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Program 9 - Patrick

Welcome to healing the land with Kevin Mitschelen. brought to us by pure assembly.

Well, this is Kevin Mitschelen. I'm very thankful that you're able to be with us once again, with a program called healing the land. And this program is is sponsored by pure assembly, if you get a chance and opportunity to go to their website that would be greatly appreciated. It's a ministry, a prayer ministry that's wants to see prayer, unity, repentance, and edification happened within our community and across the nation as well. So take a visit there. And I'd be glad if you did. Today, on the program of healing land, I am very excited about having a guest with me. And this guest is another friend of mine. And I am truly grateful. Again, I'm always grateful when anybody can take a moment of time either day, or their busy day to come and and to share about the healing that they have seen take place on the land. And we're going to make a little bit maybe different approach. In the last few weeks, we've been talking about prayer and things that happen to us internally, as believers in Christ and in how we can also express our faith about the gospel of Jesus Christ and grace of Jesus Christ. And this week, I want to highlight an individual. His name's Patrick Mangan, and he is with an organization called CCV. And he's been with that organization for 25 years. He had to help me out on that, because I just felt lost that So Patrick, I just, it's hard for me to call you, Patrick man is called Patrick. So I'm so glad you're here and be able to be a part of this show.

Oh, thanks for having me. I'm delighted to be here in you and I have shared a great fellowship in Christ for many years.

Yeah, I, I'm, I got to meet you a long time ago. And Matter of fact, we went to a CCV dinner by invitation a long, long time ago, and my wife, this was when you were working on on the closing a lot of the different downtown, strip bars that were through the corridor coming in from the south end of town. And my wife looked at me and she said, You have to be a part of that group somehow. I don't know how it is. But you've got to be a part of that. She says, I don't care what else you do. You got to be part of that. And I'm like, Okay. I'll do my wife tells me I'm so so grateful for her to recognize that and just really quickly, because you got a story and it's amazing story. But I just again, thank you for what you and what others with this organization CCB in South then in northern Indiana, and Michigan as well done and that is as a kid, and we were talking a little bit beforehand as a kid I remember going up that corridor on South Michigan Street and my dad with a plug unplug a restaurant that's that's not there anymore. It's called toasties. And and maybe that really dates me but I, we would go to that quarter. And it was like big moment when I go with my dad to breakfast in the morning because he would meet other businessmen there and that kind of stuff. And and he saw he we had to drive by all the adult bars. Strip was like a warzone voice on Yes. And you would and I'm like, I remember asking dad because they had this big sign up of this lady dressed up in a cat suit and like, kitty cat lounge or whatever it's called and and I go, why would she dress up like that? He just going by what's going on with the leverage late? Yeah, you turn that into something different? And I kind of equate that with john the baptist saying, hey, that's not right. That's not right. And something has to change.

You know, I came home from 20 years in the mission field. And God got hold of me and another brother, Dr. Sergio. And God put us together and, you know, we didn't It's not like I like said, hey, it's my buddy Joe. Let's be porn fighters. You know, that's

not the way I grew up doing.

We got here through 1000 decisions of surrender, right? And God called us to step into this space. It was really a Gideons army from the first. It was a combination of business leaders, faith leaders, and citizens who came together to make a difference in who felt called to step into a gap. And when we stepped into this place, we were confronted with the harms of the poram sex industry. In South Bend right in the heart of our community, right here in Michigan Hannah. We had the highest concentration of of pornography. And right here in the nearest 17 counties. So this was ground zero. And when we call got called to step into this, there was a lot of battles there, there was wind or the shot out in there were death threats and all kinds of things. But what was on our hearts was the the lives of the men and women in these porn establishments, these strip clubs, right. And we were praying for them, we were praying for the wives whose husbands were there, we were praying for the women who had been trafficked in many cases, into these clubs. And we were praying for the pornographers themselves to get saved. So this was always a prayer work. Yeah, you know, and as we got more engaged in it, God gave us the capacity to create a kind of an outflow of women coming from the industry. And, and creating a, you know, a, an underground railroad of sorts. And there are women who are still who have come out of this, and who are a part of the Ministry of restoration for the women who came out of that place, and many of the families who were harmed, because the men who went in there, fell so deep into the porn sex industry here, that they even fell into harming their own children. So this was a very complex thing that happened. But God called us, like a Gideon, to step up. And we really provas presided over the public destruction of the idols that you know, yeah, in real time, as we stood in that space. And we had the prayers of God's people, you know, and I think one of the things is, you know, I used to, I grew up under brother Summerall, right, and everybody was cursing all those ones I curse at commanded to die in Jesus name, right? Tell him all those all those strip clubs. No, we don't want that. And what I realized is when I got there, there was already millions of prayers that had gone ahead of us, right. And many people were praying that those would go away, but God called us to step into a gap. And in one, we didn't really have any preparation for right or warning for Yeah, but God called us and we stepped into it. I love the fact that you mentioned the brokenness

