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Program 46 - Kevin Mitschelen

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen, brought to us by pure assembly.

Hi, this is Kevin Mitschelen with healing the land and I'm glad to be have another show here when we should we can talk about God and what he's doing, and how He is healing the land. We also, throughout the course of this last year, while the show has been airing, we've been bringing in a lot of different guests. And it's been exciting to hear in different pockets in different areas where God is moving, where he's directing, in so many different ways within the kingdom, but also not only that with, with the world in which we find ourselves to be in. And also within particularly this program is developed in northern Indiana. And so we kind of reflect lifetimes on what's happening in northern Indiana, and Southern Michigan. And it's fun to see how many lives are being restored how many churches are finding

that restoration as well. And we see families in many cases being restored to now saying all of that I want also want to bring out what pure assembly is doing. Because pure assembly is behind healing the land so that that's the main benefactor. We were basically one in the same thing in healing Elena's the radio program is we're trying to see who is it that and what is God doing and how is he moving, as I just described, but when we take a look at pure assembly, we're also with with this particular organization, we're trying to trying to look and press in for prayer. We believe that prayer is that that outliners that the beginning of of where we see God moving, and it's that cry of God's people, to, to the one that created the universe and be able to sit down with him and be able to, to to live life with him and to be able to, to share experiences with him. But the prayer is that communication between God and humanity and what an incredible gift that is that is that is something in which we can go directly to him in each and every point of our day. It doesn't matter 24/7 We have that. We have that hotline with God now insane, all this, I want to bring up a particular verse because I want to I want to run into the Bible as fast as I possibly can. And so, second carnal Chronicles 714 is one of the key verses in which pure assembly operates around. And we are in love with this verse. We also love, we love the Bible as a whole. But when we look at this, this is one of the those verses in which we we take a look at we truly believe at pure assembly that that before Christ returns, that there is going to be another great harvest. And it's been given to us in different prophetic words. And it's been given to us and and I think also just on the hearts to have our board that says hey, look, God has something unique and special yet for the land in which we live. But he also not just that, but he's looking for individual lives to be restored and healed. And when you when you see that God is God that wants to heal. And so I present these things to you. So I go Second Chronicles 714 Is this, If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. There is a condition on this for the healing and that is if we have to start with if if my people and so we need to, first of all think in terms of who are who are God's people, and some people some theologians might be going right now. Hey, what are you talking about there? He was talking specifically to the Jewish people. And guess what, in Second Chronicles? Yes, he was. But you know what Jesus Christ through Jesus Christ and and the work he did on the cross, we are now grafted in even Gentiles a Gentile like me, I'm now grafted into if my people and so therefore, we have the same promise here and I'm looking at this going, if, if my people, we have to make this decision, it's a choice in which we look at and which says, which are called by my name. And that's the name of Jesus Christ is what we're looking at, as believers in in Christ shall humble themselves. And that's the part that is can be very difficult can be very hard, because as a as flesh as part of humanity, humbling myself is not a part of my nature. It is not a part of which because when you're a child, you you go to you first thing you do remember having having children have to Little babies that come into our house and and what do they do? You know, they, they cry, which is what you expect them to do, because there's no way of them to be able to communicate otherwise, but they, they come in with this and then not only go beyond that, but what happens then is after that after that the Kryon stage or the, or maybe the,

