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Repenting involves turning away from offending God​.

This is a key word to revival and healing of the heart. Repenting involves turning away from offending God. It requires brokenness, the desire to change and turn from the lies we believe. As J.I. Packer once explained, "It means, that the soldiers are being told to turn their backs on the direction they were going and to start marching in the opposite direction [of] the way they were going before. 


Human beings by instinct walk at a distance from God and God says, 'turn around, face me...walk towards me.' The basic problem is the fall of human nature and we want to be independent of God. God says, 'stop it.' The reason why the theme that repentance is neglected, as indeed it is not only in modern secular society, but in the Church; is because it's a costly thing to repent. It means reshaping your life in quite a radical way. People find that too costly as a prospect. They try to devise a way of being Christian, which doesn't involve anything as radical as an 'about turn...quick march the other way.' 

Walking Godward becomes a real and rich reality...more and more. As one lives the life of repentance, those of us who by God's grace have begun to do it testify if asked to the joy of the new life of being closer and closer to the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Until one takes repentance seriously, this will be a closed book to you. So, I beg you to start taking repentance seriously."

It would seem that the world would be unified and singing songs of peace. 

In a matter of seconds, we can communicate with someone on the other side of the globe. With this kind of technology, one would think that humanity would find peace. However, peace does not come from the invention of human fingers. Instead, true peace comes from the one that created our souls...God.

That's why P.U.R.E. Assembly exists. It is our desire to see our Father in Heaven heal the wounds of humanity. Psalms 147:3 states, "He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. "

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