of it. Yes, that is, that's the key we use, and so many times I can look at a problem and go, Well, almost a curse beyond that. Yes. Right. And and I understand the thought process behind that, that makes no sense. But you're dealing with the creation of God, those people who walk in that into that thing, and that becomes so much a part of them. Yes. Whether it's the guy or or, like you said, the wives or the women that's in there, and they're, they're trying to somehow that's their community. They're trying to make money at the same time and all that and but it's devastating to the heart. And and you're showing it telling us is that your prayers were there. Now the way your prayers, but your actions were involved, to bring them to safety to bring them to, to God,

you know, we knew right then that yes, there were people and we were saying, Lord, break down these terrible businesses. Right, right. Yeah. But nobody was ever cursing the people. They were We were praying, blessing, yes, and conviction and love towards them. I recently came across one of the women who were there, and in a very humbling moment said to me, but you were that guy who was right across the street at one of these places. And, and she said, I never even imagined that there were other people praying for me when we met You know, I saw the prayers of God's people reach in one of my assistant, went to one of the clubs and said, I want to take roses in for the women. And the club was a little taken aback by that, and by the lead hurt in and so there is ministry that goes, what we understand is that somebody asked me, What are you trying to do? Are you trying to wipe out pornography, I said, that would be a fool's errand. And nobody can do that. But I said, what I can do tell you this as a man of God, I have been called to set the captives free. And one of the reasons I do what I do is because as a pastor, I do not want to see people live in regret, right? Regret, regret is a captivity of its own making in it must be broken away. And so you know, God, in His love and restoration is ready to forgive and restore anyone who's willing to repent. Yeah. And that's, that's what I know.

And we only have a few minutes left in this segment. But the one thing I recall, is a repentance even by a city council person that, yes, and what a great, incredible hard story, but a great story in CCV, and so much to work with that too, because you would think that government would just lie down and go, Yeah, I agree. It would be wonderful to see these. This should not be a gateway gateway into South End. But even the restoration within even officials,

you know, at the at the point in time that we were in conflict, those of us with CCTV, and a particular Councilman at at the City Council. I later was called on to visit him in prison. Yeah. And what I found out is that the same people who were threatening my life was fret threatening his life. And we prayed together, and he came to Jesus. Amen. So you know, the, the truth is that the dark is getting darker. But the light is getting brighter, brighter.

Yes, the gates of hell can prevail in the dice right in a gate is not a offensive weapon. It is a defensive, yes, you have to hide behind the gates, right. I mean, that's the idea. But the gates of hell cannot prevail. That means there's a marching army that's knocking down the gate,

and he has given us weapons of righteousness and the right hand and the left, that is for the mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. Amen. And so that's where we stand in it in the love and redemption of Jesus, especially as we're proximate to remembering a both the crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection. This is a great time to be putting this the this out there.

Yeah. So let me we're coming down the last few seconds before we come to the break, and CCV is gray history, wonderful things are taking place there. And some more things are going to happen. And we want to talk about that. And the next segment, we want to talk to something that's very much a part of the news very relevant, and that is human trafficking. And so is very pervasive in this area, even though it's hidden, as far as the media and that kind of thing concerned. And we want to bring light to that. So we can be prayed about that and get engaged. So and Patrick's the guy to do that for us to tell us about that. So once you come back, we'll have a segue to pure assembly and their their website, and we'll be back. Thanks.

Hi, I'm Dawn board member of pure and healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Your assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance, and edification. To learn more about us, check us out at www dot payoor or find us on Facebook. Just search for pure assembly. While you're there, we'd love you to like us too. Thanks for listening to healing the land.