the baby stage, then they start here, you hear this one word over and over and over again, mine, mine, that's mine. And you would hear that, I would hear that as a parent quite often. So we're, we don't have to be taught to be selfish. We don't have to be taught to say, mine, we don't have to be taught it's it is something that is, it is a part of the human nature. But what God does is He says, I'm God, and you're not. And from that, I have to look at that and say, Yes, you are God. And I'm not. And from that I have to be able to humble myself, and say, there's much of my flesh that says, I want to, I want to be like God, I want to be God. But God, through Jesus Christ has brought me to a point of surrender. To him, is a beautiful, joyous surrender. And I'm so grateful for that. Pray and seek my face, and turn from the wicked ways. And guess what I come to you, as a person who has been saved. And, and Jesus Christ continues to keep working that salvation out, he's the I Am the clay, and he is the potter, I am the one that desperately needs this God. And so to be reminded of that, and so why bring this verse to you, I want to, I want to make sure that you to grab on to this, what pure assembly is trying to do is we believe that God desperately God wants to heal this land. And we need to be desperate for that healing. And so we want to follow this verse into an event that we're going to have, and I want to be able to, for the next few minutes, just kind of plug this event and hopefully, maybe get you excited about what's happening in northern Indiana and tell it, you know, tell your friends pray about this. Because we will love to be able to see some mighty things, some mighty wonderful things take place. We're calling this healing the land. And we have been welcome to come at the Notre Dame University campus. The Nord aim, university campus and so I, I'd love to be able to talk a little bit about this, it's going to be on January 19. Starting out the two prayer sessions, the first one's going to be at five o'clock pm and the other one will be at 730. But let's focus first on the five o'clock PM. prayer time. But But even before we get to that event, I want to share with you a little bit of the heart of this. I've been I've had the opportunity to do a lot of ministry in downtown South Bend and South Bend in general. For most of my adult life. I've I've been around people who are homeless, I've been around people who are very wealthy, it doesn't matter. I've been around South Bend. I've been around Elkhart, I've been around. Now different parts of Nappanee and Niles, Michigan and Berrien Springs and, and a lot of the Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan Territory. And, and I have found myself praying continually there many times praying for this region, praying for those specific cities, praying for people in those those areas, praying for different churches. But you know what I have done, I have so many times forgotten to pray for the University of Notre Dame, I have I have just completely forgotten to do that. And I don't know, maybe it's the fact it's the Granger, you go down, if you go on campus, there's they have a Notre Dame Avenue, and you drive down Notre Dame Avenue, take a look at that go, Oh my gosh, the first thing you see is the golden dome, it is a truly an amazing sight to see that that that kind of architecture is, is I'm gonna say the word again. Amazing. It is it is beyond what you would normally think it doesn't look like anything that's in this area. And people travel actually worldwide to come and see it. So maybe I've been taken in by that. But the thing is, is I should not be taken in by that because within seconds, all of that can go away. All that can be taken down. We've seen it in other areas of the country and other areas of the world. It doesn't take much to wipe out architecture.

So what we're taking a look at is how do I pray for Notre Dame because and you may some of you may be listening to this going, Oh, I don't know if I want to go there yet. But let me share this with you. Many of the people who are at Notre Dame, the students that are there right now, they're being trained to go into the world. Within just a few short years after graduation. Many of those that are at Notre Dame will have very In a very prestigious jobs, many of those that will be going will be going into the areas of medium will be going into the areas of government, you name the different pillars of our economy, and they will be at the forefront of that area. And so can you imagine in the enemy of our souls doesn't like this, but can you imagine if, if we pray, if we pray, if we decide to pray, what will happen from that? What will take place, if we come and pray, Notre Dame has opened up an invitation in which we can come at five o'clock in the evening, to be able to come and pray at set the the fortune Hall ballroom, if you can come and pray in that is we're looking for leaders in the kingdom, particularly pastors, ministry leaders, intercessors, if you love to pray, we'd like to have you there at 5pm, at the Fortune Hall ballroom at the University of Notre Dame, we will get if you know where, if you know where the golden dome is that it is just east of the Golden Dome, we will have signs there and get you into the right building, it's in the ballroom on the second floor, it'd be a little more relaxed there. It'll be an opportunity in which we can be able to give honor to the name of Jesus Christ, at that particular session of prayer, it will last for probably about an hour and 15 hour and 20 minutes, give or take. And in during that time, we want to worship we want to give glory and honor to Christ. I say all that because we will then break from there. And and then we will go over to at 730 We'll go over to the Basilica, and we will be able to it'll be a little more formal, and the basilica will will give that will give that that that same emphasis of being an honoring Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. And it will go through the Lord's Prayer. A little more on the liturgical side of it, but it will be nondenominational as well. And we would love to have you come now if you can come, I would ask that you go to pure Pure assembly comm there is a Eventbrite area in which you can sign up to do that we would love to have you there. We don't We right now we have a lot of people there to come in. We don't want to overwhelm the place, but the same time and so this reason why I asked you that you would come first in the spirit of, of what we see in Second Chronicles 714, that we're coming not out of pride, but we're coming with a sense of humility, we want to come knowing that God is God. I'm not. And we want to pray not then for think about this. If we see incredible awakening that takes place a spiritual awakening that takes place. First, it starts with prayer. So we go past the part of prayer. And then we we see where God begins to move in so many different areas. And I already see that taking place. I've already heard so many different areas where that's happening on the campus, but then it spreads to other campuses, when that'd be amazing to see the collegiate world in this in this country, on fire for Jesus Christ, this next generation will be on fire for Jesus Christ. Wouldn't that be amazing? Well, I can see it, and I can taste it. But it has to start somewhere. Why not start on January 19 starts at five o'clock. And so if you can make it just go to pure and in there's a sign up place right up on the head banner, you can do that very quickly. And then if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at info at pure assembly comm info at pure That's the email. So we'll see you on the other side. We got another 14 minutes we're going to talk about this. I believe that this is something in which we can go and see a nation become the start of of a revival start of healing that would take place across the land. Thanks.

