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Program 44 - Pam Mollette

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen. brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen, with a program called Healing the land, I am glad that you're with us again. It's been fun the last few months, and we're coming up on a year now of having this show on the, on the radio, and then also in other venues, being able to get the media out. And it's been fun to hear different feedback. People say, Hey, I was blessed from that. And so I'm so so grateful for that. And we have the program is called Healing the land. And that's, that's why we're on the air, we want to see, we've been praying, we've had a lot of different intercessors. And those who have been praying that God would heal our land, and he's the one that can do that. We truly believe that it's really not. It's not the role of necessarily any politician that's beyond their pay grade to heal the land. A politician cannot heal my soul. Only Jesus Christ can heal my soul. So, but I have a dear sister in Christ. And her name is Pam Mollette. And I'm so glad that you're with us. So as you're, as I introduce you, I just want to just ask you a little bit so people can kind of get to know you a little bit you grew up in, in this area, is that correct? Yeah. So so you can sit tell us a little bit about yourself, because we kind of then want to race into a little bit of what, where God has taken you. And that's the amazing part. Because a lot of times what we do in our lives is we tend to think in terms of, oh, well, I'm kind of just in this maybe rut or name, whatever it might be a barrier that might think to happen. And you've had some great things that happen in your life. But now God has completely thrown you kind of a loop here. And we'd love to be able to talk about that. But maybe first, if you could share. You mentioned to me off the air that you love Jesus Christ, because just share some things.

Oh, sure. I'd love to I love talking about Jesus. Sometimes I get a little emotional, because it's just so personal and so intense. But I have I was a single mom for years upon years and raised my four children and then became foster parent, and was a foster parent for 12 years. So I always consider myself a mom to many. And if we stop

right there, I'm sorry 12 years of fostering Salou. For about a year and a half. It is it is it is a ministry at its very core is is it can be very raw. So thanks. Definitely.

Thank you. Well, you're welcome. But anyway, so I gay, I did that for a time for 12 years. And then guy kept telling me there's something more there's something more so at first, I thought it was to take care of my parents. So I went and took care of my parents for a while and then came back and was ready to restart my life. And God says no, I don't think so. There's something else here for you. So what I did was, I just spent some time, quiet time with the Lord. And he told me, he says, one of the words that came back when I was in quiet time was trust me. And I'm like, okay, that's easier said that's a good thing. However, I What do you mean by that? Yeah. Well, the next day, I go into church and one of my friends comes up for the prophetic, and they come up and they whisper in my ear, and they whispered, and they said, if you put your foot in the water, I'll take you by the hand, and I'll lead you across. And I thought, Okay, well, my church that I was attending, was getting ready to go over to Honduras for a missions week. Okay, well, that's just confirmation that that's what I was going to do. I was going to go on a missions trip. Well, everything financially, I couldn't. I didn't have the finances to do that. But God provided amazingly opened doors and allowed the finances to come in so I could go. And when I got over there, a seed was planted, and they said All they need, we need a house parent, and it's like foster care. Pam, you can you got experience in that. And I said, Wait a minute. I did this for 12 years.

But that was fun.

But God had other plans. So and I and I had a really long conversation. I took a walk up the mountain there in Honduras, and I says, I don't I can't do this. I have I have children here. I have grandchildren. I have you know

is Yeah, I have a world apart. Right.

Exactly. So I says I don't know that this is exactly what you want me to do. And it didn't matter no matter how much I cried or how much I yelled and kicked, he, he just he loved me enough to give me a passion and a heart for the kids and for the country. And I came home after those that 10 days. And on the way home, God said, it was in September, and God told me on the plane, I had the two girls, one of the two teammates with me, And God made the comment to me, he says, You're pregnant. Okay, no, I'll get this time. I'm single been single for decades. And

there was only one marry. So yeah.

And I thought, well, that's odd. But then again, I remember God births things. And it takes nine months and nine months, I was ready. I was ready to come to leave for hundreds. I mean, I my, my job had come to an end. And everything was an COVID. Hit. Everything was everything was ready to go. And then COVID. So borders were shot, so we didn't get shot. Yeah, so borders got shut down. And we weren't able to do anything until and then October, I left to go. So but but God opens doors. And you know, I made me realize that putting my foot in the water. And he would lead me across was not meant for the 10 day mission strip. But for long term mission strip.

So he took what I'm hearing correctly, is he took someone who, at one point in time said, How in the world can I even afford this? Right? Yeah. And next thing, you know, within nine months, you're not only wondering how to afford this, you have a passion to go live there. Right? And that that is truly an amazing thing. Right? That's a God thing.