Well, we are back with healing the land and my name is Kevin Mitschelen. And we are with a guest Patrick Mangan. And again we're talking about healing the land and we look to see God healing the land and and that's our prayer. And and so when we talk about that we're praying about it. And I don't know how many times I've heard the believers in Jesus Christ throughout the last decade, if not couple decades, prayed earnestly for healing the land. Yes. And there's some things in which You know, God then just uses his instruments as people and an early in the show, Patrick, you mentioned I have Patrick Mangan with me with CCTV and so we talked about you being in your organization that you're a part of and help direct and you were fervently many times out on the streets and working with people in government and who knows where all over the place countless hours but you was simply a part of in you how you put it was getting into army and and and it seems like so many times for maybe a group of people that if you just take a look at it's almost like Notre Dame plane, my alma mater Anderson University being a former Notre Dame alum, you may be like, I appreciate that. But, but it is God using the David versus Goliath when a Goliath. However, Goliath didn't have a chance. Yeah, yeah. Did Pharaoh have deferral didn't have a chance to get Moses, because God's in Hobbs. And and so I love the ones alliance that you had saved many different times of prayer. You know, it's it's the, if God's involved, you know, who can stand against you? Yes. And so that's, that's where I've always taken a lot of encouragement from you from that. But we want to also talk about human trafficking. Yeah. Which is a huge problem. And it's, it's seems to be getting worse.

You couldn't you couldn't have imagined a few years back, I got a call from somebody came to one of our dinners, and said, Would you come and help us we have a problem in our little community. And at that point in time, it was a place called White pigeon. It's a very little town just outside michiana. And I said, well, what's the problem? And they said, well, they said, there somebody opened a oriental hotspot. And I said, Well, that's always a front for prostitution. And they said, but it's right at the corner of our main street. And they said, what's worth is one door away from the state police barracks. And so, um, and and they said, what makes it even worse is that they moved into a vacant motel right next to the police. And so we quietly went around a meeting with some people and started to take out, you know, gather some petitions and say, we're going to do something about this. And before, as soon as anybody heard, we were on the ground, there was a more multi jurisdictional taskforce that got formed, I don't think anybody in the whole Berg wanted to be left out who had a badge, everybody rated on that one. And, and in, we were able to close that we were close it within two weeks. But here's what we found out that there were women who had been cycled in from the Orient brought into New York City, who were cycled into our little town, out here in Michigan, Ghana, who were being trafficked, and who were being kept in drugs. And so what we saw was a the tip of a trafficking ring, right here in these little towns. And what we understood is that what is happening down at 90, right down the toll road that a lot of people think of as the gateway to the west, right? This is one of the places where so many people are being trafficked, young people are brought into the sex trade, and are brought into these little towns. And what happened in all of these communities around here, we were blessed to close over 30 adult businesses, maybe more than any other in the country. The only reason I say that is other people have told us that. But the reality is that there were 17 year old girls who were being recorded out of high school, and being groomed, and being told that they were going to be made into movie stars. And then they were been taken into the trade. And what you don't understand is that they may are being applied by a 50 year old man, right? But then when they get them, then they are made a slave really of that place. And then they're told, hey, you've seen too many things. You know too much. You can't leave here. We'll kill you. Right. So you don't understand how many people get brought into this. They're young women who then didn't know what they were getting into network. force, some were taken against their will. And some were forced to be in it. And not just in the clubs, but in prostitution, other places. And we understand how many children, you know, the pen of Pennsylvania study that explained to us about 325,000 children who are taking into the porn sex industry, every single year in America. But that story was going to be the front page news, except that it was released the day before 911. And just as everybody got to hear the story, I went down, it it completely disappeared from everybody's view. And it's as if another country had invaded, and said, we're taking 325,000 children a year, we would say call out the Marines. Let's go, let's go take care of that. But it's a staggering

no, yes,

it's coming in every year, right, like that way. And so we are encountering people and little towns who have been in our churches who are those who may be ran away, or maybe had a broken home, or maybe got down on their luck, or they lost parents or were orphaned, and they are then vulnerable and taken into this diabolical