I am Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot pure assembly calm or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us to thanks for listening to healing the land.

This is Kevin Mitschelen again with healing the land and sponsored by pure assembly pure assembly calm and so I just wanted to let you know that if you're if you listen to the first part of the program, I'm so grateful that you're coming back on the second part here because I believe that there's something here that's transformative that's going to take place every time we have seen revival in the land. When it comes to national revival, there's always been we've always He's been blessed by having little pockets of revival. But when it starts on a national level, but even on an on us on a smaller regional scale, it always comes with prayer always comes with prayer first, and then you see the change that takes place because what is there is a cry to the Lord that saying that, look, there is an oppression in so what do we do with that oppression we go, and we cry out to the Lord. And so this is what we're doing here, what we are praying actually, not just for Notre Dame, we're praying for this region. We're praying for our states, in the area, we're praying for this land, we're praying for this country, I just want to just share this with you. We don't so many, we're becoming so confused. In so many different areas. All you have to do is take a look at the news headlines and and you can see that it's more than just well, this politician said this against someone else. That's that's always been many. I'm a history buff. And that's been a part of our narrative for, I think forever, ever since we've existed, you can take a look at John Adams and take a look at Jefferson and see how they bicker between the two of them. You can see that that one politician, there's been fistfights on the House floor times. So I as a history guy, I know that that we don't always get along in this country.

Now let me pause. There's something about this nation in which we have always, without with through the history, we have never been a country that has got it all right. But the thing is, is there's no nation that's ever gotten it. All right, I haven't seen one nation that ever has. But there's something that's shifting that's happened happening now for for several decades, if not longer, and that is that we have begun to separate ourselves from the one true God. And when that takes place, then there's not just as bickering between the two of us, or between different segments of the country. What happens then is then you have thrown out God and you create a bunch of these little mini gods. And from that becomes comes confusion from that becomes this sort of this tower of Babel, or Babel. And so when we see this, we have to cry out to the Lord. And that's the reason why pure extemely pure assembly exist. We want to see people come to know Jesus Christ. That is a major part of the church. But what we're doing is we're seeing we want to come alongside the church, the big C church, we want to be able to help in what we're in our way of helping the st. Look. Pure stands for prayer that stands for unity. It stands for repentance, and stands for edification, and we want to bring that into the kingdom. We want to help. And that's all we're here for that, that we're not a church. We want to help the church we want to help the kingdom come to a to a point in which we're we're we're bringing more into, we would love to be able to see a revival that would take place and happen. And from that revival, we would love to be able to see churches being filled up, filled up. So that way we could see one disciple being made after another after another, but it has to a person's heart has to be changed for that to take place. And so what we understand is that going to prayer first changes everything. And so I want to come back to here again, and go back to scripture on jant. Another key verse that you'll hear, when people are talking about revival when they're talking about healing the land and those kinds of those kinds of words. They always bring up then John chapter 17. And I believe it's important there's a reason why we do this is because we need to be reminded, because what happens so often is I want to go into my little pocket. I love my little tribe, I love my little area. But the thing is, is if I go outside my little pocket becomes awkward, it becomes difficult. But you know, what, January 19, at five o'clock, and the other one at 730, those two prayer sessions, it's not going to be comfortable. I don't expect it to be comfortable. But you know what, it's good to do hard things. It's good to meet someone that I hadn't met before. But you know what? their brother or their sister in Christ, and I want to get to know them and get to know them better. Because when I look at John chapter 17, verse 20, it says, and this is before Jesus's death, not that long beforehand. He says, My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who believe in me through their message that all of them may be one father, just as you are in Me and I am in You may also be in us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me I have given them the glory that you gave me and that and they may be one as we are are one I in them, and you and me so that they be brought to brought to complete unity, then the world will know, then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them, even as You have loved me. Can you imagine? What that looks like? Because it's jolly, you have to do is hop on social media just for a little bit. And you'll see one person attacking another person. That is, that is the mantra that is what, that's why you get on Twitter, it's so you can pick apart someone else's comments. It is. That's why people do it. It's so I guess they have nothing else better to do all day. But you know what? Jesus Christ, He's saying the exact opposite. He's saying something revolutionary here. And that is those who have repented to Jesus Christ, if you've repented, ah, and you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior, I now have the same spirit in me as the other brother, who's done the same. Now I'm gonna maybe look at some things differently. So let's put our big boy pants on, and let's go talk. But you have Jesus Christ, I have Jesus Christ. And let's go talk. I don't claim that this is going to be easy. I don't claim, I actually claim it's going to be hard. But I'm okay with that. And you know what, God is okay with the wrestling as well. But when the day is over, when all things are finished, we come in the name of Jesus Christ. And from that, under that banner, and under that flag, boy, we can run that flag way up the pole. And we can be excited about it. And it should give you goosebumps in which we're honored Jesus Christ in not my little tribe. My little tribes good. I like my tribe. But you know what? That tribe in of itself is not going to save me, it's going to help me, but it's not going to save me. And so we want to see a healing on the land. One of the things I love what how Jesus then describes this, that then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them. Key is such a key verse, or verses that we get this that we understand the importance of this, not just unity for Kumbaya, unity, but But Unity in which we will see Holy Spirit, just move across the land, be able to see Holy Spirit, just just be able to overwhelm the universities. I mentioned a Notre Dame University. And so can you imagine the overwhelming impact, a spiritual awakening would take place at that university?