Oh, most definitely. Like I said, there's there there were so many doors opened and so many doors that were closed. It was it was I mean, it was so blatant, because I'm one of those people that Okay, God, sometimes you have to slap me upside the head a few times before I actually get what you're saying. But, and I still to this day, are you sure? Are you sure you have the right person here? And yeah, because you know, there's a lot that goes on. I've been there for a year. And there's a lot that goes on in that transition year. So I still question but then you know, God, God is so he is so on target and on. So on time. I'm sitting on my back porch, and I say, Okay, God, why am I here? Yeah. What do you want me to do? Now that you've put me here, I run a house for the university students. But what else? Yeah, it's got to be more than me just sitting here. You know, and he says, but this is a new campus that we're building and I'll get into more of that, you know, what the campus is are and what I actually do, but if he says you're the part of the foundation, so it's a new campus that we're building,

and say that, okay, yeah, no, jumping. No, that's good. That's good. This is very informal. So you're back. Where did you What was the name? What's the name of the because I written down? What's the what's the name of the ministry ministry, part of where you went to and all these things. Okay. So what do they do?

Yeah. Okay. So, we went to for the 10 day mission strip, we went to give hope to kids, it's give hope at the number two So we went there in HUD in Honduras, and their main campus is in your Rocco. Andorra switches up the mountain. And it has it is a home. It's a facility that has five homes that are ran by Honduran parents, and their and their children. And then they bring in kids that are either abandoned by their parents or their parents are in jail or for drugs, and there's just a lot you know, the things that we read about in in stories and stuff. It's true. I mean, we see life you know, life as it is so, but these kids are I break your heart. And does it breaks your heart to hear the stories of these kids. Yeah. And to think how why? Right You know, so but they they come to these the DiRocco campus which has five homes and a church and they do elementary school there. And then when they get to high school age, they go to what they call are they go to a school called Institute l Ray. And then they go to high school through there after high school then in you know, in the foster system, you're to pretty much let go You're on your own. No support. Nothing where as now in we've opened up another case As I started another campus in Roma, Honduras, and that is a campus that will house a couple homes for children. But it also houses the house that I operate, which is the university home. And we have two young ladies and a young man that stay there now. And then January, the next semester starts and we get to more college students and a couple of kids that couldn't go to Institut El Rey, because of either age or attention, whatever behaviors. So we have there would be coming down and staying and going to high school in the community, there have been a living on our campus. So

let me ask you, someone had mentioned a little bit you've mentioned previously that someone else probably another brother or sister in Christ had mentioned that while you you had some experience, right? With foster children, so boom, it should translate over here. Is that accurate? Or is or is there some differences that may have played in that you've seen so far? Or how does? How's God maybe usually God won't just throw you off the high dive? Right and go swim. But so how did God prepare you?

Well, I have I worked with the mentally ill here at I worked with Oak Lawn for multiple years. I worked at Madison center for multiple years. I you know, was a foster parent. And then I also did, I'm a health coach, and I'm also a life coach. Yeah, so you know, your

your Yeah. Give your resume. Yeah.

And so I you know, that's the only thing he didn't give me was language. I went there with pretty much no Spanish. Yeah, so I've been immersed in Spain.

I was gonna say, How's that going?

I got a long way to go. But I know it's it's you know, I've in my interpretation in my personal interpretations, I feel like I've done like four years worth of Spanish in about six months. Absolutely. Yeah,

no choice. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. If you want to eat and drink and all these other things, right. You want to communicate with Yeah, it's pretty important. Yeah. To learn though. I love how that is another there's a word that I keep hearing as I am just talking to you as Yes. You're willing to say yes. Right.

Oh my goodness. Yes way I used to when I first rededicated my life to Christ back in 97. I had made in the basement I was at Calvary temple at the time. And I had made the statement in one of the classes they were Wednesday night class in the basement down there I says okay, God send me use me send me and it took him probably good 1020 years for that for me to be able to absorb and to become the person that he wanted me to be to be to be there so you know what it sometimes God you know, takes it takes time to work all the little little kinks out of a person and even the kinks are beneficial because if I hadn't gone through all the struggles and ups and downs that I went through in life I don't think I would be even though I have the schooling and the stuff behind me I don't think I'd be the person for the job. Sure. So it takes the trials you know i The the scripture in Timothy that says you know considered their trials and tribulations pure joy, you know, you like seriously really? I don't think but you know, what, if it wasn't for them, I don't think I'd be the person I am today. Yeah,

so just as the Potter is to the clay and your beat you're willing to be the clay so what we're gonna do is just going to come up for a hard break here. And we're going to go to pure assembly comm they're going to be able to share some things and we do ask that you go to the website be able to take a look at that they do sponsor the show. And so we want to make sure that and highlight them and give thanks for for that in in those gifts can be easily given over to pure assembly comm to so we can keep programs like this going. So thank you. We'll be back in just about a minute thanks.