trade and just thinking about that as a dad, I don't have a dog rescue sons. And so as a dad, seen if I had a daughter, you know, I have three $3 show. Yeah. For Kids. Daughter, do you have a son and I thinking, Man, you touch my kid. Yeah, you deaf? Isn't that anally touch Mikey, but you devastate my child. And the and then that the generational brokenness, if Christ doesn't come in, at some point, if the gentleman in the drug use and all that the keeps that person enslaved to that's, that's also part of it. And, and so, yeah,

we want to, we want us we want to be able to put a face on this and try understand this,

that number can stick there, but that faces

a pastor. The hardest things I have had to do is to have women who came to me as a pastor, and said, Where was God? When Yeah, when my father, my uncle, my brother, some other person, who should have been protecting me, was actually the one who was abusing the grant. And you know, the thing that I shared with every single one of these women who had been broken by the people who are supposed to protect them many times, I said, I can tell you two things about God. Number one, God was weeping, because he loves you so much. He didn't allow those things. This is the depravity of man. But I can also tell you, God was angry. Because Jesus said, If you cause one of these little ones, who believes in me to stop would be better if you had never been born, or if you had a millstone around your neck. So I had to help young women, and many, age women's who have experienced this. Now whether or not you're being abused by a pastor, or a coach, or a teacher, or whether you're being abused by a family member, or whether you're being brought into the industry through any of those experiences, and by somebody who is grooming you to be a part of the porn, sex industry. It all has the same Genesis, and that is that the enemy wants to destroy the soul that God says you have been made wonderfully fearfully and wonderfully made. So God formed us in our mother's womb. The devil can't make anything but what he can do is try to twist it and to destroy the innocence of that. But what Jesus does and what we do is to come around those who have been broken and to say there is hope. You can be made white as snow even if you're since be at scarlet, they shall be made white as snow And if you have been Beat up and taken advantage of in use, your life has value because God loves you right where you are, and he loves you so much that He gave His only begotten Son that you could be set free. And that's part of the message that we

I'm glad you just shared that because we only have a few more minutes again in this segment, but we're about done with the show, unfortunately, because there's so much we can wrap on this. But I'm glad you shared that because this is broadcast this is someone maybe listen to the radio and in your car or at Neil just have a flip through the station. That's one thing I love about radio. Yes. Yeah, a lot of times you're not purposely flipping through a channel, but God has you here right now, yes, listening to this program, because there is a way out, and that's Jesus Christ,

there is hope. You do not have to accept the lie. And all those lies, the devil tells you that you're not worth anything and that your life has been destroyed is a lie. You can be totally transformed by the loving mercy of God.

And by surrendering to him, you become a daughter of the living King. Yes. And, and so, or maybe you've been abused, and you're male, you're your son of a living. Yes. And you There's nothing better than that. And I and that the waning seconds that we have, how is how it say I'm a I'm a, I'm a believer in Jesus Christ. And I, I don't want to just sit on my couch, how do I how do I get involved with maybe CCV, or some organization that might be able to help in this this area? Why do I do

the thing to do is, first of all, you can get in touch with citizens for community values, and you can call us at 574-220-1521. And we can then connect you with others. Some people who are in need a need to have intensive assistance. And there is a growing network of ministries who are creating places that can be safe for women to come out of trafficking. And the other thing you can do is pray for all these ministries. And if you So fill, lead, connect with us and in you know, invest yourself in some time, talents and treasure into stepping into this gap where the need is so great at but when we reach one person, there is such a transformation. I will bring others another time to share the what has happened as the refiners fire as made pure Platinum out of their lives coming from a place that they are abused, but our lovely, godly women of God who can stand Well, with that we're

gonna have to, unfortunately close the show. And Patrick, thank you for being here. I've been a guest on the program and thanks for having me. We just give glory to God for what you're doing. We love what he's doing and may we be transformed and changed by by his his love for us. Thank you for another show of healing land. God bless.

Second Chronicles 714. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal

their land. Healing the land is brought to you by pure assembly. Pure assembly is a nonprofit with a mission to heal the wounds of A divided and injured nation through prayer, unity, repentance and edification. For more ways to get involved and to be a part of their ministry. You can reach them at WWW dot pure that's p u r e or look for pure assembly on Facebook.

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