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What is PURE Assembly ?

The Mission of PURE Assembly:

"Gathering people together under the banner of Jesus Christ to experience God's presence."


Throughout history, God has displayed His desire to heal. The name PURE Assembly was given to Pastor Gil Michel before the first prayer assembly at the Four Winds Field. It helps to define why we keep coming see God Heal the Land through His Son Jesus Christ. 

We desire to share the power of prayer, the importance of unity, turning from evil through repentance and edifying the body of Christ.

P- Prayer 

U- Unity

R- Repentance

E- Edify

Meet the Team

History of PURE:

The ministry was designed to assemble God’s people in prayer and to seek biblical unity. With God’s guidance, we invited 50 leaders from local churches and ministries to come together and pray at the Four Winds Field in South Bend for two consecutive years. These ministry leaders formed an incredible bond. Despite coming from different denominations, they realized their need for each other in advancing the name of Christ and His kingdom. Shortly after these sacred assemblies, we established a radio program on WHME radio called His Stories.

Recognizing the value of uniting prayerful pastors, PURE Assembly sponsors monthly prayer meetings for ministry leaders. We have recently moved these meetings from Bethel University to the Kroc Center in South Bend to strengthen our connection with urban pastors. While the effort has been challenging, these meetings have garnered the healing and forgiveness of deep-seated wounds. One inner-city pastor calls these meetings his “safe place” since pastors can surround him with the love of God and prayer.

Local church members and leaders asked PURE Assembly to consider the University of Notre Dame as a location for a sacred assembly. God provided an opportunity to meet not once but twice on campus. We gathered the Christian community in the Dahnke Ballroom and the Joyce Center for prayer, unity, repentance, and edification (PURE). Notable figures like Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Francis Chan, and even Lou Holtz participated through video presentations, and local ministry leaders participated in person with the desire to exalt Jesus and to see God heal the land.

Listed above is a simple snapshot of efforts to bring the body of Christ together instead of finding paths for separation as the world demands. This is our passion and overall mission: to assemble God’s people, calling them to humble themselves, pray, and repent so that God will forgive and heal the land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

In the future, (1) we intend to bring more clergy and pastors together in prayer and worship under Jesus Christ. We desire to continue this in counties across the state of Indiana.

 (2) We also desire to hold yearly sacred assemblies. Given our previous involvement with Notre Dame, we will seek another venue on campus.

We believe in the importance of prayer. Why? The Bible says we should: “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18).

 So, we ask that you would consider joining us in this movement? 

Video made from ONE CRY

Rainbow at The Four Winds

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