions that comes. And we're harboring many times those allies. Yes. And and therefore then we're tempted and we get sin that yes, often. So. It may be one community may be having a trouble with pornography. But that you can hide that? Yes. Right. Yes, you think you can? You can't really but you don't think you can know? But on the other hand, were you where you're located where God has you? You literally pick up people who are high. Yeah. And you can physically see

or drunk right there. And then right? Yes, yeah. So. So

it's just different, a different element of how the light is being presented. And so yeah, but we have one as it was a chain breaker. Yeah. And that's Jesus Christ. And so can I ask you to sue? Oh, yeah, yeah.

I just want to say that you never assume you're going to see that person again. There's some sort of a false illusion the enemy gives us, which is just kind of like, oh, I bought I see I oversee this guy. No, you might not ever see him again, he might be suicidal, and you never see him again. So we lead people through the center's prayer immediately, we make sure it's done every single time and every single service. So everybody has a chance. So we're going to do it right now. Just in case you said someone is, is, is moving their dial. And they're they don't believe in Jesus, or they did not know if you got if you're out there, and you don't know who Jesus is. I promise you, he's the best thing that could ever happen to you. Whatever you're going through out there. And these last days, Jesus is coming soon. That's the accelerant. Jesus is coming soon. It could even be this afternoon. Are you ready? If you have not given your heart to Jesus, you need to give your heart to Jesus right now. If you try to do everything on your own self, you will not reach eternal life. And you might say yes, I've been a good person. I really did a lot of good things. I fed the poor, I did this and this. No, you've got to accept Jesus as your Savior. So let's pray this together. Some of you out there don't know how to pray. And that's alright. Just say this after me Father, in the name of Jesus. I have lived my life. And I know I have I have grieved your holy heart. I don't know much about you, God. But could you forgive my sins? I confess my sins to you right now. I ask you to forgive me because I know that things are so bad in the world. I don't know when the end of the world is, but I know it's coming. And I want to spend eternity in heaven with you, Lord Jesus, and I promise I will get in with the church believes in you, and learn and grow and read my Bible and pray and let your Holy Spirit touch me. But in the name of Jesus, I asked you forgive my sins, make me a believer in Jesus. I want to believe on you on your name. And I love you from now on, you'll be my friend, my best friend, Lord, when the whole world has led me down. When my friends are hard to find. When everyone people have disappointed me in my life. You never disappoint and You Your word says you never leave us and you never forsake us. What God does is I don't know much about you, but God, I want to learn more about you. And please let me into heaven to spend the rest of my days with you. And Jesus, holy name, Amen. Now, go don't starve your faith. The Bible says feed your faith. You got to keep on listening. And faith comes by listening and hearing, hearing by the Word of God. So go join a church that is on fire for God. Listen to them if you can, if you're too far away from Miami village church, because this is going internet right internet's like, if you can just just listen to gospel on a preaching on YouTube. Feed your faith, feed your faith, and God is going to make a warrior a spiritual warrior out of you and God bless you.

Yeah, thank you for this because in through that surrender to the Lord. Yeah, that you you actually there's so that's where hope comes from. That's where true living comes from. Yeah, because if that surrender doesn't Yes, and if you don't feel safe, I forgive my sins. Then then. Yeah, man. God can't use Yes, yes. He'll keep he'll keep uh, yeah, he'll keep on Yeah. Yeah, keep on us. But the thing is, is you're not going to be able to be you're not gonna be the potter to the clay. Yes. It's not gonna happen. Unless there's that surrender because the clay has to surrender to the potter. Yes. Right. Yeah. Be able to be molded and

shaped. There is one verse that comes to mind and this is it. In the scriptures. It says if you do not tell your brother, you're out there, someone's out there. So maybe that's your Starbucks. Barista that helps you out With a cup of coffee, or a latte or a cappuccino every single day, if you don't tell your brother about eternal life, if you don't tell him that Jesus is coming, if you don't he, when we get up there to judgment day, he is going to hold us accountable. And so this goes out to all the, the tight lipped questions, you got your own ticket to heaven in your back pocket, but you're not talking to people. You're a little like the disciples before the Holy Spirit happened on Pentecost. They were timid, they were shy, and they were when they were cornered, they betrayed Christ. You know, they didn't, they didn't understand how they had to get on fire. The way to get on fire is asking the Holy Spirit to come into you. Once the Holy Spirit comes into you. And then you understand the the accelerant is that Jesus is coming and would none of us have done our job.