I am Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure assembly calm or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

It is wonderful have you back again, see, it didn't take very long to get to that commercial. And so we're just grateful that for prayer assembly and their dedication to seeing God heal the land, we have Pamela here. And I'm just again excited to be able to continue our conversation of where we've been able to regard his taken you pan. And I'd like to mention this a couple times, because if you're anything like me, I tend to forget, and, and tend to forget very quickly, and one of the things in radio, they mentioned to say something at least like five or six times, and then we finally kind of get it. And so I want to highlight the the workers that you serve, and the best way to get theirs, it was a Give, give hope to kids right with it with a number two. So give hope to kids. And that's dot So let me say again, because if you're driving and you're like Kevin Mitschelen, you're going to forget. So give hope to And so I would just like to be able to, to highlight what's happening there. And the fact that God has just brought you to another level. And you mentioned while we're going through the commercial break here, you mentioned the word surrender. And can you share a little bit what you just talked to me about and that is your surrender to God? Yeah, in so many different areas.

One of the things that, you know, when my daughter told me that we were going to have this conversation, you know, it dawned on me that, you know, I want people what I want people to realize is they can take someone like me, a single mom made many, many mistakes in life, you know, from all aspects. And yet, I sit there and I say, I need to surrender. And I surrender everything to you, God, and please take me as I am, and use me according to whatever it is I need to do. So I try to walk in surrender and in submission to whatever God has in store for me. And that, you know, it makes me think, you know, if, if God will do me, if he'll use me, Pam Bartlet, I know he's gonna use you. And you just need to be willing to be submissive and surrender.

Yeah, I totally get that I can, in my own life, right. And we all can have those stories that God has gutted. He's a great author. And so he's writing that in your life, Pam, he's writing it. I can think of different multiple times, right? Like, God, you got the wrong guy doing and doing what you're calling me to do? I can't do. But he keeps rising.

Yeah, he keeps he he will. He will. He puts that, that, that you put your armor on. And you know, that's one of the things that I've really noticed in the past year that I've been there is I have to live with my armor on. I take my armor off my hearts too. I have too much compassion. I just melt and it hurts. My mind will go you know, that's the battlefield. If I don't have that helmet on, or that helmet gets cocked, man, I have to readjust it. But it's so yeah, it's a it's a total dependence on God to take every aspect, every aspect. So

what does what does a day look like for you in Honduras? What what does that? Well, at this point, you have to keep your arm

around? Oh, most definitely. Yeah. Because you never know what's what you're going to come against. And when we come there, that was just a new campus. It's a new area that we're working with. So you have the community you have the you know, it's a Third World. Sure. So you have all the negatives that come the negative connotations that come with a third world thing. So yeah, you do need to do a lot of spiritual warfare. But you know, there's a lot of I can sit here and talk about all the negatives, but there's so much positive in the in that that I'd rather talk about. So

let's talk about the positive what is it that you see in Honduras? Tell me something positive. I'd love to hear. You probably got multiple Oh, yeah. All right. So yeah, just what we had a little time Sure. I'd love to be able to hear that.

Yeah, the people in Honduras are there they're so welcoming. It's amazing. You know, we you walk down the street here and you're lucky if you get an eye contact or a smile there they give eye contact very readily. They are so willing to help out I mean, I'm going there with I went there with little to no Spanish I mean, Daniel

but they are so willing to they know I don't know, you know, not just me but others you know, the old Griego doesn't know English or doesn't know Spanish and so they're but they work with you and they're so accommodating and so willing to help out. The team that works you know the word workers that work on the campus, they, you know, they would they would bend over backwards to help me and do and take care of me and protect me in any way shape or form. And they do it because we have a relate I built relationships just and it's so easy because it's just almost done. And they, they they respond, they taste oh yeah. They love to have they love to be talked to.

Yeah. And what's crazy is I actually in my Western culture. In South Bend, Indiana, sometimes my first response is, you need to learn English. Yeah, that's unfortunately my first go to what you just need to learn the line.

That's right, you know, but you know what they're they and it's amazing, because I'm trying to learn Spanish. And I've got some that are trying to learn English. And between the two of us working back and forth, we get some amazing. But, but it's a it's it. I don't think it could have happened if they hadn't if they didn't have a heart to be connected be a part of

so I mean, asking Steve, do you sense openness to the Lord? Oh, goodness,

yes. Yeah. But I also sense you know, there's also the same struggles that we struggle here in the United States they struggle with, you know, Is God really going to use me? And who, me? Or where, you know, what am I supposed to do? You know, those same questions that we struggle with, they struggle with. And so it's, you know, we are all God's people. And it's, it's amazing how brothers and sisters can just connect, you know, because you have that, that camaraderie of Christ in our lives. So

so how do you get fed spiritually in Honduras? How does that look? Well, because your your ministry out, so how do you get back? Right?