Ah, it would expand across the world, expand other universities, USC, it would it would go to Purdue Indiana, it would go to Kent State, you name it, you name the university, Duke. Because it would be inspiring for people to say, there's there's a group of people out there that they're one. And who are the following the following Jesus, ah, but it has to start somewhere. It has to begin somewhere. And why not? Let's let's take a look. January 19, five o'clock, plug this again, five o'clock, if you are someone who is an intercessor. If you're a pastor, if you're a ministry leader, I ask that you would simply go to pure assembly calm. And you would fill out the little Eventbrite thing on there. And that's a little kind of goofy and strange. Just go to info at pure for your email, say, Hey, I'd like to come My name is so and so. And I like to come. That way, we can reserve a chair for you. We'd like to have you come to the Basilica and understand that at the 730 event that that is going to be much more formal. And we need to respect the house, we need to respect those that are the host, and that's Notre Dame. And so you know, what, if if you're charismatic, please respect that. If you're Baptist, please respect that. If you're Catholic, please respect that. It'll be a nondenominational time in which we come not in our tribes name, but we come in the name of Jesus Christ, not in the name of Kevin Mitschelen, not in the name of whoever or whatever denomination you may be from. Not in that perspective. But in the perspective of If My people humble themselves, and we turn from our wicked ways. If we come from that angle, there's something rich there, there's something unique there, and the world has no option, but to to try to understand to try to take that in. I hope you're with me on this. I believe that prayer is powerful. Prayer can literally move the mountains Prayer can literally, literally part the Red Sea. We sing songs about this stuff. But the question is, do we really believe it that a nation can be healed? Or do we delight? Or do we actually delight in somehow profit from the the separation that we have. And if that's where you're at, you're actually delighting secretly in the separation of the kingdom of God. Ah, repent. So my my call to you today is that we would do the exact opposite, that we would do the hard things that we would come up, say this date, again, January 19. Starting at the first session will be at five o'clock. Again, that's a little more relaxed, it'd be the more of a worship time a little bit more of an opportunity in which we can sing songs that those who may be in the Protestant tribes might be able to go yes, I recognize that song. I love that song. I love I love that style of brain. Then after that moment in time, we break a little bit for dinner. And then from there, then we go over to the Basilica, and at the Basilica, will be about 4550 minutes, to gorgeous, beautiful, beautiful architecture, beautiful building. But we want to bring them that spirit of worshiping the Lord, then enter the basilica honoring the host, knowing that, that the Spirit of God will be in there, and we're going to honor Jesus Christ in him alone, in Him alone first, but at the same time, knowing that, that we need to come in humbly before the living God. If this sounds exciting to you at all, I hope it does. We're then going I'm going to give you this little teaser. We're looking for something in the fall to happen at Notre Dame. We're hoping to have that on the fall of 2022. As long as the Lord gives us that opportunity, we're going to take it and we're going to try to be over. We're going to try to be over the basketball arena having a nationwide event at the basketball arena.

That feels about 9000 people. Can you imagine having in this region, prayer, a concert of prayer at the north end basketball arena. That's where we're heading. That's where we're going. And I hope you can come along with us on this. Go to Pier assembly calm, I must say pure assembly calm maybe a couple times yet but I just like to have you go there and connect with us. We are excited. We are excited on how God is going to heal the land. And so we give that to you. Wrapping up I just give give God the praise and what he's laid on our hearts and I hope he's laying the same thing on your heart as well. Feel free to give us a message at pure If you have any questions feel free to go to info at pure God bless you. And thank you for for what you're doing in in your church and in your life. But we'd like to be able to connect in this area. God bless.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.

Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of a divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at www dot purer That's p u r e Or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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