Yeah, you know, here's something I heard the term. We a lot of times in our culture will assume that the word meek Yes, it equals with weak and that is not true. That is not the definition of meek. There's a there's a good friend of mine who position that this way. He said Imagine yourself as sort of this wild stallion, right? And then and then what happens then is God then through your surrender to God, you're still at stallion. Yes. But the problem is the difference though is God then. Yeah, you're listening to God and God, then it has that bit in your mouth. Yes, he's on. He's the one in control of you. Now. You still are that strong stallion. But you're now taking directions from the one true guy. Yes. And so there's this it's a meek is actually equated to strength under control? Yes. And so God now is in control. He's the one that's controlling your thoughts and your actions. So if you go up to that barista, yeah. And God is in the Holy Spirit is telling you, hey, or holy spirit is telling you. You need to say something. Yes. Yeah. And you're getting a clear signal. Hey, yeah, I need to say sorry. You could see that they're

sad. Yeah. Because like you said, people are not looking happy right now. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, dang. And all this, you

know, and here's it, I blew it. Okay. The other day I was I was over in 711. And so I'm just saying, because I'm human, too. And I got schedules. I gotta go. You know, I gotta go do stuff. Right. Yeah. At least in my mind. Well, there was a woman that she was the manager of the 711 over now. Elkhart, Indiana. And, and you could see she actually a couple different times. She says, while I was in there, she said, I've about had it is and she was, you know, kind of hairy with you? Yeah, that's prayer. Yes. So yes. Can I

pray with you? Yeah, Christians get openers, probably every second of their life. What's a just over their head. So busy thinking of their stuff, which is, which is our flesh our flesh is but when somebody says it's simple, these are some of the prime ones that they're saying. I like you said, she said I've had it. I've had it in okay. I had somebody tell me, I'm getting ready to put a gun to my head. Now. See, that is immediately the time to come on. Do you want to pray on me? That you can't just end your life like this? I know things are overwhelming. Things are tough. But let's pray right now. Boom, just drop everything and pray with them. I'm really having a hard time my father just died of COVID Boom. Yeah, well, you What are you gonna say? Congratulations, or what are you gonna say? I'm so sorry for you. So you're so sorry. But what are you You yourself personally are so sorry. Well, what does that do to lift the person up? I mean, you know, the Holy Spirit is your comforter, darling, have you asked the Holy Spirit to to comfort you but your father's passing? This is called empathy. I mean, this is called Jesus's compassion not just oh, I'm so sorry. And walk away. Are you mind if I pray with you in tears you're into your older arm if they're scared

because you you've connected their soul Yes. You just haven't collected connected

the next question. Are you going to church right now? Oh, I you know, charge close because of COVID and we're scared of it. So uh, nobody goes and blah blah blah. So you know what, why don't you just come over to Miami village church. And if you're scared of it, just go sit underneath the code section. This is not a cockroach that's good. You know and then sooner or later you see him a church or or if they live in Elkhart and that's far away and that's too big of a drive honey go find a trying to live in

church if you got a here's this with yourself if you are in that situation you need to find a church yes contact us okay info at pure assembly calm we will get you a Bible believing church. Yes. Okay. Please just do that. And because we were here we want to see healing on the land. That is that's why we have this this progress. Why pure assembly? And so and then.