Well, we have, this is the plug.

We're shooting for here.

The Bible app give tickets now the Bible app YouVersion has a internet website, YouTube station that you can get on and you can watch great, crucial. And he's he's a amazing preacher. Anyway, he's the one they started the give that and we just go I watched that every Sunday with the directors of give hope to kids, we get together and I also am involved in a multiple missionaries from around the area all gather, and we have prayer time together once a month, so and so I you know, build relationships with them. And so you get I get fed through that. And I spend it's amazing, you know, when we just take all the distractions out of our lives. And you know, you don't have to I don't have a TV I don't have I don't listen to radio, except music. And it's usually I'll praise and worship music. I don't I don't read a bunch of

so you're feeding your soul. Oh, yeah. I don't have the club.

Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Because I can spend and I'm open, I'm allowing myself to hear God. Right. So I spent a lot of you know, I spent time reading I spent time just being quiet within walking around. I'm a prayer warrior. So I love to walk and pray. So I walk the this community and my campus and and just pray over everything.

Well, yeah, that's something that in the western culture is just definitely on the noise. And unfortunately, we we use a little bit of noise with the radio in this program, but the goal is here to be able to share Christ. And we hopefully that can be uplifting. But boy, sometimes just to just turn a device off. Turn the TV, just the TV how much time is just being completely totally gone. Yeah, just by by watching one program after another and, and you that still small voice, then it's described often in the Bible, where it's like, ah, that's the voice of my shepherd. That's leading me where I need to go. So yeah, boy, wow. But

also that also reaches down to being surrendered and being willing to submit because a lot of times, when, like I mentioned earlier about putting your armor on, you know, that helmet. Yeah, that's your battlefield. And you know, the distractions can come so easily, even sitting there in my quiet time. If I don't, if I'm not careful, I can be sitting there talking to God and all of a sudden, oh, the chickens are listening or something going on here. And so you've always got to be you've always got to be focused. So it's just a it's a it's making a commitment and making a decision. I want to do this I want to be that I can be so I'm glad

we're going here because what happens in Honduras can happen the United States right as well because We are believers in Jesus Christ, we are created by the one true God doesn't matter, you're created. If you're human, you you have that stamp there and by God and so we our souls are actually craving. If you don't know him, your soul is still craving for the one true God. But if you do know him, then it becomes Oh, there's my father, there's my dad, who truly loves me. And, and, and so to spend time with him is huge. The one thing that we're doing with our pure assembly is 180 days prayer, you can pray anytime. Right? Right. But we're just trying to actually say, Hey, can you spend 20 to 30 minutes a prayer every day?

Well, and it's not just you know, and then but I also think, I think that's great. It's a start. It is. Yeah. But if you can pray with a with a focus. Yeah, right, absolutely, really have something specific. This is what I specifically want to pray about. Right? When I was preparing to go to Honduras, this is what I specifically prayed about, is this what you want? Show me right? Give me help me to understand. And so it just, you know, if you have if you take it and just specifically say, This is what I want to pray for, and take the time, set it aside, and just do it, whether it's in the morning at noon, yeah. Or driving down. I'm telling you, I drive in the car a lot before I left. And you know, I turn the radio off. Sorry. And I spend it, that's my, that was my quiet time. Because by the way, I'm not in the car, and I'm with other people. It was it's go go. It is so in the car was quiet time. And I could just sit and I could talk to God. And I'd have a conversation with him. Just like you and I are having.

Yeah, unfortunately, a little too much information, but, but my wife asked me, Why in the world. Do you spend so much time in the bathroom? That's my car. Yeah, there you go. No one can bug me. Yeah. And it's my long time. Yeah. And, and so I get it, you know, you have to decompress at some point. And and, boy, the more you do that, the more you allow God to then just filter into who into your very depths of who you are the very soul of who you are. And we're gonna do that anyway, when once we become out of our natural bodies.

So when I get started, why not?

What's the wait? We only got a few seconds left, unfortunately. So give give us again, it's the It's give hope with the number two and it's Jason and Sarah Farrell are the directors. And it's an awesome program that works with kids that are in foster system or in foster care, abandoned and abused children that need to have support and but yet also need to have their own culture and not not American culture. Right. So it's a it's an excellent program to serve and to give Christ all the glory and to further his kingdom.

So the max with that same, we've just unfortunately just ran out of time. Yeah, I hate that.

God is really good. And I'm so glad, Pam that you're able to be here and God is moving in your in your heart. And so with that, thanks, folks for listening and more and more time to healing the land. God bless. Talk to you later.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot purer That's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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