Oh, when the word assembly in it, you're gonna love it. You're gonna love it because your word is assembly right? Okay, Hebrews 1025 Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some is, but what does that mean? In other words, sometimes People have left the church, some people are not going because of COVID. That's that second phrase as a manner of some is, but it says Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together as a matter of some is a manner of some is, but exhorting. In other words, don't look at your friend and say, well, they don't go to church anymore. So I'm not going, this thing is going on a lot. It's good pressure, it's peer pressure going back in the world, and then when your kids grow up wild, because you didn't take them to church because of some disease. Now Now look what it says here. And but exhorting one another, and so much the more I'm so much more assembling of yourselves together, as you see the day approaching. Or you go Mangum

that is that is so significant. We're just talking about because what we have what we've endured for the last year and a half, yes, not longer is spiritual Starvation is a spiritual starvation, and you can't, I wouldn't be start. If I didn't go to church it would it not

my buddy. Oh, get that with your faithful buddies. Yeah,

can you Okay, okay. Let me ask you, let's have your body go without food for a year. Yes, yes. How's that gonna work? You know, it's not gonna work out well for you at all. And so, you know, the whole idea of what you just mentioned with assembly of coming together. We got just a couple minutes here, you you got you've been really on fire too. And this is a little bit controversial. But let me say this is not political. No, this is about

abominations and doing right in the side. So what we want

to do is we want to you mentioned prior to coming on here, that there's there's some things if you mentioned the COVID. And this may be a little bit seems like it off tangent, but we want to be able to, to address this because you must it's the population, it's the population, and we want to have it so people can also physically live. Yes. And you'd mentioned a little bit about different acid different ways that they can they can live through the cocaine. Okay, here it is. You talk about

here it is, when you have a wicked, wicked king in the land, a wicked king in the land, though, there's wickedness going on, in what the Bible says we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of this world, the stark world and spiritual wickedness in high places, high places, what is that? That's rulers of the land, okay, that are committing abominations in the sight of Lord. Now somebody gets COVID. Well guess what it is hospital procedure is to lead them to the ventilator and let them die. And the government gives $50,000 to every COVID person that dies. So no longer is a hospital there to keep people alive. But they get a break if they could get four people to die every day that's 200,000 into the hospital. So hospitals are making a lot of money administration wise, and therefore, doctors are not referring towards life. Now, number one, I vervet ivermectin, this is not political, this. They're using ivermectin in India, all over the world, but using

quickly the missions. That's what helps saved India, right?

Yes, that's what I heard when I was Hydrox. So I, JAXA Chloroquine yes, that also

yes, we know. They don't have money yet. For all they

know their medicine too. You know what I mean? And here for political reasons, they stopped ivermectin. So we are ordering ivermectin from India. That's like, okay. The Bible says, Be wise, the Bible says Be wise. So ivermectin, we need we also need the doctor to prescribe going to Bremen hospital and getting a Mab infusion therapy. M A B stands for Mary apple. Boy, if you don't know that this is the first disease in the history of mankind, where the patient must tell the doctor what to do. This is pure darkness. So

we're not going crazy time. So and we got it. Unfortunately, I brought up the whole thing. And we really have two seconds. But I would I just like to be able to share with you and we can have you back on again. Okay. But the the one thing is that like to be able to just let us know that we we we love the Lord. Yes, we love the Lord. And that's really what it comes down to. And that's the only reason why we share any of these things that are on this program right now is that we simply love Jesus Christ, and we want to heal see God heal the land. Yes. And he can perform those miracles. Yes, he can do those. He's a lot stronger than COVID. He's a lot stronger than than anything. Yes. He laid the foundations of this earth and he spoke it into existence. He can do that. He can save you and he can, he can heal you from anything. Last Last word.

Okay, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. How was God going to bring them out? Do you think Pharaoh would just say, oh, yeah, go ahead and leave this as my workforce. These are my slaves. And and they did not okay, so how are they gonna go? God said, 10 plagues? Did they went out at the first plague. Why are we wimping out at one place? You know, there were 10 and he had to endure all that and then go back into the wilderness and go for two years and get to the promised land. That's a long journey of faith.

Yeah. So what that we're way over time. And yeah, God bless you. We feel I feel like we just scratched the surface in so many areas so but anyways blessings and take care.

Second Chronicles 714 If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot purer That's p u r. E Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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